Loads of super-duper trailers have arrived!

Has anyone else seen how many amazing trailers are around at the moment, it seems like there’s a new one every day, which is brilliant for a big film fan like me! I can’t wait for them all to come out, the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 is going to be a bumper time for films if you ask me! So which are my favourites of the moment? Well first up we have Divergent. I’m a big fan of Veronica Roth’s books, so I’m super excited that the film is coming soon and doesn’t it look great?! Also, on a side note, how gorgeous is Theo James who plays Four – where has he been hiding?!


Anyway, moving on from the hot guy in Divergent, another book adaptation that’s coming soon is The Book Thief. Now I’ve not read this book yet but having seen the trailer I fully intend to, as the story sounds fascinating and I really want to know what happens to the little girl and the young man in the book.

There have also been new trailers for Vampire Academy, How I Live Now and Hunger Games. Again films based on books, books which I just happen to absolutely adore, so I’m so pleased that the films look like they are going to be excellent – this makes me super-duper excited about all three of them! Just don’t ask me which one is my favourite, as there’s no way I’d be able to make a decision, talk about Sophie’s choice!

Finally the last film I’m over excited about is The Butler, talk about goosebumps every time I watch this trailer. The performances from everyone look so strong. Also the film sounds so fascinating, especially as I don’t know that much about the ins and outs of that period. I mean I know the obvious stuff, but only really the surface details. So it’ll be interesting to watch one person’s perspective of all of the goings on.

So what trailers have you seen, anything to share that I might have missed?


Chocolate, Tesco and books for company – this weeks marketing loves

Today I thought I’d share some more marketing stuff that I’ve seen bandying around the interweb thingamajig and also out on the streets of London. I really enjoy collating this stuff and find it super useful for work purposes to have it all saved in one place – so I hope you all do too!

I can’t really remember if I’ve mentioned my lack of enthusiasm for the royal baby furore on this blog or not, but I really wasn’t as fussed as most other people seem to have been about it all. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against the birth of a baby, I just don’t understand how it was the centre of the world for a good couple of weeks, craziness! There were a lot of dreadful adverts around at this time, but I absolutely adored this Carling video, which they released to celebrate the birth of Prince George. I love the humour in it and that it sticks to there usually messaging of Refreshingly Perfect (or not as the case may be). Brilliant!

Have you noticed the new Tesco adverts? Aren’t they just so NOT Tesco? I got almost to the end of the TV version of the advert before I realised that it was actually Tesco, when normally I don’t like any Tesco ads! But these ones are different and really good – I like the colours, the syle and the sentiment behind them all and I think it’s a great way for them to try and steal some of the customers from Sainsbury’s and even Waitrose. Very clever.

I’m super excited that Cadbury’s will be focusing on Christmas for a big marketing campaign – I agree with their marketing guy who says that it’s ‘sinful’ that they’ve not done more to celebrate this time of year, especially considering how much effort they put into Easter and also how much Cadbury’s chocolate is consumed at this time of year in the form of Roses and Selection boxes. Also how awesome is the design – I love the knitting/fairisle concept. Also, why am I surprised they’ve not used real people in their ads in the past – weird!


Being in book marketing means I’m always on the look out for awesome book ads, and these ones are brilliant! I love the concept so much (mainly because it’s how I feel about books!). Make sure you check out the link as there are some other great images of Sherlock Holmes and Gandalf, it’s actually quite tricky to choose a favourite if you ask me!

What about you, what awesome ads and brilliant marketing gubbins have you noticed recently – I’d love to see some more brilliant suggestions!

Current favourites in the land of Fi!

This week’s smiley happy things are…

Grande skinny iced hazelnut latte – Even if I sound like a silly strange coffee drinking person when I order it, this drink is quickly becoming a firm favourite for me and a necessity in my life. It’s getting so bad that I’m not sure how I’ll cope when the weather’s arctic again as I need it in my life.

Flamingo Lampshade By Jorja Wilkinson DesignMy flamingo lamp – My new lamp, mentioned here and available here, is still keeping me smiling when I look at it. It’s just so lovely – the colours are so cheerful and make me super happy, no matter how little sleep I’ve had!

Four week holiday countdown – yes that right I’m off on holiday again and in just four weeks and one day. Hooray, I can’t wait! I’m already feeling the need for another week off as after just a few days back at work I’m absolutely knackered!

