I want all the Oasis bags in the world

Have you seen the awesome bags that are in Oasis at the moment? They are all ridiculously gorgeous don’t you think? I was on the site just the other day having a nosey round and I was amazed at all the lovely bags I found. It’s days like that when I really wish I had could win the lottery as I would buy and happily wear to death all of these bags – I mean just look at them. Totally bag envy is definitely something I’m feeling at the moment. Also they aren’t ridiculously expensive, which is great considering they’ll be of a very good quality like all Oasis products are.

Oasis bag love
1 2 3 4 5 6
So the big question is, can I justify buying myself a new bag at this very moment in time, or is that absolutely ridiculous? Come on guys convince me, please!

Winter Warmers

winter warmers
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
Now that the clocks have gone back I’m properly embracing the autumnal and wintery feel in the air. I suppose yes you could argue I did that a while back, after all I’ve been rocking the tights and boots combo and drinking copious amounts of the autumn flavoured drinks for quite a while now. But it’s only this past week that I’ve been looking at warming winter woollies and I’ve decided that my current striped mittens just won’t do. The number of holes in them make them more useful for draining pasta than warming hands so the hunt has commenced for the perfect pair of mittens. Above are the current contenders. What do you think, do you have a preference? I’m heading towards the cream and neon pink ones at the moment (5) as they’re so unusual although maybe a more neutral pair like number six is most sensible? But the ones with the string do hark back to one particular outfit I owned as a five-year old. For a long time it  was all about the mittens, shiny buckled shoes and my special ‘smart’ coat that was a dark blue with a black fur collar. Gosh how I loved that coat!

October’s budgeting bloggers round up

Greetings blogging friends, how are you on this lovely morning? I’m crossing my fingers that you’re snuggled up with a good coffee on a squidgy sofa rather than working hard (that’s my current position anyway!). A girl can dream right? So today’s post is all about my  October clothes shopping and how well I’ve done with the purse strings this month. As per usual I’m joining up with Franish and all the other lovely budgeting bloggers, so don’t forget to pop over to see how they’ve done too! As for me I’ve had an okay month in October – no thanks to the big spree in just one shop in the middle of the month. But despite this I I somehow  managed to keep to my budget and only spend £115.98, which leaves me a little bit to add to the Christmas fund – hooray! So what did I get for this money, well not a huge amount compared to last month to be honest, but I’m not to worried about that as it’s all lovely stuff!
Budgeting Bloggers: October


The last months shopping exploits have been in just two shops: H&M (for no less than three pairs of shoes) and Matalan for everything else. All the shoes I bought have been won loads already and are perfect for what I needed, so that’s a bonus! I have been searching for boots like these for ages as they look so practical, are comfy and can be worn with loads in the autumn months. And these ones don’t disappoint. As for the pumps I’ve been needing some for ages that were interesting colours, so I’ve ticked that off this month at least!

As for the clothes, I couldn’t say no to the tweed biker jacket as it was a mere £15 and it’s just lovely. [I think I’m a little bit in love with it if I’m honest!] As for the other jacket/blazer thing I loved the pattern (not the exact one on here, it’s a flowery pattern) so I had to buy it, I mean a black and white blazer is an essential yes? Not in the above picture is a navy and red striped long sleeve top that is perfect for lazy Sundays and walks on the common – very similar to the waffley one above, which was perfect until I spilt coffee down it – oops! As I don’t own skinny black jeans I could hardly say no to these black ones for a mere £12 could I? Especially when they fit absolutely perfectly (and look awesome with the new boots)! The one other purchase I made this month was a simple grey tshirt with fake leather capped sleeves. This top is such a simple item and was relatively cheap (only £8) but I’m totally in love with it. It is such an easy top to throw on with a pair of jeans and automatically looks like you’ve made an effort, which let’s be honest everyone loves right?

So there we have it, quite a lot of awesome things for my money this month, what about you how has your budget gone this month? Has it been successful or not?

Oh why doesn’t money grow on trees?

