Tumblr Love

Of all of the main ‘social’ sites out there, the only one I don’t interact with on a regularly basis, say weekly, is Tumblr – in fact it’s been about six months since I logged into my account. It’s one of those things that I become obsessed with when I’m reminded of the brilliant things on there and then I can’t stop liking and reblogging posts, but I just don’t feel the need to be on there constantly unlike Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. So back to the point of this post: recently I was reminded about the joys of Tumblr when I was introduced to the ‘Reasons my baby is crying’ Tumblr, which by the way is absolutely hilarious!, and it got me thinking about some of the other Tumblrs that I love and can happily spend an hour or four purusing. So I thought why not share them with you lovely lot. I hope you enjoy them funny too, oh and do share some of your favourites too!

Life in publishing – Unsurprisingly considering I work in publishing, it was actually a work colleague who introduced me to this Tumblr and it’s spot on so often. This post is a particular favourite for me at the moment (and not just because Snape is in the gif – I promise!) but I think it will take a lot for this post to ever be beaten as my favourite one!

The West Wing Things – My obsession with The West Wing knows no bounds so a Tumblr dedicated to it? Heaven. There are such classic images and gifs including the President’s infamous speech in the Two Cathedrals episode – You get Hoynes!, Sam’s response to Mallory as to why we need to explore Mars, Toby stating the obvious when C.J. falls in to the pool, POTUS high as a kite, C.J. failing to stay standing up when she fires a gun and Donna being mean to a chicken, plus all the below images.


LEGO Vines – This Tumblr is brilliant. I could spend hours just watching the repeating videos, they’re just totally mesmerizing – it must be to do with the colours. I can’t imagine ever having the patience to make anything like these videos, amazing.

Disney Pixar Tumblr – Images of favourite Disney Pixar films and characters, what’s not to love?



A week of sunshine and delicious food

Did you see, the sun made an appearance. Finally! And honestly I didn’t think my week would improve just because of the weather but it totally did, it just automatically cheered me up! The proper sun was amazing, it was proper glowing sunshine that was able to warm your skin. Wasn’t it almost heavenly? I think it was made so much better because we’ve waited so long for Spring to spring up and envelope us in its glory. What a shame it didn’t last the whole week, but still it’s made an appearance so let’s not get too depressed – it’ll return soon surely!? So what else did I get up to this week, apart from appreciating the sunshine? Well there was:

  • Easter chocolate – yes I’m still making my way through my stash, and loving every mouthful
  • Dinner at The Wolseley for a Dads and Daughters meal. This is my new favourite restaurant I think – it’s absolutely wonderful. The food was out-of-this-world and phenomenally delicious, the building a glorious high ceillinged building and the ambiance just lovely. I can see what the fuss is all about! I had the bread sticks, a mojito, grilled prawns, chicken with mushrooms and fries a mocha and the most amazing chocolate toasted sandwich – wow it was the most sensational thing I’ve ever eaten and I need it in my life more regularly
  • Iron Man 3 – what a phenomenally brilliant film. It was hilarious, there was plenty of action and the story only lost it a little in the middle. Go watch it asap!
  • A book launch in Trafalgar, where I consumed half a tonne of sausage based snack items. Sooo good
  • West Wing shenanigans and more birthday presents from great friends. such good present choices
  • A 3k run on the treadmill, which felt like a 12k one – I blame the lack of distractions
  • A couple of lovely sunny walks into work
  • Lunch in the park interrupted by a rescue helicopter landing out of nowhere
  • Beautiful bright summer flowers
  • Copious amounts of quiche and mochas – yes I’m that classy
  • A run in Central London via Westminster Bridge, The South Bank, Whitehall, Horse Guards Parade, Buckingham Palace, Green Park and The Ritz
  • Lounging in Green Park post work in the sunshine
  • I survived my first ever spin class – I fear my legs will never recover
  • A Game of Thrones marathon, oh it’s getting good!
  • An early morning run. Not my best effort, only 2 miles, but you know that’s more than I’ve normally run by 8 o’clock in the morning
  • I finally fouond a bar of the Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations chocolate and oh my wow it’s delicious – we managed to chomp our way through the entire bar in a day – oops!
  • A delicious brunch at Tom’s Kitchen at Somerset House. FYI the brioche french toast with caramel apples and cinammon cream is what dreams are made of. I also had a fruit and yogurt smoothie to counteract the bad stuff – so I wasn’t that bad really
  • Lunch in Zizzi’s with lovely work peeps
  • Celeb spots – Emma Thompson, Emma Watson and David Heyman


Pinterest Corner #18 – Chewy Cookies

If you’ve ever been round this here blog before then you’ll know that there’s nothing I love more when I have a bit of down time than getting my bake on – in between Nashville and Game of Thrones marathons of course! So as baking is one of my obsessions  I thought this week I’d share one of my new favourite recipes with you: chewy peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. I found these yummy morsels over on the Tasty Kitchen Blog and knew that one day they’d tickle my fancy so got pinning it to my trusty Sweet Eats board. And they didn’t disappoint, they are absolutely scrumptious and super-easy to make. You can check out the recipe over on Tasty Kitchen or my write up of the recipe over on Cook, Bake and Eat (yeah I’m greedy I have two blogs on the internet – so sue me!)

