Six recent reads

As another month has ended *insert customary astonished comment here* it’s time for my usual reading round-up. I rather like this post each month, even if it’s not often the most reliable set of posts, as it holds me accountable for how my reading challenge is going which at the moment seems to be going rather well, hooray! I’m currently on book 38 of 52, which puts me only one book behind schedule, not too bad really is it? So what have I been reading recently and what did I think of each book? Well read on!

recent reads

The Silver Linings Playbook – I loved this book! I really enjoyed reading Pat’s story and his attempts to be kind, rather than always right. His relationships with each of the other characters were wonderfully written and seemed realistic. I also liked that it wasn’t a perfect ending and that everything wasn’t wonderful at the end of it, somehow I think that would have gone against the realistic portrayal of mental illness that the book is all about.

Apple Tree Yard – This was a book that I purchased randomly (I think it was on offer at Amazon) and I’m so pleased that I did as it was brilliant! It reminded me a bit of Gone Girl as I didn’t like any of the characters but was totally gripped by the story, which was pacey and intriguing with some interesting plot twists and characters. There were shocking things that happened in the books and not everyone was deserving of this things but that made the book all the better, especially as things weren’t perfectly tied together at the end.

The Sea Sisters – I loved this book so much and would recommend it to anyone that likes easy and enjoyable reads. It follows a woman as she retraces her dead sisters trip around the world to the place where she died and tries to convince others that her sister wouldn’t have killed herself. It’s a journey of personal discovery as well as showing how little we know one another and exploring the relationship between two sisters who are very different. Really, really enjoyable and a great page turner.

Born Wicked – This has been on my bookshelf for ages and when I finally got round to reading it when I was away I read it in half a day. It was that good. It’s about a trio of sisters who also happen to be witches and it’s superbly written. I loved the secrets and twists and above all else the story. I can’t wait for the next book, it’s just going to get better and better after what happened at the end of the book. EEK!

City of Bones (Book 1 in Mortal Instruments) – This is a another book I’ve been meaning to read for ages and I finally did as I wanted to before the film came out. Sadly I still haven’t watched the film but I definitely will be as the book’s brilliant! The characters are well written and intriguing enough that you can’t see everything that’s going to happen straightaway. Also the twist near the end (yes obvious) but brilliant none the less. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

The Casual Vacancy – I preordered this book when it was first announced but I’ve not felt like reading it until recently thanks to the less than favourable reviews of it. Once I finally did read it I was surprised by how much I did enjoy it, don’t get me wrong it wasn’t page turning and I would be careful who I recommended it to, but it was classic J. K . Rowling in the sense that it had characters that were 100% formed rather than 2D and the world was all-encompassing. Although having said that, not a lot happened in a book that was so massive but over all I’m glad I read the book it was very interesting!

So what about you, what have you been reading lately and any suggestions on what I should read next? Even if I do have a bookcase full of books still to read…


Recent loves in the blogging world

I’ve had a fairly chilled out Sunday which has been lovely as it’s meant I’ve been able to catch up on a lot of lovely blog posts that I’ve seen during the week but not had the brain power to focus on. As I’ve spent a lot of this weekend reading some of these posts I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you so that you could enjoy them too. I don’t know about you but I love discovering new blogs so hopefully you’ll enjoy some of the below posts. Also if you have any suggestions for brilliant must-read posts please do let me know as I’m always on the lookout for awesome blogs to read.

First up there’s been a whole host of scrumptious sounding and delicious looking foodie posts this week which I can hardly wait to get making over on Cook, Bake and Eat. How Sweet It Is always has yummy looking stuff, and this Honey Roasted Vegetable and Smoked Gouda Penne Bake is not exception, talk about the foodification of heaven. Yes I may have just made up a word – deal with it. Another thing from her blog, this Thai Curry Butternut Squash Soup, it’s definitely turned to soup weather this is a must make for me. I’m a big fan of Averie Cooks and I always want to eat everything she blogs about, but this weeks Soft and Chewy Milk Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cookies sound unreal and I NEED to make them asap. I think it’s almost a matter of life and death. Back on a savoury note, I keep meaning to make my own beans and when I do finally get round to it I think I’ll go for these ones from Domestic Sluttery. Delicious you say!

On a more serious blogging note, and something that doesn’t involve melted cheese or sugar, I was really impressed that Kate over at Diaries of an Essex Girl shared her story about the downside of losing weight, aka what happens when you go to far. That’s a very brave thing to do, so good on her for putting her experience out there. I also enjoyed reading Belinda’s post about being a blogging black sheep and then The Musing Blonde’s take on it here and I 100% agree with the sentiment of both. Also as The Musing Blonde says in her post being the black sheep is what makes us, us and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I also like the idea of making resolutions, so I might have to follow in Lau’s footsteps and make some of my own resolutions and be positive about them.

In terms of crafty stuff, I’m basically begging for the opportunity to make these chalkboard tile place names from In My Own Style, but I just can’t justify it at the moment as I can’t think when I’d use them. Suggestions on a postcard please! I also want to have a white chalk wall somewhere in my flat (just like the team at A Beautiful Mess). Don’t you think it looks so much more interesting than a traditional black one – so cool! One final thing to leave you with I’ve decided I now want to own a bright pink sofa thanks to this post from  Bright Bazaar, I honestly think it will make my life and outlook immeasurably better.

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