Hooray for Friday!

It’s Friday and I’m very glad this week of crazy is over, what about you how have you fared this week? To top of my not so wonderful week I got given the wrong drink at Starbucks today – total disaster as I didn’t realise until it was too late. Nightmare scenario I think we can all agree?! Today’s post is going to be a collection of rambles and links, just to warn you if you’re expecting something sophisticated or in-depth – that’s just not happening today. My brain just can’t handle it!

First up there’s this trailer for Glee’s Finn memorial episode, which I made the mistake of watching on the bus this morning. Talk about rookie mistake as I got very teary and over emotional. It looks like they’ve made a lovely episode and I can’t wait to see it (with tissues in hand obvs). Although I do wonder how they were able to make the episode, it must have been incredibly difficult and hard for all of them to get through.

On a different note, I saw the below quote from Harold Pinter this week which I really liked. I definitely agree with this and often wonder how I would cope without so much wonderful writing out there, be it blogs, newspaper articles or books.

“Good writing excites me, and makes life worth living.”

Other things I’ve loved this week are Jennifer Lawrence and this jumper and bag from Joy. My love for Jennifer Lawrence is well documented on this blog but I just had to share this article about her response to being told to lose weight – how amazingly brilliant is she. I really do think we could be very good friends, in a non stalker way obviously! As for the jumper, it’s snuggly and has a deer on, how could I not love it?! And isn’t the colour, shape and clasp of that bag simply divine. The only question is cam I justify £45 for a bag – I’m not really sure I can to be honest.


Is anyone else a massive fan of Veronica Roth’s Divergent series, or is that just me? I can’t wait for the final book in the trilogy to be out later this month and I was fascinated by this interview with the writer. How did I not know she was so young when she wrote it – what exactly have I done with my life, apparently I’ve achieved nothing in my 28 years compared to her!

On that high note I best get down to some of this Friday madness – hope you all have fantabulous days of wonderment and enjoy the weekend. xxx


The interweb stuff I’ve been enjoying recently


Ignore the above picture it’s got nothing to do with this post, I just like it so I thought I’d share it here! Anyway how are you lovely lot, happy Saturday! I hope you have some wonderful things planned. I am hoping for a lazy day as I’m back to work after a lovely Portugal trip on Monday so I clearly need to treat myself before that happens, yes?!

It’s been a while since I shared some of my random waffles so I thought why not share one this week? I thought you lovely lot might like to hear about some of my favourite blogging things from the last few weeks, they’ve kept me engaged and I’ve enjoyed them all, so I hope you’ll enjoy them too. So here follows a few of the things I’ve been enjoying on the interwebby thing recently! I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before but every time a new recipe appears on Raspberri Cupcakes, I fall instantly in love. It’s due to the amazing way Steph seems to combine flavours and push a simple idea to genius with the addition of extra decorations or one ingredient that’s a little unexpected. Plus she has an amazing creative eye with the pictures she takes. Currently I’m lusting over her Banana Cake with Salted Caramel Icing, I mean have you ever seen anything more delicious? I love the sound of the flavour combination and the addition of the caramelised banana slices on the top? Pure genius. Other favourites of mine include the Pretzel and m&m’s Cheesecake, Mocha Marble Cake and the Lemon Oreo Cheesecake Slices. One day I’ll give them all a whirl I really will! Talking of food I’m also dying, yes dying, to make these white bean and stuffed peppers, um scrumptious looking you say? And this mushroom lasagna from Where are my Knees?, I fear this is a meal I could eat every day for the rest of my life!

I also want to make these map covered boxes from In my own Style – gorgeous and so practical. In other news I’m jealous I don’t own a desk like this, I swear I’d keep it as beautifully organised and pretty as this one if I did! Also talking of organisation I want one of these guest carts. But sadly with no guest room I think it might be a tab unnecessary, yes? Oh yes and I want to own all of these Penguin books, beautiful yes? Thanks for sharing Domestic Sluttery.

Advice wise, I really enjoyed the 10 not-so-obvious blogging tips that Bonnie shared over on Story of My Life. Such great points and they’ve got me pondering some changes of my own, when I have time that is… Also I loved Lau’s post about customer service, so very true and we should all start to shout about good customer service and not just the bad. In other news is anyone else looking forward to the start of Treasure Tromp’s new series Balance and Organisation at Work? I love the sound of this and can’t wait to learn lots and maybe join in. Finally if I ever get married, [come on Prince Charming, where are you?!] I will definitely take inspiration from this post from Erica as the Brighton wedding she recently attended looks so wonderful. It looks as though it was so beautiful and there are so many lovely little touches. Stunning.

Jellybeans, honeycomb and whimsy

Another month and another list of things that are intriguing me, bothering me and making me laugh – check them out!

This month I’m dreaming about making this honeycomb recipe as there’s really nothing like the crunch of honeycomb. I also cannot wait to make this chocolate pudding – it’s made from avocados. Um hello, genius or what now – I wonder if Lau would notice the taste of avocados if I made her this… I’m tempted to give it a whirl. What clever people there are out there in the world!

