A new blogging home

Greetings readers, how are you on this marvellous Thursday afternoon? Fingers crossed you’re all doing swimmingly! I just wanted to pop on over and remind you that I’ve moved from this little blogging world, to the brand new and GREEN theadventuresoffi.com, so why not pop on over and say hi? As you’ll see there’s still the same brand of inane chatter over there as there was here and my latest post includes Christmas markets and Christmas lights, basically I’I’m just all about Christmas at the moment over there! I do hope you approve!

Things you might have missed if you’ve not yet visited my new blogging abode are posts where I reminisce about 4th July celebrations in Chicago, why it’s bad to plan to make presents when you’re as disorganised as me and my recent stationery obsessions. Oh and you can also join in with my new weekly link up of Smiley Happy Things!

Hopefully see you over there soon and why not also follow me on Bloglovin’? Come on you know you want to! xxx

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