Scandal – I’m so glad this show is back on TV, it really is fantastic. It’s always the first thing I watch when trying to play TV catch up with our Sky box. The characters are so well written, the storylines are compelling and I’m so intrigued to think that these things probably do happen in real life – some of them are so crazy it’s almost unbelievable. I also enjoy the fact that we’re now two seasons in but you still don’t know that much about Liv’s history or what she’s doing, oh its soooo good!

The Big Bang Theory Flashdance – My little sis showed me this YouTube video a few weeks back and it’s absolutely hilarious. If you’ve not yet seen it, it’s so well done. I just love the looks of confusion at the start, then how the cast get involved and then when the song’s change brilliant. Plus I love how into it they all get and of course Sheldon is brilliant – his reaction at the end – genius! It also fills me with joy that it looks such fun to do the show, as that’s what I’ve always imagined!

So that’s what’s making me smile this week, what about you lovely people. What things are keeping you going this August week – little or big I’d love to know! xx

Jellybeans, honeycomb and whimsy

Another month and another list of things that are intriguing me, bothering me and making me laugh – check them out!

This month I’m dreaming about making this honeycomb recipe as there’s really nothing like the crunch of honeycomb. I also cannot wait to make this chocolate pudding – it’s made from avocados. Um hello, genius or what now – I wonder if Lau would notice the taste of avocados if I made her this… I’m tempted to give it a whirl. What clever people there are out there in the world!

The YouTube video The Time you have (in Jellybeans) has got me thinking, A LOT. It’s fascinating to see how the average person spends their life, I’m amazed that looking after others doesn’t take up more of our ‘jellybeans; and I’m 99% my watching TV amount is way higher than this video shows. But it’s asking an interesting question isn’t it? What would you do differently if you had half as much time and what would you do if you just had one day – most definitely the important and simple things I’m sure.

I’m also pondering why I didn’t take two weeks off of work, rather than just the one. As getting back into the swing of this work malarkey has not been my favourite thing ever. Setting the alarm on Sunday night for the ungodly hour or 7am was literally the most taxing and depressing thing I’ve done all year – sad times indeed.

I’m not a massive fan of the Royal Baby hype and some of the activity I found really rather distasteful but I did smile when I saw the below video of Kermit and Miss Piggy’s reaction to the Royal Baby, so hilarious! My favourite bit: ‘tadpoles don’t have feet!’ Bless Miss Piggy.

My obsession with How I Met Your Mother is well documented on this here blog, so it won’t surprise you that this video made my day when I stumbled upon it thanks to Hypable. At ComicCon this video was realised and it shows Ted’s kids finally snapping thanks to the fact that he’s still telling them the same story, and it’s eight years later. I won’t spoil any of the video for you, but needless to say it’s absolutely hilarious!

I’ve just discovered Whimsy and I’m now wondering how I existed before I discovered its existence – it’s like a little bit of heaven in my life. Not only is it mighty appealing to look at – all that white space and cute colours, but it’s also packed with loads of brilliant articles and ideas. I mean how have I managed not knowing how to distress picture frames or make my own wall prints – life officially made. Plus lets just take a moment to appreciate the lovely word whimsy it’s definitely one of those words we should use on a very regular basis. Another thing I want to make is the pillow below and thanks to the tutorial at Sugar & Cloth I can now do so – hooray for that!

DIY sequined hello pillow from sugar and cloth


What about you, what’s running around in your head or making you giggle on YouTube, share below peeps!

Marketing campaigns I’m loving right now

I’m rather lucky that I get to do something I love day in and day out – marketing books through a number of different mediums. Recently I’ve been noticing some brilliant examples of great campaigns and thought it would be an interesting thing to add to this here blog. They are all very different but hopefully you’ll love them too. Are there any that I’ve totally bypassed and should have mentioned? If you think so let me know below.

Literacy campaign poster: This was a french literacy campaign that has now been translated into English and I love it because it plays on the similarity of ad designs for certain types of marketing. So below we have the look and feel of a fantasy film, which when you look closer you realise it advertising something completely different to what you assume. There are also versions for make up, clothes, cars and holidays which get the point across perfectly if you ask me.


Monsters University: Everything Disney Pixar have done to promote this film has been exemplary. From their awesome teaser trailers  and tagline (More hairy than scary) to the website and activity on the Disney Pixar Facebook page I’ve loved it all. I can hardly wait to see the film now after such a masterclass in marketing.


A lot of people have mentioned the Dove Real Beauty Sketches as being brilliant and I’d have to agree. Again it’s such a clever concept of showing how humans can be their own worst enemy and that what we focus on isn’t always what others see.

