BlogphotoWelcome to my little corner of the internet, I can’t promise you interesting posts, but I can promise you they will be varied! I tend to write about things I’m doing, thinking and feeling as well as about the things I love. So what might that be?

Well I love baking and books and adore films, holidays and everything Disney! I’m obsessed with The West Wing and enjoy cooking and running. I’m a fan of crafting, and enjoy knitting and aim to be a crotchet queen! I can’t abide arrogance and onions, but I could eat peanut m&m’s all day every day! So there you go those are my likes and dislikes, so you can expect this blog to involve all these things as well as posts about nail varnishes, clothes and pretty pictures too.

So I hope you enjoy my little blog and come back and say hello often!

Enjoy, Fi xx

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  1. Hi Fi! Moved from Clementine and Lace to Travelstylefood.com recently if you would like to keep following, via email or Bloglovin’. E xx


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