Star Shop #7 – Tiger

It’s been a while since I’ve shared one of my favourite shops with you all, so as today’s Blogtember prompt is to share your favourite shops, I thought it was a good time to talk about Tiger. Tiger is one of those shops that you go into just for a browse and no need to buy anything and you leave twenty minutes later with a whole load of stuff. The products are all really decently priced and there are lots of lovely colourful bits to cheer you up. Whether you need you’re bound to find it in there even if you didn’t know you needed it! I’ve got boxes, utensils, stationery, toys, art supplies, crockery and even food from there in the past and when Christmas comes along I’m always very pleased I have one near by. As it’s absolutely perfect for little treats or stocking stuffers.
Below are some of my current favourite products. They are so cheap that I’m pretty sure I can justify getting everything, yes?
More lovely stuff from Tiger
*Yes I know this it’s only one shop and also not an online shop at that. So I’m not strictly in line with the prompt BUT I love this shop it’s one of my favourites so I thought I’d share some of the love. Also if I hadn’t you’d have missed out on the joy that is the above set of scales. Travesty I tell you, a travesty!


Star Shop #6 – Lisa Jones Studio

When you go to the home page of Lisa Jones Studio, you’re greeted by the below super-cute image.


Before even going any further into the site, I knew I’d be a fan of everything on it. I mean how could I not be, there’s a gorgeous illustration of a lion, monkey, toucan and a caterpillar that look like they’re having an awesome time in a black and white forest. Basically this site could only ever be awesome!  If you needed any further proof, just check out all the lovely cards, aren’t they cute?! I honestly could buy every one on the site as they are all so sweet and totally different to the sorts of cards you find in Paperchase or high street shops. I heart them all – although if pushed to choose a favourite I’d have to go for the little forlorn sandwich eating bear. Adorable.

But this site isn’t just about the super-cute cards, it’s also got some brilliant other items – case in point the below bits and bobs. I love that they don’t have a huge number of products, but the products that they do sell are all absolutely lovely. The fact that it’s a few days until payday is the only reason why I’ve not bought all of the items below, but perhaps once pay-day arrives I can justifiably treat myself to the print at the very least….

Monkey Mug – Crocodile Print – Peacock Cushion Cover – Cat Whisker Clock

Starshop #5 – Typo

Over the weekend while I was having sofa time with mini eggs and window shopping I stumbled upon the Typo website and I remembered how much I loved this shop when I discovered it on my travels last year! It’s part of the Cotton On chain of shops in Australia and I must have visited the outlet in Darling Harbour about 5 times when I was there last April. I couldn’t help it as everything in the shop is unbelievably cute and nice and just totally me! I had to be fairly restrained when I was in Oz last year because of a limited amount of baggage, which my credit card company were probably quite pleased about as I could have bought everything in there quite easily! So anyway below are my current favourites from this brilliant shop – enjoy having a peruse. I’m not sure what shipping costs are like, but to be honest I don’t think I can handle looking – what if it’s cheaper that I anticipate? No way I can’t look, I’m going have to tell  myself it’s super expensive which is why I mustn’t buy any of the lovely products!

Satchel – Book Ends – Wrapping Paper – Chalkboard Frame – Hello Cushion – Manilla Folders – Initial Mug – Notebook – Bird File Organiser – Stamps  – Paris Labels – Whale Canvas

Star Shop #4 – Oliver Bonas

Oliver Bonas is a shop that is my total guilty pleasure. Whenever I walk past one of the three in my local area, I have to pop in, there’s absolutely no way I can walk past without taking a peek in. It’s just a treasure trove of wonders, sadly there’s never anything in there that is essential to my existence so I’ve only ever purchased the odd birthday card or small gift from there. But I do dream that one day I’ll be able to go in there and buy the gorgeous dress or pretty necklace I have my eye on. Who knows it could happen! Below are some of my favourite items, and I know that one or two of these will be popping up in my soon-to-be-written birthday list!

Beautiful necklaces which will go with any outfit. One with a bird and heart and the other featuring lovely gold birds.

Look at this snuggly heart jumper – I love the colour combination!

This grey and neon yellow belt features another beautiful colour combination – want!

This photo frame would go perfectly on our living room photo wall, I just adore the mix of frames and colours.

Couldn’t you just get lost in this gorgeous velvet chair, decadent or what?! Best bit about it? It’s called the love tub!

I love the colour of and illustrations on these alphabet phone cases, I can’t’ wait to see the design of the ‘F’ case.

Oh so pretty dress, how I yearn to one day own and wear your beautiful turquoise, bird-patterned loveliness.

