Easter to do list

Easter is always a weekend where time flies and I either pack far too much into it or don’t do anything at all. So I’ve decided I need to make sure I get the balance right this weekend. So I’ve written a list of things that I want to achieve over the lovely long four-day weekend, no pressure Fi, I’m sure you can do all of these things!!

  • Work out a way of making cog shaped metallic coloured biscuits or cakes – all ideas welcome!
  • Eat lots of chocolate – this is a must do this weekend. It would almost be rude not to indulge
  • Finish my current book, The German Boy. Although I’m currently only 15 pages in, so not too sure how likely this is!
  • Bake hot cross buns – possibly these Chocolate Orange ones rather than plain ones. I’ll buy some plain ones and make a Hot Cross Bun Bread and Butter Pudding instead!
  • Wear something other than my pjs!
  • Read the 120 something blogs I’ve not yet got too on Bloglovin
  • Leave the sofa, at least once. Possibly for the cinema
  • Only drink one mocha a day, I can surely do this!
  • Spend no money on clothes – I HAVE to stick to this, I MUST!
  • Eat normal sized portions at dinner – no triple helpings allowed, even if my Dad is cooking his lovely, yummy food!
  • Finish my three Empire Magazines and read the March issue of Simple Things – I have no idea how this hasn’t happened yet?!
  • Spend lots of time with my lovely family that doesn’t involve the TV!
  • Decide what I’m buying Lau for her birthday – it’s only two weeks away after all
  • Play (and win) a lot of board games!
  • Don’t panic about the lack of decision-making in regards to Lau’s present!!

Childhood flashbacks, Les Mis and film trailer love

There have been a few things on my mind this week, which I thought I’d share as some of them are life changing and you need to know about it – trust me you’ll thank me!!

First things first, random but still something I’ve been pondering this week: Is anyone else still experiencing a love affair with Les Mis? I seem to be listening to it all day, every day at work and have developed a massive crush on this awesome Olly Moss poster – I need it in my life. I’m actually fairly concerned by how obsessed I am with this film and the soundtrack. Maybe I need an intervention….


I had a serious childhood flashback earlier this week when I received an Easter card from my god-daughter. The card was of a super-cute sheep made of Fimo. Was anyone else obsessed with Fimo as a child, or was that just me? I used to make all sorts of random crap with this stuff – everything from neon coloured jewellery to tiny animals like rabbits. Honestly, it’s amazing how happy I was with a new set of Fimo colours, and do you remember all the amazing colours they used to do? And look they now do glittery Fimo – amazing!

I appreciate I’m going to sound like a total geek with the following sentence, but I honestly don’t care – I’m embracing my geekyness! I am so super excited about the fact that Doctor Who returns to our TVs on Saturday, I mean OMG it’s been forever since it was on, if you’re not excited then you HAVE to watch the teaser trailer. I defy you not to be over excited too. I mean Matt Smith is just brilliant in it, so forlorn and sad and what does this mean for the upcoming episode?!?! Argh I can’t wait!!

On the subject of geekery and trailers, the Star Trek into Darkness trailer is freaking brilliant, I’m literally counting down the days until I can watch this film. Plus just when I thought I couldn’t love Benedict Cumberbatch anymore – I see the trailer. I mean could he be any cooler?! Something else that’s cool, is that this week the director of Wolverine shared the first mini trailer for the film on Vine – LOVE IT!

Having had a very succesful cottage weekend in Oxford recently we’re now onto planning our next adventure, this time in Leicestershire/Rutland and during my cottage research I happened across the most amazingly named holiday cottages and B&B. I really really want to stay there just because of the names, with names like brocoli Bottom (the B&B), Fennel Folly, Parsnip Place, Beetroot Barn and Lettuce Lodge how could I not – can you imagine anywhere more idyllic?

On a totally separate note I appear to have fallen a little bit in love with these napkins, now I do appreciate that’s a little bit odd as they are napkins and I’m definitely not a napkin fan. My usual thinking is that they are a massive waste of money as kitchen roll works just as well and is far cheaper. However, I seem to have forgotten this fact when I look at these tagged ones – how brilliant are they. I’d love to have a set, not that I ever do dinner parties or anything, so really it would probably just be my name on them!! Oh well! On the subject of napkins and other such paraphernalia, check out these amazing alphabet cups – yet another thing I want but would barely ever use! Although maybe they could go on display somewhere if I spell out cool words?

