I want all the Oasis bags in the world

Have you seen the awesome bags that are in Oasis at the moment? They are all ridiculously gorgeous don’t you think? I was on the site just the other day having a nosey round and I was amazed at all the lovely bags I found. It’s days like that when I really wish I had could win the lottery as I would buy and happily wear to death all of these bags – I mean just look at them. Totally bag envy is definitely something I’m feeling at the moment. Also they aren’t ridiculously expensive, which is great considering they’ll be of a very good quality like all Oasis products are.

Oasis bag love
1 2 3 4 5 6
So the big question is, can I justify buying myself a new bag at this very moment in time, or is that absolutely ridiculous? Come on guys convince me, please!

Oh why doesn’t money grow on trees?

The above is something that I’m always wondering about as if it did my life would involve far fewer wishlists and have far more cupboards crammed full of stuff. I appreciate it might not make life 100 times better but it would be nice to be able to splurge on some of the lovely things that I see all over the place. Anyway until scientists work out how to make money grow on trees or I win the lottery I’m going to have to settle on multiple wishlists, so I give you my current wishlist of house loveliness.
house stuff I love
house stuff I love #2
1 – ‘Today is the Day’ Mug, £8.50 This mug would make me smile as I sipped my morning coffee from it as I love the positive message. It’s likely to be the complete opposite from what I’m thinking that early in the morning!
2 – Fox Cushion, £9 A fox cushion is surely a must for everyone in the world, right?! And this is one of the cutest and best value ones I’ve seen. This would look so lovely on the new look sofa I’m planning on getting sooner.
3 – ‘Bring me coffee at once’ print, £25 My love for coffee is a recent occurrence, but it’s definitely a full on obsession – so this bright blue print definitely calls to me. One day this will live on my kitchen wall.
4 – Ceramic Owl, £3 Now this doesn’t appear to have any purpose, but its super cute so I need it in my life.
5 – Mini Milk Bottle Vases, £3.50 Something else that’s super cute! I can think of lots of things I’d do with these, from using them as miniature vases and storing bits and bobs to sipping fancy juices out of them on a summer’s day. Cuteness in glass form if you ask me.
6 – Hurricane Lamp, £16 – This lamp is such a lovely shape and would go perfectly in my seaside themed bedroom. I love the colour too.
7- Dotty Crockery, from £1.50 – I don’t need new plates or mugs, my bulging kitchen cupboards are testament to that, but this pastel dotty stuff is cute that I can’t help but want them. Maybe I can justify one or two items though?
8 – Reindeer Throw, £42 – Oh my wow this is amazing! I could definitely enjoy using this in the upcoming winter months. And when I wasn’t using it, it would look rather lovely on my sofa. Reindeers on house stuff is always a win if you ask me.
9 – Cotton Ball String Lights, £36 These lights are lovely and would brighten up any room in my flat, sadly I don’t think I can stretch to over £30 for a type of fairy light.
10 – Alphabet Illuminated Canvas, £14.95 Now this I’m impressed by, only £14.99 and so pretty at the same time. I think my only problem would be choosing a colour!
11- Turquoise Saucepan Set, £8 for a pair Turquoise saucepans would make a nice change from the bog standard silver ones, and I think they’d contrast perfectly with the bright pink walls of my kitchen.
12 – Owl Candle Holder, £21 Expensive for what it is yes, but it’s a cast iron owl candleholder, so what’s not to love?!
13 – Blackboard Charms, £0.95 These are meant to be used as wine glass charms, but I’ve never understood the point of those. Instead I think these would be lovely to label jars of pasta, rice, etc in the kitchen.

Star Shop #7 – Tiger

It’s been a while since I’ve shared one of my favourite shops with you all, so as today’s Blogtember prompt is to share your favourite shops, I thought it was a good time to talk about Tiger. Tiger is one of those shops that you go into just for a browse and no need to buy anything and you leave twenty minutes later with a whole load of stuff. The products are all really decently priced and there are lots of lovely colourful bits to cheer you up. Whether you need you’re bound to find it in there even if you didn’t know you needed it! I’ve got boxes, utensils, stationery, toys, art supplies, crockery and even food from there in the past and when Christmas comes along I’m always very pleased I have one near by. As it’s absolutely perfect for little treats or stocking stuffers.
Below are some of my current favourite products. They are so cheap that I’m pretty sure I can justify getting everything, yes?
More lovely stuff from Tiger
*Yes I know this it’s only one shop and also not an online shop at that. So I’m not strictly in line with the prompt BUT I love this shop it’s one of my favourites so I thought I’d share some of the love. Also if I hadn’t you’d have missed out on the joy that is the above set of scales. Travesty I tell you, a travesty!