I think what makes these cookies so brilliant is the combination of chocolate and peanut butter, a combination that I hadn’t discovered before now. Really it seems crazy that I’d never mixed the two flavours before, considering that separately chocolate and peanut butter are two of my favourite items for snacking. It’s ridiculous really that I’ve never put the two together before – what an idiot! Don’t worry though I have learnt my lesson and these yummy cookies will be a staple in my baking repertoire from now on. The other great thing about these cookies? The chewiness. Honestly, your mouth feels like it’s getting a workout equivalent to a five-mile run as you chew – it’s great. Plus I love when you get the chewy, sugary biscuit stuck in your teeth and have to pick it out. The epitome of biscuit perfection in my humble opinion.

Noteworthy TV, fishy gifs and recipe love

  • The first of today’s ponderings is actually more of an admission. I think I’ve made myself a caffeine addict. I have started to get headaches if I don’t have coffee for 24 hours – this is not good. It has certainly not been helped by the fact that I’ve purchased one of the Starbucks reusable cups, so now even when I order a tall drink it ends up being a venti. This is great as it doesn’t cost me anything, but it’s definitely not helping the addictionfinding-nemo-finding-dory
  • This week when not drinking coffee, I have been laughing at the Dory gifs on this link – I find them absolutely hilarious. Watching these has reminded me just how much I love the original film and I cannot wait to watch Finding Dory when it finally arrives on our screens, although it’s still so far away! I’ve also spent a fair amount of time staring at pictures of the gorgeous Joseph Gordon-Levitt – oh my wow! Check them out here, and make sure you are sitting down and so aren’t injured when you swoon.
  • On an entirely different note, this toast messenger is genius and I want it – how fun would it be to make toast with messages and poems on? So cool!


  • I’m also excited this week that we’ve booked Iron Man 3 for this weekend and this excitement has only been matched by the fact that an #epictrailer for another comic book franchise has just landed. How brilliant does the trailer Thor: The Dark World look? And Tom Hiddleston is strangely attractive with long hair – who’d have thought it?

  • On the subject of Tom Hiddleston, I think I’ve been convinced to take a leaf out of his book and take part in the Live Below the Line challenge. I think it involves more thought and it will be incredibly hard, but I think totally worth it. Find out more by listening to the lovely Hugh Jackman in the below video – if you can focus on his voice that is, don’t get distracted by that face!

  • In other news, I need to make this malt loaf – I can’t believe it’s never crossed my mind before. I wonder how easy it is? And also I need to make Banana bread s’mores, um hello delicious looking item of food. Where have you been all my life?
  • Did anyone else watch Broadchurch? Wasn’t it absolutely brilliant? I’m actually proud of myself for guessing the killer a few weeks back, but I loved that you were kept guessing for so long. Also it wasn’t contrived or silly – I felt like everyone acted how they would have done. Also great social media thinking by posting that extra clip on the itv Facebook page – I’d love to know how many visits (and new fans) they got straight after the episode finished. I bet it would be fascinating.
  • One final thought for this week: How on earth have I become so addicted to Nashville and so quickly? I have now downloaded the soundtrack and between that and the extra songs available on Spotify I think I listen to Nashville for about 50% of my day. Yet I don’t care. I love the songs. As for the show itself – how annoying is Rayna, but likeable too, some goes for Juliette. Also when will Gunnar and Scarlett get together? And could Deacon be anymore amazing? Oh I could watch this show all day every day – love it. Once ‘For your glory’ is available in the UK, I will be in Nashville heaven, as I LOVE that song.

The search for the perfect wedding present…

My friend’s getting married in a few weeks, and whilst I sadly can’t go to the wedding – damn my double booked self, I’m still searching for the perfect gift. Now I should explain that I’m one of those annoying people who doesn’t like wedding gift lists. I know my friends must hate me for this but whilst I do want to buy a couple something they want, I’d rather buy them something that’s nice as well. So if all that’s left on the list is a toaster or a set of knives, I tend to ignore the list – yes I’m annoying I know. I realise couples probably hate me because of this, as they don’t want to get a random item but I just don’t find it all that romantic to give someone a toasting implement on the happiest day of their life. So instead I begin the search for a thoughtful but nice gift. So that’s what I’ve been doing this week, and these are the things I’ve found so far (yes all of these are from notonthehighstreet.com – I can’t help it I love that site so much).

