I think I might be addicted

Do you ever go through a period of time where you just seem fixated on two or three things (outside of work and normal life) or is that just me? I seem to go through stages where I get wrapped up in certain things. Often I then do them to death and get bored and move to something else, hence why I have a jumble of wool I’ve not knitted with for about six months and a stupid number of cookbooks, that I got out sporadically and document over here. So my current addiction appears to be Netflix, which we recently downloaded. I love having hundreds of programmes and films at my finger tips – it’s really quite brilliant. I sort of want an excuse to not leave my sofa for a week so I can properly get stuck into it. I’ve been watching all sorts on there at all times – first thing in the morning, of an afternoon and most recently long in to the night.

So far I’ve rediscovered Christopher Eccleston as Doctor Who and Gossip Girl – the latter of which is a very underrated show if you ask me. I’ve also been watching Modern Family, I can’t believe I never saw the first episode of the show, it’s actually genius and they are all so so funny! Although it’s maybe not ideal to watch it last thing at night as my laugh can be a tad too loud at times. I also watched a really good film with Chris Pine (he’s a little bit of a crush of mine) which I’d whole-heartedly recommend, it’s a good easy watch film called People Like Us. We’re also making our way through House of Cards, I’m not as into it as I assumed I would be yet, but I’m sure that’s just a matter of time. I mean with Kevin Spacey in it, surely it has to be freaking brilliant, yes?

So yes I think I might soon need Netflix Anonymous, but for now I think I’ll make the most of it – after all the newness will wear off soon right?! Until it does I’m totally up for a load of suggestions as to what I should be watching – anything you would suggest as a must-watch on Netflix?

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