Pinterest Corner #14 – Reading and emotions

One of the main things I love about Pinterest is the numerous pins that are brilliant quotes or wise words. No matter how I’m feeling there’s always something inspiring or comforting to be found on Pinterest. So this week when thinking about my Pinterest Corner post I thought about some of those wordy pins and wanted to share one that echos something I’ve always felt, ever since I realised how wonderful a book can be when I was five or six. The pin is this one – don’t you just love it?


The quote is anonymous but I can’t help but agree whole heartedly with the clever person who said it, it’s just absolutely true. This is how books and reading make me feel. I love that the characters and the emotions evoked by a story stay with me for years afterwards. I still remember how utterly amazed I was by Roald Dahl’s Matilda when I first read it and I’m always putting myself in the shoes of characters, be it Harry Potter, Anne Elliott or Wilbur the pig and imagining how I’d have reacted. Even years after reading the stories I wonder if I’d have had the strength of character, or wishing I could have experienced that era. My favourite books, characters and fictional worlds are the place that I turn to on a regular basis in my daydreams when I want to forget how rubbish a day I’ve had or just want to be transported to another time and place. It’s these amazing characters that make me so grateful that I’m a book-worm, I wonder how other people cope without my absurd love of books and I’m so thankful that I’ve always found peace,  friendship and laughter in the pages of a book. It’s certainly made my imagination more colour, given me a greater understanding of the world and allowed me to experience the most amazing emotions and journeys without moving from the sofa.

Oxford, trips to Bill’s and goodbyes

This past week has been brilliant, I’ve loved every second! It’s been loads of fun and very busy, hence why I’ve had to resort (again) to a list!


Pinterest Corner #13 – Mary Poppins

I’ve been rubbish the second half of this week with blog posts as quite frankly work and life has been crazy – all good fun though! I’m in a cottage in Oxford this weekend which is lovely although my toes have been constantly cold! Anyway just wanted to pop by and share my latest Pinterest Corner post which is this picture.

How cool is it, it fills my heart with joy when I look at it and see that Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke are still good friends. Somehow it makes one of my favourite films seem more magical!


Forgotten shoes

20130316-185845.jpgA year or so ago I bought a pair of black brogues in the New Look sale for about £10 and then forgot that they existed. When I rediscovered said brogues last week I still had all the tags and labels on the shoes, crazy or what!! However when I popped them on for the first time, I discovered, much to my excitement that these shoes are the comfiest shoes I own (apart from my Uggs)! Honestly it’s like slipping your feet into a pair of old slippers – apart from the fact that they look smart, are wet weather proof and are work appropriate. So whilst I have discovered a new pair of shoes, that I will no doubt be wearing all the time, I do fairly ashamed. How could I part with a precious £10 and then not wear the shoes for an entire year – that’s just absurd – what was I possibly thinking? I mean it’s not as if the shoes are a hideous colour or have a sky-high heel. They are plain black brogues and therefore completely inoffensive and likely to go with over half of my clothes. Sometimes I worry about myself.

However this experience of the forgotten perfect shoes has had another good result. It’s made me get out all my shoes and try them all on. This might sound ridiculous, but the result is I’ve found three more forgotten pairs of shoes, hooray! The three new pairs are below – a really old pair of grey boots from Primark, some peep-toe wedges I got in Springfield last Summer and unbelievably ANOTHER pair of brogues (these ones were £5 from Primark – at the same time as the black ones…oops!).

Again, I can’t believe I’ve forgotten about all of these shoes but at the same time I can’t wait to get wearing them again! The grey boots will be perfect in the current dreadful weather and even better they’ll work with all my pairs of skinny jeans. I can’t for the life of me remember why I stopped wearing them though, so perhaps I’ll find they are incredibly uncomfortable when I do wear them again – who knows? As for the peep-toe shoes, I’d forgotten how much I loved them! They will be absolutely perfect for a couple of upcoming Summer events, as I know they’re comfy and they’ll go with whatever I decide to wear. As for the second pair of brogues, these will be perfect with jeans and skirts over the next few months. I can’t wait to try them all on again – hooray that I’ve got three new pairs of shoes for my ever-expanding wardrobe. Whooppee!!!