True love stories never have endings – £19

Paper cut wedding picture – £28

Penguins in love print – £25

Wooden map letters – from £14.50

Teacup bird feeders – from £14

Mr and Mrs cushion set – £32

Slate cheese board – £69

Heart union pillowcases – £25

‘And the lived happily ever after’ vintage sign – £35

Wooden joined letters – £85

Work trips, baking and a shopping spree

My first week as a 28-year-old has been epic and full on! It started in the best possible way, with a day off that involved a pub quiz with friends, dress shopping (for a friend’s party) and baking a new recipe of chewy chocolate chips and peanut butter cookies. I will definitely be sharing the recipe on the blog soon, as they were amazing. You need them in your life! The first day back at work after a long weekend was ridiculously hideous – why is that always the case? It started with a four-hour work meeting over Borough Market way, followed by a gazillion emails – painful indeed. But on the plus side I  did manage to get some lovely pics of Southwark Cathedral – cool right?, I also got lots of yummy sweets int he goodie bag from the meeting and also my 10k run t-shirt arrived and fits perfectly. So not a total write off of a day I suppose!!

Wednesday involved work, a trip to the gym where I managed to do a bike ride for 30 minutes thanks to my new Empire magazine. Why have I not considered this before?! I was massively distracted thanks to the magazine, and the exercise wasn’t that bad in the end, hooray! I countered the healthiness of the gym with the unhealthiness of baking again. I made m&m blondies, which were out-of-this-world, i might have to make these on a regular basis from now on. The recipe for them is here, just substitute the mini eggs for m&m’s and hey presto a year round taste of yumminess!!

From Thursday I was off on a work trip to Darlington, which was great fun but exhausting. I think I underestimated quite how tiring it would be attending storytelling sessions and being on my feet all day. But it was such epic fun that it was worth it all. Plus I managed to fit in a Primark shopping spree (hello new summer skirt and two pairs of shoes) and the Friday night hotel was particularly brilliant (even if it was on the side of the M1) as it had the most brilliant decor. I really, really want one of the chairs in their lobby, not to mention the brilliant bird frieze in the bedroom.

As for this weekend, it has involved sister time, running (whoop to today’s 4 mile run), smoothie making, yum!, Venti Starbucks coffees, blog reading, TV catch up, homemade meals (I didn’t realise how bored of restaurant food I was after just two days away!), a failed attempt at making Mars bar Rice Krispie cakes and more charity shop perusing!

My ‘Is it Summer yet?’ wishlist

So we’ve had two or three days of sunshine IN A ROW this week, how amazing was that! So of course as the sun has finally made an appearance I’m now assuming Summer is about to start in earnest – and I can’t wait! Bring on the bright colours, fun patterns, flip flops and other Summer outfits I say. As I’m thinking of Summer outfits, I give you: My ‘Is it Summer yet?’ wishlist – I’m lusting after some pretty awesome stuff!

12345 678 9101112 1314

Pinterest Corner #17 – Sparkly wrapping paper

I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise that this week’s Pinterest Corner is related to wrapping paper, considering it’s just been my birthday, and subsequently the sisterlings birthday it’s sort of a given. As I’ve discussed in the past I’m somewhat of a wrapping fiend. Don’t believe me? Then check out this post and this post. What can I say, I like it when gifts look nice, I’m aware it’s the thought that counts and not what things look like, but if a present looks nice then it’s logical to assume that more thought has gone into it – or at least that’s my weird Fiona logic!


Anywho, back to this week’s Pinterest Corner, when it came to wrapping Lau’s present I knew it had to be good – she’s got slightly high expectations after all. So I headed to the wonders of Pinterest for inspiration and yet again it worked! I found an image I’d pinned a few months ago from Papermash, as we know I adore this shop (again, don’t believe me? here you go, oh and here too!), so it’s not altogether shocking that the inspiration came from Papermash. The image I’d pinned was the lovely combo of sparkly paper and grey and white twine below. What I love about this image is that it’s simple without being boring. Plus there’s sparkle, which always improves things!

So what does my version of this lovely wrapping look like? Well, ta-dah! Awesome right?! I went for bright pink sparkly paper as I saw it and fell in love instantly, I knew that Lau would appreciate the pink sparkles a bit more than the white sparkles. It’s far more interesting after all, although granted not quite as subtle I suppose. As for the twine I added to the sparkle by using gold and black twine – it matched perfectly so I felt like I had no other choice. It looked brilliant didn’t it? Thankfully Lau loved it as much as I did! And hilariously she had wrapped my presents in a very similar way – pink tissue paper and black ribbons and bows. What are the chances hey!?

