Jellybeans, honeycomb and whimsy

Another month and another list of things that are intriguing me, bothering me and making me laugh – check them out!

This month I’m dreaming about making this honeycomb recipe as there’s really nothing like the crunch of honeycomb. I also cannot wait to make this chocolate pudding – it’s made from avocados. Um hello, genius or what now – I wonder if Lau would notice the taste of avocados if I made her this… I’m tempted to give it a whirl. What clever people there are out there in the world!

The YouTube video The Time you have (in Jellybeans) has got me thinking, A LOT. It’s fascinating to see how the average person spends their life, I’m amazed that looking after others doesn’t take up more of our ‘jellybeans; and I’m 99% my watching TV amount is way higher than this video shows. But it’s asking an interesting question isn’t it? What would you do differently if you had half as much time and what would you do if you just had one day – most definitely the important and simple things I’m sure.

I’m also pondering why I didn’t take two weeks off of work, rather than just the one. As getting back into the swing of this work malarkey has not been my favourite thing ever. Setting the alarm on Sunday night for the ungodly hour or 7am was literally the most taxing and depressing thing I’ve done all year – sad times indeed.

I’m not a massive fan of the Royal Baby hype and some of the activity I found really rather distasteful but I did smile when I saw the below video of Kermit and Miss Piggy’s reaction to the Royal Baby, so hilarious! My favourite bit: ‘tadpoles don’t have feet!’ Bless Miss Piggy.

My obsession with How I Met Your Mother is well documented on this here blog, so it won’t surprise you that this video made my day when I stumbled upon it thanks to Hypable. At ComicCon this video was realised and it shows Ted’s kids finally snapping thanks to the fact that he’s still telling them the same story, and it’s eight years later. I won’t spoil any of the video for you, but needless to say it’s absolutely hilarious!

I’ve just discovered Whimsy and I’m now wondering how I existed before I discovered its existence – it’s like a little bit of heaven in my life. Not only is it mighty appealing to look at – all that white space and cute colours, but it’s also packed with loads of brilliant articles and ideas. I mean how have I managed not knowing how to distress picture frames or make my own wall prints – life officially made. Plus lets just take a moment to appreciate the lovely word whimsy it’s definitely one of those words we should use on a very regular basis. Another thing I want to make is the pillow below and thanks to the tutorial at Sugar & Cloth I can now do so – hooray for that!

DIY sequined hello pillow from sugar and cloth


What about you, what’s running around in your head or making you giggle on YouTube, share below peeps!

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