Three things currently revolutionising my life!

I don’t know about you but I happen to love it when you discover something that makes your entire life so much easier. It could be anything, from the perfect hair band (I don’t know what I’ll do when my current one dies, as it has the perfect amount of stretch!) to a cheap car hire place – I’m looking at you ZitAuto, but whatever it is, it leaves you wondering how did I cope before. Or is that just me?

So with this thought in mind I wanted to share three things that I’m finding particularly wonderful and revolutionary right this moment. I’m sure you lovely people will find them just as helpful in your respective lifes. I honestly think these three things have made a big difference in my life the past few weeks – I swear I’ve gained minutes hours back thanks to these three inventions!

First up is the brilliant Buffer app, which I’ve not only got on my iPhone but also on both my personal laptop and my work PC and it’s so useful. Basically you can schedule tweets through it, but the key thing is that when you’re on a webpage that you want to share you simply click the Buffer icon and it’ll automatically shorten the url and leave space for you to write your text. So unbelievably simple, but so wonderfully helpful for two reasons. Firstly because in the past I would send a gazillion tweets all at once as I’d tend to see interesting stuff on my way home from work or whilst browsing the interweb at night and just want to share them all. This is, I imagine for the few followers I have, a little bit tedious! But now with the Buffer app I can still share them, but schedule them and therefore offend fewer people! The second reason why discovering this app is amazing is that it means I can promote my blog posts much easier – in the past I wouldn’t really share stuff on Twitter as I’d simply forget to do it. But now I can pop the url in as soon as the post is written and I can get sharing. Definitely a revolutionary discovery.

Pocket is the second thing making my life better and better. It now means that instead of sending myself 20 emails a day full of links, articles, interesting blog posts and stories I can simply add each one to pocket with one click of the mouse (or my finger on my phone). Then later in the day: on the bus, during lunch or when watching TV I can peruse them all at my leisure. It’s really quite genius! In the past I’ve definitely wasted a lot of time clicking links when I’m meant to be doing something else, so to be able to see them all later (without sending myself millions of emails) is brilliant. Plus I no longer lose or forget the links, as they are all in one handy place. I really do heartily recommend it. Just some of the things I’ve pocketed recently are This brilliant ‘you can’t write proper english under pressure’ game and this delicious looking pinata cake – imagine if I’d lost these links. It’s be an absolute travesty!

I mentioned my new blog planner a while back in this post and I can honestly say my love for it hasn’t waned at all. It’s so useful having one place to keep track of ideas, upcoming posts and (most rewardingly) to tick posts off when they’re written. Since I’ve started to think more about my posts and popped them in this planner I’ve had gazillions of new ideas. Also what’s great is that there’s enough space to scribble things out and write new ideas on the relevant day. And if the worse happens and I’ve made a huge mess, no problem at all, I just tear the page off and start again: genius I tell you.
Hooray for my blog planner

What about you, what revolutionary items are you currently using, in either your blogging or everyday life? Please share, I’m always excited about new and exciting things to make my life easier!

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