Lovely Accessories

As I sit here at my desk looking out at a bleak and cloudy sky I can’t help but think of the weather that we should currently be enjoying. We should be experiencing sunshine and low wind speeds and not arctic temperatures and torrential rain. I should have deliberated over a blazer or a mac this morning rather than the need for a light scarf as well as my woolly snood – FYI I went for the  woolly snood, which was definitely NOT warm enough. So instead of doing the massive amount of admin I should be doing during lunch, I have been distracted by the Spring items that are all over the shops – I bet retailers are praying for warmer weather soon as they can’t be selling many clothes at the moment – and so I obviously need to share my favourites with you. It would be rude not too, yes?

Bird ScarfTurquoise ShoesSilver Bangles SatchelBlue ShoesLeopard Print Pumps

Sadly, as is often the case with me, I can’t justify the purchase of any of these items, I already have far too many pairs of shoes and bags and don’t even get me started on jewellery. But if I could justify proper shopping one thing’s for sure, I’d be off to pick up these bits and bobs and I’d be very happy. I wouldn’t even care about the dreadful weather! The one thing I might treat myself too is the bird scarf, it’s so pretty that it’s totally going on my birthday list. After all I don’t own anything that’s bird patterned and it would look perfect with my turquoise blazer – once it’s warm enough to wear it anyway!

Ponderings – Irish inspiration, hideous necklaces and book confusion

Today has been a bit of a write off thanks to a stupid fainting incident at the gym this morning. It’s not been a wasted day though as it’s meant I’ve been able to jot down a few more of my rambling thoughts – so there is a bright side to collapsing like a total idiot in public!
I’m totally in love with today’s Google Doodle, which isn’t something I usually see at the weekend. However, as I’ve been on my laptop for most of the day, due to The Incident, I did see it today, and this is a good thing, as today it was a brilliant St. Patrick’s Day themed doodle – dancing Irish people!! How cute are they? If you’ve not seen them yet, get onto Google and watch as they are animated and do an Irish jig – genius idea Google developers.
google doodle
Earlier this week I was channel flicking when I happened upon the below advert for the brand new Sky Movies Disney channel. Cue a lot of squealing. I mean a channel playing purely Disney films, it’s enough to make you seriously consider signing up for the Sky Movies Package. The only reason for not signing up for it? I’d never leave the flat….

Another thing making me squeal this week? The arrival of a hoarding on The Strand that shows H&M is opening practically opposite my office – oh dear! At the moment there’s only a Topshop on that stretch of road, and as I’m not a fan of that over-priced shop that’s never an issue in my lunch hour. However the opening of an H&M is another matter entirely. I just know I’ll be sucked on my way home from work and I’ll buy something every other day – oh dear my poor credit card.

I need to find a reason to make these Chocolate Pretzel Nachos from Gimme Some Oven. I mean just LOOK. AT. THEM. They look like heaven on a plate, wow, just wow!
I’m so annoyed that I’ve only just discovered Prinstagram as I want one of their calendars, but really I can’t buy one almost four months into the year as it’s such a waste. Fingers crossed I remember about it in December as I would love being reminded of a lovely Instagram shot every day in the office.
leopard-print-heart-charm-scarf-necklaceI know I was a little late to the party when leggings became a fashionable item of clothing, ditto the skinny jeans obsession and also again with Uggs. Whilst I did eventually embrace all these trends, so much so that I wear at least one of these items every day, I’m adamant that these ridiculous looking necklace/scarf items will never be something I get or more importantly own. I mean what the hell are they all about – how can anyone think they look nice?!
Following all the hoohaa over Google Reader this week, I’m very glad that this isn’t something I use. I’m all about Bloglovin, which I’m mighty pleased about. I don’t think I’d be too pleased if I had to get used to a different reader, phew!
I’ve been meaning to read Harriet Evans’ new paperback, Happily Ever After, for about a month, but I decided to save it for a week when I was in real need of a good book and a bit of comfort. That way I knew I’d appreciate the wonderful writing even more. That perfect time came on Thursday night as I snuggled up in bed with a heated Mr. Sheep. All did not go to plan however, as three pages in I realised that I had actually read the book before. On my kindle. What an idiot and what a way to ruin your evening. what sort of doofus am I? To buy the same book twice without realising it – duh!

Weekend Wishlist

It’s so cold at the moment that today it seemed logical to abandon plans for The British Museum and instead do nothing. Nothing that is but sit bundled up on the sofa, scoffing mini eggs whilst I perused various online shops and daydreamed about what I’d spend my lottery winnings on if it’s ever more that £10 – oh please let it happen sometime soon. So after a very productive day spent window shopping from the comfort of my flat I’ve found a whole host of items I am just itching to purchase. But I’m ignoring this urge and instead I’m just going to sit here staring at the lovely things as I treat myself to another mini egg or three. Scoffing two bags in one weekend isn’t that obscene is it?!

1 2345678 9

It appears from the above that I’m having a bit of a lace dress obsession and another one with blue bird themed jumpers – who’d have thought it!! The black beanie is certainly necessary with the cold weather at the moment and I’ve wanted that Country Road bag for about 10 years, but at £40 I don’t think it’s justifiable as it’s not essential for my existence! The cushion is on my list, even though it goes with nothing in my flat because it has cute neon pom poms on it – do I need any further reason?! – and finally I’ve never been able to say no to a pair of cowboy boots, hence the fact I already own a pair, but these have gold studs, gold studs I tell you – AMAZING! With these boots I can kid myself that I’m in Nashville or married to Dennis Quaid in Vegas – yes you’re right I am obsessed with every show currently airing on Sky Atlantic!!