Birthday Fun

The lead up to my birthday was fairly quiet – there was homemade pizzas, last-minute present buying, Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred, Avengers Assemble (gosh I love that film!) and cake and presents from the work peeps (so very kind). I love that they knew exactly what I’d like in both the cake (M&S Mini Bites) and present (lip balm, book journal and butterfly print box) areas. As for the last weekend of birthday fun it has been excellent, I honestly don’t know why I can’t celebrate my birthday every month – I’d enjoy that  quite a bit! I think taking two days off work to have a proper break from work was inspired, as today was definitely needed to help me  catch up on some sleep and other bits and bobs before the work week starts anew tomorrow.

The weekend celebrations included:

  • Brunch at The Riding House Cafe, which I’d highly recommend, after a lot of deliberation I finally settled for Eggs Florentine, the Stabiliser juice and a Mocha. The decor was really unusual and a great talking point – there were tap fixtures as lamp stands, stuffed squirrels on the wall light fixtures, bright orange leather booths, fold up chairs and giant lamp shades. If you’ve not been, you should it was really excellent!
  • Lovely presents from friends and family – so very, very kind of them!!
  • Mooching around the V&A Museum – we visited the Tudors, Stuarts and Russian Tsar exhibition which showed all their amazing armour, paintings, textiles and gold and silverware. It was really interesting! Whilst there we also looked at the tapestry, costume, gold and silver and sculpture galleries. I just love wandering around the museum and seeing what wonderful items you come across – it’s such a glorious museum.
  • Afternoon tea in Starbucks – there’s always time for a mocha after all
  • A Game of Thrones marathon – oh it’s getting good, what’s going to happen? – with chocolate fudge cake!
  • Dinner at Zizzi’s before singing along to We Will Rock You at the theatre – how had I forgotten the brilliance of this show?!
  • An early morning run on Clapham Common, it was a glorious day with gorgeous sunshine and lots of people out and about
  • Charity shop exploring before a lovely lunch at the Medicine Garden – a lovely walled garden with crafts, shops and a cafe. It’s such a lovely idea, and the food is delicious too!
  • More lovely presents and cupcakes and pop cakes, this time from the parents – so kind, not to mention scrumptious
  • A family dinner at the Seahorse pub just outside Guildford – again scrumptious food and drinks
  • A trip to Portsmouth, West Wittering and Chichester in the glorious sunshine
  • Wandering round Guildford and finding THE dress for a party that’s occurring in just three weeks – result!
  • Roast dinner – thanks Dad – and more birthday cake before heading back to London town for a night of The Masters and TV catch up

April’s smiley list

It was my birthday yesterday – Happy Birthday to me!! – and as a result I have lots of fun weekend plans, which I’m fairly certain will not give me time for much blogging. So being the organised bee that I am (I’m really not organised, I’m not sure what’s come over me, perhaps it’s a sign of growing older and maturing) I’ve scheduled a post, ooh get me! So without further ado, whilst I’m (hopefully) off eating cake and unwrapping lovely presents from my nearest and dearest, here are the things that are making me smile at the moment – apart from the aforementioned cake and presents obviously!


This picture – My two favourite Stark brothers in one glorious image – yes I did consider making this my desktop background, and yes there’s a small possibility that I’ve been flicking to this all week when I’ve needed to be reminded that life isn’t that bad. I mean honestly, just witness the fitness (classic Uni phrase), I can’t really be blamed can I? Thanks to Buzzfeed for bringing this picture into my life and brightening up my week a whole lot.

Pringles – yes those lovely crunchy crisps in the tubes just big enough for your hands. For some absurd reason I’ve become a little obsessed with them recently – I appear to be craving them all the time. Is this something else that happens as you age, I’m guessing no probably not, but in all seriousness I can’t understand where this sudden desire for them has come from. I think know that if you presented me with a tub of ready salted Pringles right now I’d scoff the whole lot in one sitting with copious amounts of Nando’s Perinaise. What has come over me?

Crunchy Nuts – I’ve rediscovered this cereal as my go-to breakfast and I’m reminded of how perfect a bowl (or mug) of this is when drenched in ice-cold milk – heavenly. How can I go back to any other breakfast item after this reawakening.

The Great British Sewing Bee – I’m totally loving this new show – it’s just pure brilliance. The contestants are wonderful and absolutely hilarious at times, plus I’m learning loads: never work with silk, don’t add tulips to a skirt (I mean it looked agood, but really who would wear that!) and if you’re going to make something that’s simple make it bloody brilliant – something that Tillie couldn’t seem to learn! Also how wonderful is Ann, I 100% love her. I love this show so much that I’m not even annoyed by Claudia ‘I’m so ditzy’ Winkleman. Further proof, if you needed it, that it must be brilliant!

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