Below is one of three images that Penguin India created for an audio book campaign, isn’t it ingenious? I love it!


Smiley Happy Things

With the challenge of blogging every day in May I’ve been a little rubbish at keeping up with some of my other posts – not that I have a schedule for my blog normally (well apart from Pinterest Corner, but we’d best not mention that area…) but I do like to talk about certain things on a regular basis. Like the things that are making me smile at any given moment. So today I’m going to rectify that today and natter away about some lovely fun things.

First up we have a brand new show that I’m keeping my fingers crossed will make it’s way over to the UK in the Autumn. It’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is a spin off from the Avengers movie and it looks amazing. I won’t spoil it by telling you too much, but basically the tag line is: Not all heroes are super….

I’m also very excited about finally seeing the trailer for About Time, which looks very much like my sort of film. Plus anything with Bill Night in is sure to be a winner, especially if it’s a comedy. I’m a little annoyed that it’s not our right this minute though? September is an awful long way away after all!

Just this week I discovered the A Beautiful Mess iPhone app and I love it. It makes such a different on blog posts to be able to make more fun and interesting pictures when I haven’t mastered (or don’t own) photoshop. I’m a little concerned I’m getting a bit addicted to the app though – uh oh – check out some of my recent masterpieces below and get downloading it, it’s so easy to use and it makes pictures so quirky and lovely!


The final thing that has been keeping me going and making me smiley this week is catching up with good friends. I’ve had a couple of fun days/nights this week with lovely freinds, some of who I haven’t seen for ages and it’s just been so nice to sit, natter and have fun together. Sometimes it’s those simple things that you miss when you’ve had a really stressful or busy few weeks.

Noteworthy TV, fishy gifs and recipe love

  • The first of today’s ponderings is actually more of an admission. I think I’ve made myself a caffeine addict. I have started to get headaches if I don’t have coffee for 24 hours – this is not good. It has certainly not been helped by the fact that I’ve purchased one of the Starbucks reusable cups, so now even when I order a tall drink it ends up being a venti. This is great as it doesn’t cost me anything, but it’s definitely not helping the addictionfinding-nemo-finding-dory
  • This week when not drinking coffee, I have been laughing at the Dory gifs on this link – I find them absolutely hilarious. Watching these has reminded me just how much I love the original film and I cannot wait to watch Finding Dory when it finally arrives on our screens, although it’s still so far away! I’ve also spent a fair amount of time staring at pictures of the gorgeous Joseph Gordon-Levitt – oh my wow! Check them out here, and make sure you are sitting down and so aren’t injured when you swoon.
  • On an entirely different note, this toast messenger is genius and I want it – how fun would it be to make toast with messages and poems on? So cool!


  • I’m also excited this week that we’ve booked Iron Man 3 for this weekend and this excitement has only been matched by the fact that an #epictrailer for another comic book franchise has just landed. How brilliant does the trailer Thor: The Dark World look? And Tom Hiddleston is strangely attractive with long hair – who’d have thought it?

  • On the subject of Tom Hiddleston, I think I’ve been convinced to take a leaf out of his book and take part in the Live Below the Line challenge. I think it involves more thought and it will be incredibly hard, but I think totally worth it. Find out more by listening to the lovely Hugh Jackman in the below video – if you can focus on his voice that is, don’t get distracted by that face!

  • In other news, I need to make this malt loaf – I can’t believe it’s never crossed my mind before. I wonder how easy it is? And also I need to make Banana bread s’mores, um hello delicious looking item of food. Where have you been all my life?
  • Did anyone else watch Broadchurch? Wasn’t it absolutely brilliant? I’m actually proud of myself for guessing the killer a few weeks back, but I loved that you were kept guessing for so long. Also it wasn’t contrived or silly – I felt like everyone acted how they would have done. Also great social media thinking by posting that extra clip on the itv Facebook page – I’d love to know how many visits (and new fans) they got straight after the episode finished. I bet it would be fascinating.
  • One final thought for this week: How on earth have I become so addicted to Nashville and so quickly? I have now downloaded the soundtrack and between that and the extra songs available on Spotify I think I listen to Nashville for about 50% of my day. Yet I don’t care. I love the songs. As for the show itself – how annoying is Rayna, but likeable too, some goes for Juliette. Also when will Gunnar and Scarlett get together? And could Deacon be anymore amazing? Oh I could watch this show all day every day – love it. Once ‘For your glory’ is available in the UK, I will be in Nashville heaven, as I LOVE that song.