I Hate Valentine’s Day (but love the products…)

The good thing about not having a boyfriend is that I don’t have to get caught up in the craziness that is Valentine’s Day, which to be honest is a day that I really don’t ‘get’. It seems crazy that a day that is clearly just a marketing tool should become such a big moment in the calendar. Surely you should make that special person feel great everyday of the year, rather than on the day that a card company ordains that you should. I did warn you I wasn’t a fan! However I have fallen in love with a lot of the products that are deemed Valentine’s Day worthy – what can I say I’m a fan of all things pink, red and heart patterned, plus I love a good line of copy – really it was inevitable! So whilst I won’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day next week, I have pulled together some things below which I would buy (or would want bought for me) if I were to celebrate!

‘XO’ necklace – how cute is this. I love the simplicity and slightly worn look to it.

‘LOVE’ paper boxes and red heart tape – I’m a complete sucker for wrapping paraphenalia in all forms, so it was a given that I’d find some Valentine’s Day stuff to fall in love with! It helps that both of these items are 100% adorable. They are so cute that I’m actually tempted to get them even though I won’t use them on Valentine’s Day – they’d work just as well for a sibling or friends present. Well I think they would anyway.

Cookie Cutter Stamp – I’ve wanted one of these for the longest time, but no one’s taken the hint yet. Who knows, maybe they will now! I’m sure they would make my yummy biscuits and cookies taste even better.

‘You are my Cup of Tea’ mug – You can’t go wrong with a cool mug, and this one’s lovely. I love the sentiment, pattern and the colour. It’s wrong to buy it for myself isn’t it?

Heart Fairy Lights – Fairy lights make everything better and these are a gorgeous set – perfect on a plain wall or to improve my bookshelves!

The perfect card – This card made me laugh-out-loud, it’s hilarious and the perfect non-schmalzy card for anyone who, like me, has a problem with Valentine’s Day.

Love for shopping


Old Navy Love

Now I don’t know about you but I love Old Navy. It’s the one shop that I wish existed over here instead of just being stuck in the USA. Whenever I’ve been to the States, sadly not for a while, I’ve gone berserk in that shop – literally I’m like someone doing the Supermarket Sweep trolley dash. I grab things from every shelf and will inevitably leave with 5 bags jam-packed with loot, I just can’t seem to help it, it’s just my sort of shop! In the past I’ve got such gems as orange pyjama shorts with black owls on for Halloween, the comfiest flip flops ever (even nicer than Havaianas – yes really! – and the warmest, softest jumper I’ve ever owned, for $15!!!

Not only are the clothes relatively cheap, they are great quality and they fit so well. So well that I’m always distraught when I find holes in the jeans and have to admit that said item should really be binned as it’s indecent! So recently I was reminded about the brilliance of this shop and couldn’t resist hopping online for a peruse and oh dear I found loads of things that I’m now lusting after – oopsy! To make matters worse (or better if you’re my credit card company) there’s no such thing as free delivery on this site so I have to pay for delivery or a trip to America if I want to get my hands on these goodies. Very sad times indeed, although I suppose there’s no harm in looking, right?

Women’s The Rockstar Animal Print Jeans – I’ve always been a skinny jeans fan but these are on another level of amazingness thanks to this leopard print pattern! I know I must resist but these have got my fingers itching to reach for my credit card….

animal print jeans

Key Scarf – This key patterned scarf is sublime, I love the design and this colour would go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. Plus the lightweight fabric will be ideal for the Spring.

key scarf

Purple Ballet Pumps – I love purple and I love pumps therefore these pumps have my name written ALL over them. I don’t have any purple shoes in my wardrobe so my willpower will really be tested by these shoes over the coming months!

purple pumps

Sequin Tank Dress – I love this dress and can think of multiple reasons why I need it in my life. I love the waist, sparkley detailing and pockets (a dress with pockets is one of my weaknesses!). It manages to be simple yet stylish and glittery but subtle and would work well for the office or when out in the evenings. It would also go perfectly with those purple pumps!

sequin dress

Waffle Knit T Shirt – This waffle knit T shirt took my fancy as I love layers in winter and this top would be perfect lounging fodder in the upcoming cold months. Pair it with a vest and my reindeer flannel pyjama bottoms and I’m set through to April!

NYC top

Fair Isle scarf – In winter there’s nothing better than a snuggly scarf and this turquoise and purple design is lovely. I wish I’d spotted this in early October, imagine the wear I’d have gotten out of it!


So there you have it, my favourite pieces currently in Old Navy, it’s just a shame I’m not heading to the States soon, unless I just book an impromptu trip? Maybe when I win the lottery, after all I’m sure that day is on it’s way!