Chocolate, fitness and Game of Thrones fun

This week in numbers:

  • Number of mini eggs consumed = roughly 357
  • Number of awesome charity shop finds = 8 (An unbelievably fabulous oatmeal coloured mac for £13!!!, a gorgeous blue candle holder, a beautifully designed carafe and…)
  • Number of charity shop finds that were books = 5! (The Amanda Hocking Trylle Trilogy, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and Cecelia Ahern’s The Book of Tomorrow)
  • Number of Easter Monday brunches consumed = 1. You can’t beat a Starbucks skinny mocha and skinny blueberry muffin – it’s a well known fact don’t you know.
  • Number of cafetières used as a vase for daffodils = 1. Why did I never think of this before? We barely use the cafetière we own and we don’t have a short vase, so it’s win, win really!
  • Number of days I’ve walked the three miles to work = 1. It was blissful, but cold.
  • Number of new running items put through their paces this week = 3. New shorts, new warm zip-up top and new bright pink (yes I’m that cool!) long-sleeved running top.
  • Number of gym sessions completed = 1
  • Number of new black and white pictures put up in the toilet by my own fair hands = 4. Whoop, go me. See a hammer and nails won’t defeat me, even if I did hit my fingers far too many times for my liking!
  • Number of runs = 2. Go me again! One was only 1.5 miles, whilst the other was 3.4 miles. So at least the distance is increasing I suppose. Still not ideal.
  • Number of lovely new outfits I’ve discovered = 1. The rather brilliant combination of turquoise skinnies and a spotty denim shirt. It’s definitely love for this outfit, so simple, but so lovely!!
  • Trips to The Diner = 1. Hello again my favourite sweet potato fries, cheese burger and vanilla milkshake with peanut butter shot combination. So delicious!
  • Number of wii games rediscovered = 1. The hilariously fun Super Mario Brothers wii game, how had I forgotten that this game existed. Lau and I were truly terrible when playing against others, I’m not entirely sure we won even one round, oops. More practice is needed I think!
  • Number of late night YouTube video discovery sessions and natterings = 1. Some people weren’t aware of how absolutely brilliant the Star Trek trailer was. Fret not, I rectified that!
  • Number of animals cooed over at Vauxhall City Farm = 4. The llama, sheep and goats were so cute!
  • Number of cheers when I realised I could go out without a winter coat on = 1. How nice is that feeling?
  • Number of Starbucks mochas drunk before 9am = 4. They just don’t get boring – at times this week I’ve had to stop myself from drinking three in one day!
  • Number of episodes of Game of Thrones viewed = 8 (so far). I’ve finally got in to this programme and can totally see what the fuss is about – so good!
  • Number of crushes developed on characters in Game of Thrones = 2 (Rob Stark and Jon Snow – swoon)
  • Number of times I’ve completed Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred =5. And I can still feel every sessions in my poor muscles.
  • Number of Nashville songs listened to this week = approximately 48. My current favourites are this and this.
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