YouTube funnies, chocolate obsessions and idyllic islands

Is anyone else always constantly hungry, or is that just me? For the last month all I’ve wanted to do is eat – what’s with that? I’ve been telling myself not to feel too bad about this lack of willpower as surely it must be to do with the freezing cold weather, which only now seems to be letting up. But I’m not too sure that’s a good enough reason – I think perhaps it is my own lack of willpower that’s to blame. So far the food obsession has been firmly focused on hot cross buns, mochas and Easter chocolate, but I fear it’s only a matter of time until these Mini Egg Tiffins are involved, as well as these Buttered Popcorn Chocolate Chip Cookies and this new Cadbury’s creation. Oh dear why can’t I crave spinach or apples and not chocolate creations?!Cookie Nut Crunch

So I’m one of those people that absolutely adores Michael Buble, I can’t help it. He’s voice is just wonderful and he sings some of my favourite tracks just perfectly – Home, Feeling Good and Haven’t met you yet – plus he sounds like a pretty cool guy. Did you know that he’s been spotted a number of times busking on the Southbank, amazing right? How I’ve never spotted him there I don’t know! Anyway, just when I thought I couldn’t love him anymore I saw this clip from a while back of him singing with a fan. Isn’t it just brilliant? I love how he plays along with the Mum, and is funny and not overly mean about it, but then when he realises the boy can sing he’s so supportive and happy to have been proved wrong.

Another brilliant YouTube video that I was introduced to this week was this clip of Quentin Tarantino when he found out he’d been nominated for best director at the Oscars – absolutely brilliant. The total shock on his face and the resulting actions just crack me up every time!

Also these are pretty hilarious too, particularly the Private Eye point, the Boris dancing one, the boy band one and the umbrella being thrown at the police – amazing! – and perfect for flicking to should you need a smile!

Sark, Channel IslandsThanks to the Stylist I’ve found 50 more places that I want to visit in the UK, all these beautiful islands, aren’t they just amazingly picturesque. I’ve been to/heard of a couple of them, but I don’t think I’d realised quite how many picturesque islands there were on these fair isles. The only problem, is where to first, Sark, Inchmurrin, Tresco, Bute or the Isle of Mull?

Finally, I’ll leave you with these images of celebrities that have been photo-shopped to look like normal people, aren’t they just brilliant?! Whoever made these up has done a genius job.  I think my favourites are the Beckham’s and Jay-Z and Beyonce – amazing!

January Smiles

Here are some of the things making me smile this January – it’s being a long old, painful month isn’t it?

20130112-201400.jpgOur new cake cutter storage system – Yes I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous, don’t worry I do understand that, but I can’t help it. It makes me smile every time I see it. Prior to our new organisation system we had various tins on the sideboard to house them all, but this failed as the tins often overflowed and it was such a faff trying to find the cutters we wanted to use. So instead we’ve used some ribbon to string them all up along the edge of our kitchen shelves and I think they look pretty awesome! Plus now we can see them all and I’ve realised we have a ridiculous number including a rabbit that I’d forgotten about!

Modern Family – I love this show, it’s absolutely hilarious! I find it impossible to choose a favourite character as each one does something brilliant each episode. Whether it’s Manny’s old man mannerisms, Cam and Mitchell’s brilliant chats to camera, Hayley’s eye rolling, Claire’s neurotic moments or Phil just generally (check out some of his classic moments here). Modern Family is one of those shows that I could watch for an entire day, no problem.

Recipes – Last week I received a late Christmas parcel which included three recipes from my cousin and his wife for the delicious cakes that we had when I last visited them. As well as these recipes I got given a family friends’ recipe for Welsh Cakes over Christmas – something I’ve been wanting for at least the last decade! I know all the recipes are delicious so I can’t wait to get baking these recipes that have been passed on to me. But which one first?!

Tom Fletcher’s wedding speechThis YouTube video has been doing the rounds all week on Twitter and Facebook and it’s honestly the best speech I’ve ever seen. The idea of signing a speech is just genius, well if you can sing obviously, plus I love the addition of the school choir – cute. Future wedding speeches will pale in significance to me I think!

20130103-092153.jpgMint Dark Chocolate m&m’s – I got these from my sisters for Christmas and I absolutely love them. I’d seen them on eBay and knew I had to try them so when I opened them on Christmas morning I was sooo excited and couldn’t wait to tuck in! And they didn’t disappoint, they are scrumptious. I just wish that they were available more widely in the UK at least so I won’t have to spend a fortune on them when my precious four packs disappear!!

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