Lovely Accessories

As I sit here at my desk looking out at a bleak and cloudy sky I can’t help but think of the weather that we should currently be enjoying. We should be experiencing sunshine and low wind speeds and not arctic temperatures and torrential rain. I should have deliberated over a blazer or a mac this morning rather than the need for a light scarf as well as my woolly snood – FYI I went for the  woolly snood, which was definitely NOT warm enough. So instead of doing the massive amount of admin I should be doing during lunch, I have been distracted by the Spring items that are all over the shops – I bet retailers are praying for warmer weather soon as they can’t be selling many clothes at the moment – and so I obviously need to share my favourites with you. It would be rude not too, yes?

Bird ScarfTurquoise ShoesSilver Bangles SatchelBlue ShoesLeopard Print Pumps

Sadly, as is often the case with me, I can’t justify the purchase of any of these items, I already have far too many pairs of shoes and bags and don’t even get me started on jewellery. But if I could justify proper shopping one thing’s for sure, I’d be off to pick up these bits and bobs and I’d be very happy. I wouldn’t even care about the dreadful weather! The one thing I might treat myself too is the bird scarf, it’s so pretty that it’s totally going on my birthday list. After all I don’t own anything that’s bird patterned and it would look perfect with my turquoise blazer – once it’s warm enough to wear it anyway!

This week

I’ve not been up to much, except for:

  • A West Wing marathon with friends and accompanied by fish finger sandwiches. There is nothing better on a Monday night in my opinion – although sadly we’re nearing the end of series 7 now, eek! I’m not sure what I’ll do when we’ve finished the entire boxset, maybe we need to watch them all again?
  • Going to the gym – a lot. Thanks to the new gym five minutes from my house. It’s been brilliant to have a gym so close that I can pop in to whenever I get a chance, even if it’s for just 20 minutes on the bike. Something’s better than nothing. My Monday morning session was the best – not only was the gym empty but it was nice to start the work week off with something energetic. Sadly Sunday’s session wasn’t so successful. For some unknown reason I ended it by fainting, oops! Not only was it super embarrassing (although everyone else – except Lau – seemed to ignore it, phew) but I’ve now got a really bruised left bum cheek and my left hand is really painful. Perhaps I should have tried to land on other body parts….
  • Writing lots of blog posts – there was this mini egg blondies one, this pastel one, this Birthday wishlist – woohoo! – another rambling post and a few more. Phew, I’ve been on it with posts this week!
  • Watching the final four episodes of Ripper Street, which I’ve become completely addicted to. It’s such a good show – I love all the characters and watching a show about the Jack the Ripper era is so fascinating! Also, is it wrong that I find Jerome Flynn slightly attractive in the show, weird I know!
  • Eating a hideous amount of crap! Just some of the evil things that have passed my lips this week: blondies, penny sweets, lots of Giant Buttons and peanut m&m’s (they’re 2 for £3 in Sainsbury’s don’t you know), pringles, Domino’s  Pizza (it was payday after all) and an Eat Mocha every morning this week. Bearing all this in mind it’s particularly pleasing that I dropped 1lb this week – although I’m guessing that won’t be the case after this weekend of excess!

I know this sounds like the most pathetic week, but in all seriousness it’s been knackering and I felt like I really needed a week of doing barely anything – especially with two crazy weekends coming up.

Ponderings – Irish inspiration, hideous necklaces and book confusion

Today has been a bit of a write off thanks to a stupid fainting incident at the gym this morning. It’s not been a wasted day though as it’s meant I’ve been able to jot down a few more of my rambling thoughts – so there is a bright side to collapsing like a total idiot in public!
I’m totally in love with today’s Google Doodle, which isn’t something I usually see at the weekend. However, as I’ve been on my laptop for most of the day, due to The Incident, I did see it today, and this is a good thing, as today it was a brilliant St. Patrick’s Day themed doodle – dancing Irish people!! How cute are they? If you’ve not seen them yet, get onto Google and watch as they are animated and do an Irish jig – genius idea Google developers.
google doodle
Earlier this week I was channel flicking when I happened upon the below advert for the brand new Sky Movies Disney channel. Cue a lot of squealing. I mean a channel playing purely Disney films, it’s enough to make you seriously consider signing up for the Sky Movies Package. The only reason for not signing up for it? I’d never leave the flat….