This ring is wowness, I like the subtle glitteryness in it and will certainly be treating myself to this/putting it on my birthday list!

Star Shop #3 – Anorak

So I have a thing about owning products that feature animals. Case in point: I have a squirrel jumper, I bought elephant thank you cards and I have numerous animal related jewelery items, currently in my possession are whale, hare and bird necklaces, owl earrings, a swallow bracelet AND an owl bracelet. So it’s really no surprise that I’m a huge fan of all the products on the Anorak website. I totally love the simplicity of the designs.

I first fell in love with the trunks about three years ago and it’s my dream to one day own both the big trunk and the matching tuck box. How amazing would they both look in a simple rustic white bedroom – adorable! Since then I’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for all the products and all the different designs. Just don’t ask me which is my favourite kissing animal design – I’d find it impossible to choose to be honest, as they are all just so cute. How could you possible make a choice between the kissing stags, bears, robins or horses?

Kissing Stags Toiletry Bag Kissing Horses Picnic BlanketKissing Stags Steamer TrunkKissing Bears CushionKissing Robins MugProud Fox Nesting TinsKissing Rabbits Tuck Box Kissing Stags Lambswool Blanket Kissing Horses Double Duvet

Star Shop #2 – Papermash

So I’ve discovered the Papermash sale…in a very big way. Oh dear my poor credit. Perhaps this is why my credit card company have just upped my credit card limit by 50%? That would make complete sense! So rather than splurge on all of the things I want, I thought I’d share the items with you all. That way I can hopefully kid my brain into thinking I’ve purchased all of this and then it won’t need to buy it – that sounds logical right? Here’s hoping it works!

So, after my ramblings, what is the fuss about Papermash I hear you ask. Well I discovered it pre Christmas when I bought some lovely ink stamps for my Christmas presents and it’s essentially a site that sells lovely quirky and unique stationery and gifts, a lot of which are made using artisan practices. I defy anyone not to find at least something that tickles their fancy when browsing the lovely website. I for one always notice numerous things that I need want in my life. Some of my current favourites are below, but what about you, what products have particularly tickled your fancy?

1) I’ve made no secret of my love for brown paper packages tied up with string and I think this string would be ideal for birthday presents over the next year. Look how pretty and sparkly it is. I’m officially in love. with a piece of string – yes I’m worried too.

2) I totally love these cute balloon stamps and think they’re so cute. I can think of loads of ways you could use these – on homemade birthday cards, gift tags, thank you notes, wrapping paper and invites. So sweet.

3) I love these vintage inspired illustrated gift tags. I’m sure they’d be super handy for Christmas 2013, it’s never too early to be prepared right?

4) & 5) I know super early to even consider buying these tapes BUT both these tapes are brilliant and I know I would use them on all my presents next year. I love that you can write on the brown tape and I think the spotty reindeer tape is a thing of beauty!

6) One of my biggest regrets of Christmas 2012 was not making more presents for people, particularly food! So next year I plan on giving everyone some homebaked goodies as well as a present they actually ask for. So I’ll make things like Sticky Gingerbread Cake, Christmas cookies and delicious creamy fudge. As this is definitely going to happen I’m very tempted by this stamp, it would be such a nice way to present the edible goodies – in brown boxes or bags decorated with tissue paper, washi tape and these.

7) These are super cute, although I don’t suppose I’d use them much to be honest as they are too pretty to ruin! But nonetheless I can still desire them right?

8) I love stripes. I love wrapping paraphenalia. So what’s not to love about this tape?

9) I’m always on the look out for thank you notes, don’t believe me then check out my Essential Notecards post from last year, and these are super cute. They’d do for any and all occasion, in fact I think they would look lovely framed too.

**All images used are taken from the gorgeous Papermash website. **

Star Shop #1 – Mozzypop

I recently stumbled across Mozzypop a brilliant online boutique that sells jewellery and accessories. I can’t really remember how I found it but I’m so pleased I did. I’m just sad I didn’t find it in time to buy christmas presents for my sisters, as I’m sure they would have loved what I found for them! For starters I would have got this gorgeous swallow ring for one of them and then this cute bunny ring for the other. And then I’d have to find someone to give this toy soldier necklace to, isn’t it sweet?

This site is great, everything is beautiful and VERY reasonably priced, I mean £4 for a ring – bargain! If I won the lottery then I think I’d buy up the whole site! Below are some of my favourite items off the site, I think it’ll be a miracle if I don’t buy the bag before the end of January!

Satchel – £28

Turquoise Arrow Head Necklace – £5
Sausage Dog Necklace – £5


Swooping Swallow Stud Earrings – £4

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