The YouTube video The Time you have (in Jellybeans) has got me thinking, A LOT. It’s fascinating to see how the average person spends their life, I’m amazed that looking after others doesn’t take up more of our ‘jellybeans; and I’m 99% my watching TV amount is way higher than this video shows. But it’s asking an interesting question isn’t it? What would you do differently if you had half as much time and what would you do if you just had one day – most definitely the important and simple things I’m sure.

I’m also pondering why I didn’t take two weeks off of work, rather than just the one. As getting back into the swing of this work malarkey has not been my favourite thing ever. Setting the alarm on Sunday night for the ungodly hour or 7am was literally the most taxing and depressing thing I’ve done all year – sad times indeed.

I’m not a massive fan of the Royal Baby hype and some of the activity I found really rather distasteful but I did smile when I saw the below video of Kermit and Miss Piggy’s reaction to the Royal Baby, so hilarious! My favourite bit: ‘tadpoles don’t have feet!’ Bless Miss Piggy.

My obsession with How I Met Your Mother is well documented on this here blog, so it won’t surprise you that this video made my day when I stumbled upon it thanks to Hypable. At ComicCon this video was realised and it shows Ted’s kids finally snapping thanks to the fact that he’s still telling them the same story, and it’s eight years later. I won’t spoil any of the video for you, but needless to say it’s absolutely hilarious!

I’ve just discovered Whimsy and I’m now wondering how I existed before I discovered its existence – it’s like a little bit of heaven in my life. Not only is it mighty appealing to look at – all that white space and cute colours, but it’s also packed with loads of brilliant articles and ideas. I mean how have I managed not knowing how to distress picture frames or make my own wall prints – life officially made. Plus lets just take a moment to appreciate the lovely word whimsy it’s definitely one of those words we should use on a very regular basis. Another thing I want to make is the pillow below and thanks to the tutorial at Sugar & Cloth I can now do so – hooray for that!

DIY sequined hello pillow from sugar and cloth


What about you, what’s running around in your head or making you giggle on YouTube, share below peeps!

April’s smiley list

It was my birthday yesterday – Happy Birthday to me!! – and as a result I have lots of fun weekend plans, which I’m fairly certain will not give me time for much blogging. So being the organised bee that I am (I’m really not organised, I’m not sure what’s come over me, perhaps it’s a sign of growing older and maturing) I’ve scheduled a post, ooh get me! So without further ado, whilst I’m (hopefully) off eating cake and unwrapping lovely presents from my nearest and dearest, here are the things that are making me smile at the moment – apart from the aforementioned cake and presents obviously!


This picture – My two favourite Stark brothers in one glorious image – yes I did consider making this my desktop background, and yes there’s a small possibility that I’ve been flicking to this all week when I’ve needed to be reminded that life isn’t that bad. I mean honestly, just witness the fitness (classic Uni phrase), I can’t really be blamed can I? Thanks to Buzzfeed for bringing this picture into my life and brightening up my week a whole lot.

Pringles – yes those lovely crunchy crisps in the tubes just big enough for your hands. For some absurd reason I’ve become a little obsessed with them recently – I appear to be craving them all the time. Is this something else that happens as you age, I’m guessing no probably not, but in all seriousness I can’t understand where this sudden desire for them has come from. I think know that if you presented me with a tub of ready salted Pringles right now I’d scoff the whole lot in one sitting with copious amounts of Nando’s Perinaise. What has come over me?

Crunchy Nuts – I’ve rediscovered this cereal as my go-to breakfast and I’m reminded of how perfect a bowl (or mug) of this is when drenched in ice-cold milk – heavenly. How can I go back to any other breakfast item after this reawakening.

The Great British Sewing Bee – I’m totally loving this new show – it’s just pure brilliance. The contestants are wonderful and absolutely hilarious at times, plus I’m learning loads: never work with silk, don’t add tulips to a skirt (I mean it looked agood, but really who would wear that!) and if you’re going to make something that’s simple make it bloody brilliant – something that Tillie couldn’t seem to learn! Also how wonderful is Ann, I 100% love her. I love this show so much that I’m not even annoyed by Claudia ‘I’m so ditzy’ Winkleman. Further proof, if you needed it, that it must be brilliant!

Star Shop #3 – Anorak

So I have a thing about owning products that feature animals. Case in point: I have a squirrel jumper, I bought elephant thank you cards and I have numerous animal related jewelery items, currently in my possession are whale, hare and bird necklaces, owl earrings, a swallow bracelet AND an owl bracelet. So it’s really no surprise that I’m a huge fan of all the products on the Anorak website. I totally love the simplicity of the designs.

I first fell in love with the trunks about three years ago and it’s my dream to one day own both the big trunk and the matching tuck box. How amazing would they both look in a simple rustic white bedroom – adorable! Since then I’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for all the products and all the different designs. Just don’t ask me which is my favourite kissing animal design – I’d find it impossible to choose to be honest, as they are all just so cute. How could you possible make a choice between the kissing stags, bears, robins or horses?

Kissing Stags Toiletry Bag Kissing Horses Picnic BlanketKissing Stags Steamer TrunkKissing Bears CushionKissing Robins MugProud Fox Nesting TinsKissing Rabbits Tuck Box Kissing Stags Lambswool Blanket Kissing Horses Double Duvet

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