The above is something that I’m always wondering about as if it did my life would involve far fewer wishlists and have far more cupboards crammed full of stuff. I appreciate it might not make life 100 times better but it would be nice to be able to splurge on some of the lovely things that I see all over the place. Anyway until scientists work out how to make money grow on trees or I win the lottery I’m going to have to settle on multiple wishlists, so I give you my current wishlist of house loveliness.
house stuff I love
house stuff I love #2
1 – ‘Today is the Day’ Mug, £8.50 This mug would make me smile as I sipped my morning coffee from it as I love the positive message. It’s likely to be the complete opposite from what I’m thinking that early in the morning!
2 – Fox Cushion, £9 A fox cushion is surely a must for everyone in the world, right?! And this is one of the cutest and best value ones I’ve seen. This would look so lovely on the new look sofa I’m planning on getting sooner.
3 – ‘Bring me coffee at once’ print, £25 My love for coffee is a recent occurrence, but it’s definitely a full on obsession – so this bright blue print definitely calls to me. One day this will live on my kitchen wall.
4 – Ceramic Owl, £3 Now this doesn’t appear to have any purpose, but its super cute so I need it in my life.
5 – Mini Milk Bottle Vases, £3.50 Something else that’s super cute! I can think of lots of things I’d do with these, from using them as miniature vases and storing bits and bobs to sipping fancy juices out of them on a summer’s day. Cuteness in glass form if you ask me.
6 – Hurricane Lamp, £16 – This lamp is such a lovely shape and would go perfectly in my seaside themed bedroom. I love the colour too.
7- Dotty Crockery, from £1.50 – I don’t need new plates or mugs, my bulging kitchen cupboards are testament to that, but this pastel dotty stuff is cute that I can’t help but want them. Maybe I can justify one or two items though?
8 – Reindeer Throw, £42 – Oh my wow this is amazing! I could definitely enjoy using this in the upcoming winter months. And when I wasn’t using it, it would look rather lovely on my sofa. Reindeers on house stuff is always a win if you ask me.
9 – Cotton Ball String Lights, £36 These lights are lovely and would brighten up any room in my flat, sadly I don’t think I can stretch to over £30 for a type of fairy light.
10 – Alphabet Illuminated Canvas, £14.95 Now this I’m impressed by, only £14.99 and so pretty at the same time. I think my only problem would be choosing a colour!
11- Turquoise Saucepan Set, £8 for a pair Turquoise saucepans would make a nice change from the bog standard silver ones, and I think they’d contrast perfectly with the bright pink walls of my kitchen.
12 – Owl Candle Holder, £21 Expensive for what it is yes, but it’s a cast iron owl candleholder, so what’s not to love?!
13 – Blackboard Charms, £0.95 These are meant to be used as wine glass charms, but I’ve never understood the point of those. Instead I think these would be lovely to label jars of pasta, rice, etc in the kitchen.

Star Shop #7 – Tiger

It’s been a while since I’ve shared one of my favourite shops with you all, so as today’s Blogtember prompt is to share your favourite shops, I thought it was a good time to talk about Tiger. Tiger is one of those shops that you go into just for a browse and no need to buy anything and you leave twenty minutes later with a whole load of stuff. The products are all really decently priced and there are lots of lovely colourful bits to cheer you up. Whether you need you’re bound to find it in there even if you didn’t know you needed it! I’ve got boxes, utensils, stationery, toys, art supplies, crockery and even food from there in the past and when Christmas comes along I’m always very pleased I have one near by. As it’s absolutely perfect for little treats or stocking stuffers.
Below are some of my current favourite products. They are so cheap that I’m pretty sure I can justify getting everything, yes?
More lovely stuff from Tiger
*Yes I know this it’s only one shop and also not an online shop at that. So I’m not strictly in line with the prompt BUT I love this shop it’s one of my favourites so I thought I’d share some of the love. Also if I hadn’t you’d have missed out on the joy that is the above set of scales. Travesty I tell you, a travesty!

Three months to do whatever I want

I often ponder the question of what I would do with my life if I didn’t have to work for a long stretch of time or, if say, I won the lottery. I can come up with so many amazing ideas that I inevitably force myself to stop day-dreaming as otherwise I’d just quit my job there and then without a second thought as to how I can make these dreams a reality! So when I saw today’s topic on the Blogtember challenge I thought I had to share some of my dreams with you, so below are my current three favourites. I know sadly that they are unlikely to happen (at least anytime soon) so I will instead satisfy myself by dreaming from the comfort of my desk.