Another thing making me squeal this week? The arrival of a hoarding on The Strand that shows H&M is opening practically opposite my office – oh dear! At the moment there’s only a Topshop on that stretch of road, and as I’m not a fan of that over-priced shop that’s never an issue in my lunch hour. However the opening of an H&M is another matter entirely. I just know I’ll be sucked on my way home from work and I’ll buy something every other day – oh dear my poor credit card.

I need to find a reason to make these Chocolate Pretzel Nachos from Gimme Some Oven. I mean just LOOK. AT. THEM. They look like heaven on a plate, wow, just wow!
I’m so annoyed that I’ve only just discovered Prinstagram as I want one of their calendars, but really I can’t buy one almost four months into the year as it’s such a waste. Fingers crossed I remember about it in December as I would love being reminded of a lovely Instagram shot every day in the office.
leopard-print-heart-charm-scarf-necklaceI know I was a little late to the party when leggings became a fashionable item of clothing, ditto the skinny jeans obsession and also again with Uggs. Whilst I did eventually embrace all these trends, so much so that I wear at least one of these items every day, I’m adamant that these ridiculous looking necklace/scarf items will never be something I get or more importantly own. I mean what the hell are they all about – how can anyone think they look nice?!
Following all the hoohaa over Google Reader this week, I’m very glad that this isn’t something I use. I’m all about Bloglovin, which I’m mighty pleased about. I don’t think I’d be too pleased if I had to get used to a different reader, phew!
I’ve been meaning to read Harriet Evans’ new paperback, Happily Ever After, for about a month, but I decided to save it for a week when I was in real need of a good book and a bit of comfort. That way I knew I’d appreciate the wonderful writing even more. That perfect time came on Thursday night as I snuggled up in bed with a heated Mr. Sheep. All did not go to plan however, as three pages in I realised that I had actually read the book before. On my kindle. What an idiot and what a way to ruin your evening. what sort of doofus am I? To buy the same book twice without realising it – duh!

March Happy Things

With this constant freezing weather it’s seemed important this month to focus on the little things that are making me smile as otherwise I’d have been severely affected by SAD and been thoroughly depressed. I mean honestly where the hell has Spring gone, will it make an appearance soon…..


So first up we have my pastel nails. Following last weeks Pretty Pastel Perfection post I was inspired to paint my nails in pastel shades. This may have looked a little odd as it was depressingly dark outside, but I was able to smile every time I caught a glance at them – look how pretty they are!

I seem to have become obsessed with three types of sweets this month. Firstly it seems to be all about the Mint Kit Kat Chunky, which I have got through about 10 of – it’s actually getting slightly out of hand if I’m honest! But having not been on the Kit Kat Chunky bandwagon in the past I’m now firmly in the Mint coloured camp! The second sweet obsession is these yummy Mini Egg Blondies, I’ve made them three times in as many weeks and just can’t get enough of them – amazing! Finally, I seem to have visited Hope and Greenwood – the lovely old-fashioned sweet shop in Covent Garden – twice in the last ten days and have consumed my body weight in shrimps, dolly mixtures, pink mushrooms and eggs. One night I ate so many that my teeth seemed to be rotting and I had to eat dry Rice Krispies to remove the hideous sweet taste in my mouth – it was worth it though!!

Last week I went out for another early morning run in Central London and absolutely loved it. Yes it was hard work, yes I was knackered, but running through the quiet streets of our capital and then around St Paul’s as the bells chimed was something very special. And something that I want to repeat more regularly.

After a brief flirtation with Special K as my go-to breakfast cereal I’ve returned to my true love: Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and boy are they good. For a while I’d forgotten about my love for them, but there really is nothing better than a mugful of crunchy nuts and ice cold milk – yummy!

20130316-180929.jpgLast weekend I ended up looking through an old photo album that my Mum had put together for me for my 18th and it was just hilarious to look back at some of the pictures. I’d forgotten about a lot of them and some of our outfits were horrendous!! I really should do it more often! It also raised a few questions about what we used to get up to! I mean take this picture for example, why on earth are my little sister and I screaming as if we’re going down a massive hill on a sledge, when in fact we’re in our back garden, our FLAT back garden. Oddness indeed!

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