*crosses fingers that the winning lottery ticket currently resides in my purse*

Picture 487

The absolutely stunning Lake Wanaka

Top three ideas if I were to win the lottery tomorrow:

  1. Travel to New Zealand. I was lucky enough to spend five weeks in New Zealand during in my gap year (hence this stunning picture) and I loved every single second, it really is a stunningly beautiful country. Every corner you turn shows you a new unbelievably spectacular vista and you soon run out of adjectives to describe what you’re seeing in Rotorua, Dunedin, in Wellington, Christchurch, Nelson, at Lake Wanaka and everywhere else in between. I often had to pinch myself as I couldn’t always believe my eyes! Even though I’ve been before I’d love to return to do it all again, at a far slower pace, with no time pressure thanks to a pre-booked flight and also to discover many more beautiful places. It would also be wonderful to go round in a camper van so I could just wake up to the Mount Cook view or a step or two from the beach.
  2. Open my own bookshop/ tea rooms/library/gift shop. This would be a mix of all my favourite things in one place and I would love it. From being able to concoct and share new recipes to introducing people to new voices and places through a simple story – that would be bliss. Not to forget all the coffee I could ever want, beautiful things for me to keep for myself instead of selling and interesting people to talk too. A girl can dream.
  3. Travel the length and breath of the UK. I’ve mentioned in the past that I’ve been to loads of places, lucky me!, but I still feel like there are parts of the UK that I don’t know well enough. So I would love the opportunity to walk along Hadrian’s Wall or visit John O’Groats and maybe fulfill my dream of visiting Loch Ness or getting lost in the countryside of central Wales. It would be so much fun just to pack up the car, set off for a few months and see where I fancy stopping.

What about you what would you choose to do if you weren’t at work for a three-month period?

Star Shop #6 – Lisa Jones Studio

When you go to the home page of Lisa Jones Studio, you’re greeted by the below super-cute image.


Before even going any further into the site, I knew I’d be a fan of everything on it. I mean how could I not be, there’s a gorgeous illustration of a lion, monkey, toucan and a caterpillar that look like they’re having an awesome time in a black and white forest. Basically this site could only ever be awesome!  If you needed any further proof, just check out all the lovely cards, aren’t they cute?! I honestly could buy every one on the site as they are all so sweet and totally different to the sorts of cards you find in Paperchase or high street shops. I heart them all – although if pushed to choose a favourite I’d have to go for the little forlorn sandwich eating bear. Adorable.

But this site isn’t just about the super-cute cards, it’s also got some brilliant other items – case in point the below bits and bobs. I love that they don’t have a huge number of products, but the products that they do sell are all absolutely lovely. The fact that it’s a few days until payday is the only reason why I’ve not bought all of the items below, but perhaps once pay-day arrives I can justifiably treat myself to the print at the very least….

Monkey Mug – Crocodile Print – Peacock Cushion Cover – Cat Whisker Clock

Chocolate, fitness and Game of Thrones fun

This week in numbers:

  • Number of mini eggs consumed = roughly 357
  • Number of awesome charity shop finds = 8 (An unbelievably fabulous oatmeal coloured mac for £13!!!, a gorgeous blue candle holder, a beautifully designed carafe and…)
  • Number of charity shop finds that were books = 5! (The Amanda Hocking Trylle Trilogy, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and Cecelia Ahern’s The Book of Tomorrow)
  • Number of Easter Monday brunches consumed = 1. You can’t beat a Starbucks skinny mocha and skinny blueberry muffin – it’s a well known fact don’t you know.
  • Number of cafetières used as a vase for daffodils = 1. Why did I never think of this before? We barely use the cafetière we own and we don’t have a short vase, so it’s win, win really!
  • Number of days I’ve walked the three miles to work = 1. It was blissful, but cold.
  • Number of new running items put through their paces this week = 3. New shorts, new warm zip-up top and new bright pink (yes I’m that cool!) long-sleeved running top.
  • Number of gym sessions completed = 1
  • Number of new black and white pictures put up in the toilet by my own fair hands = 4. Whoop, go me. See a hammer and nails won’t defeat me, even if I did hit my fingers far too many times for my liking!
  • Number of runs = 2. Go me again! One was only 1.5 miles, whilst the other was 3.4 miles. So at least the distance is increasing I suppose. Still not ideal.
  • Number of lovely new outfits I’ve discovered = 1. The rather brilliant combination of turquoise skinnies and a spotty denim shirt. It’s definitely love for this outfit, so simple, but so lovely!!
  • Trips to The Diner = 1. Hello again my favourite sweet potato fries, cheese burger and vanilla milkshake with peanut butter shot combination. So delicious!
  • Number of wii games rediscovered = 1. The hilariously fun Super Mario Brothers wii game, how had I forgotten that this game existed. Lau and I were truly terrible when playing against others, I’m not entirely sure we won even one round, oops. More practice is needed I think!
  • Number of late night YouTube video discovery sessions and natterings = 1. Some people weren’t aware of how absolutely brilliant the Star Trek trailer was. Fret not, I rectified that!
  • Number of animals cooed over at Vauxhall City Farm = 4. The llama, sheep and goats were so cute!
  • Number of cheers when I realised I could go out without a winter coat on = 1. How nice is that feeling?
  • Number of Starbucks mochas drunk before 9am = 4. They just don’t get boring – at times this week I’ve had to stop myself from drinking three in one day!
  • Number of episodes of Game of Thrones viewed = 8 (so far). I’ve finally got in to this programme and can totally see what the fuss is about – so good!
  • Number of crushes developed on characters in Game of Thrones = 2 (Rob Stark and Jon Snow – swoon)
  • Number of times I’ve completed Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred =5. And I can still feel every sessions in my poor muscles.
  • Number of Nashville songs listened to this week = approximately 48. My current favourites are this and this.

Star Shop #4 – Oliver Bonas

Oliver Bonas is a shop that is my total guilty pleasure. Whenever I walk past one of the three in my local area, I have to pop in, there’s absolutely no way I can walk past without taking a peek in. It’s just a treasure trove of wonders, sadly there’s never anything in there that is essential to my existence so I’ve only ever purchased the odd birthday card or small gift from there. But I do dream that one day I’ll be able to go in there and buy the gorgeous dress or pretty necklace I have my eye on. Who knows it could happen! Below are some of my favourite items, and I know that one or two of these will be popping up in my soon-to-be-written birthday list!

Beautiful necklaces which will go with any outfit. One with a bird and heart and the other featuring lovely gold birds.

Look at this snuggly heart jumper – I love the colour combination!

This grey and neon yellow belt features another beautiful colour combination – want!

This photo frame would go perfectly on our living room photo wall, I just adore the mix of frames and colours.

Couldn’t you just get lost in this gorgeous velvet chair, decadent or what?! Best bit about it? It’s called the love tub!

I love the colour of and illustrations on these alphabet phone cases, I can’t’ wait to see the design of the ‘F’ case.

Oh so pretty dress, how I yearn to one day own and wear your beautiful turquoise, bird-patterned loveliness.

This ring is wowness, I like the subtle glitteryness in it and will certainly be treating myself to this/putting it on my birthday list!

Star Shop #3 – Anorak

So I have a thing about owning products that feature animals. Case in point: I have a squirrel jumper, I bought elephant thank you cards and I have numerous animal related jewelery items, currently in my possession are whale, hare and bird necklaces, owl earrings, a swallow bracelet AND an owl bracelet. So it’s really no surprise that I’m a huge fan of all the products on the Anorak website. I totally love the simplicity of the designs.

I first fell in love with the trunks about three years ago and it’s my dream to one day own both the big trunk and the matching tuck box. How amazing would they both look in a simple rustic white bedroom – adorable! Since then I’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for all the products and all the different designs. Just don’t ask me which is my favourite kissing animal design – I’d find it impossible to choose to be honest, as they are all just so cute. How could you possible make a choice between the kissing stags, bears, robins or horses?

Kissing Stags Toiletry Bag Kissing Horses Picnic BlanketKissing Stags Steamer TrunkKissing Bears CushionKissing Robins MugProud Fox Nesting TinsKissing Rabbits Tuck Box Kissing Stags Lambswool Blanket Kissing Horses Double Duvet

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