Christmas is coming (and here’s the proof)!

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of all things festive and Christmas-y. It’s my all-time favourite time of the year and I love making the most of it, after all we’re only allowed to celebrate this joyous festive occasion for a short period of time. So it seems crazy to me that we don’t start the celebrations until October at the earliest – madness I tell you! Anyway less ranting from me and let’s get back to this post! As a fan of this amazing event you can imagine that I would be massively excited about any sign that it’s time to get celebrating Christmas and so far I’ve spotted the following signs that Christmas is on its way. Hip hip hooray!

Costa have launched their Christmas cups (they’ve never done that before, have they?) and they are absolutely awesome – look at them! So far I’ve only tried the Snowman and gingerbread man cup but I’m pretty sure the other options of an elf and Santa himself will be just as awesome when I finally do. And of course the Starbucks red cups are back too, they basically epitomise Christmas don’t they? Also have you seen Starbucks’ new biscuits, red and white candy canes that taste scrumptious. I can’t recommend them enough!

The Christmas adverts have started to launch. Now I don’t know when it became a sign of Christmas, but over the last few years, particularly thanks to John Lewis there has most definitely been a week where Christmas ads are heralded like new signings for Manchester United. The build up and buzz they create is almost epic, and I admit I quite like it. We all know John Lewis have done some awesome ones over the years, (my favourite was this little boys excitement at giving a gift), but their Bear and Hare one for this year isn’t my favourite. Don’t get me wrong it’s cute and it’s definitely an improvement on last years awful snowman one, but it’s not quite festive enough for me I’m afraid. I think my favourite of all on the round-up here, is the Boots one (below). Isn’t it a lovely one? Not only is there snow and presents, there’s a lovely sentiment there and I like how it turns stereotypes on there head, unlike some of the big supermarkets last year with their stressed out Mum focussed ads last year.

Although it also feels remiss for me not to mention Sainsbury’s Christmas advert, which is actually a 50 minute film. How awesome is that! They’ve essentially asked people to film their Christmas and then spliced bits together. I’ve only seen the first trailer for it so far, but it’s absolutely brilliant. It captures the spirit of Christmas brilliantly and the end brought a tear to my eye.

So yet another sign that Christmas is coming? The fact that the Christmas sandwiches are here, hooray to that! I’ve not yet treated myself to one, but I know it’s only going to be a matter of time. After all Christmas sandwiches are epic as it’s like having a Christmas dinner in one bit – genius!

Finally the Spirit of Christmas happened last week and it was full of festive cheer. Not only did I have hours (literally) of fun looking for gift ideas, but there was also a load of yummy treats to try and finally lots of super-duper decorations to buy – I may have got a little carried away on one particular stall, oops!

photo 4

Have you spotted any other signs that tell you Christmas is imminent? What have I missed?

Also one other thing, this will be the very last post on this here blog. Sad I know but I’ve been contemplating changing the design of this bloglet for a while and that’s just not possible using WordPress without an awful lot of faffing. So after much consideration I’ve decided to take the leap over to Blogger and from now on you can find me at The Adventures of Fi. So when you need your fix of nattering about coffee, brownies, Christmas (of course), clothes and my inability to run, I will look forward to seeing you over there! See you soon, you lovely peeps – it’s been ace nattering with you over here. xxx


Festive Fun

So this weeks round-up is going to be all about festive frivolities, hooray! I promise I’ll try not to bore you with too much waffle about presents and scrumptious food, but I might not have any other choice as apart from those two things and lots of TV that’s pretty much been my week, and it’s been fabulous! It’s just been so nice to sit and veg out, playing games, spending time with family and not have to worry about work.

So Christmas Eve was really relaxed and revolved around present wrapping, biscuit baking (check out our slightly burnt shortbread – I think they resemble Gingerbread more than shortbread to be honest but at least they tasted scrumptious!), a fish and chips dinner, The Snowman and The Snowdog and board games galore.

Once we were all up on Christmas morning we discovered that Santa had been – phew! – and all tucked in to our stockings. My sisters, Mum and I all wore our penguin onesies, aren’t the feet amazing!! We then watched brilliant Christmas TV and went for a freezing cold, rainy walk where we got absolutely drenched but it was fantastic anyway and made me very ready for my massive Christmas lunch, hooray! It was scrumptious, as per usual, although we did almost forget the sprouts, oopsy. Thankfully we remembered in the end and we were able to eat them and dinner wasn’t ruined.

After lunch we opened our Christmas presents and everyone was so so generous this year, I was blown away! I got lots of lovely things but I think my absolute favourites were the gorgeous Rob Ryan plate, our family friends’ Welsh Cake recipe, the below gold whale necklace and these scrumptious dark chocolate m&m’s. Everything was just perfect! After some Christmas TV we played more board games, even one that was about English Train lines courtesy of my Dad which shockingly was brilliant, and I ate my first slice of Christmas cake – yum yum.

Boxing Day started in a very crazy non-relaxing strenuous way with a walk followed by a run in the woods. This run in the woods was meant to be all downhill and only half an hour. It ended up having 6 (yes 6 hills!), being 45 minutes long and over three miles long. But I’m impressed with myself for doing it all in the end, even if I did have to walk some – okay a lot of it, simply because of the amount of food in my stomach after Christmas Day! In the afternoon I watched crappy TV (Muppets Christmas Carol – brilliant!) and painted my nails with all my new nail varnishes – what do you think of the dotty designs? In the evening we went to watch The Hobbit which is absolutely fantastic, I can’t do it justice at all in my description. It was great to see favourite characters from the last films, Martin Freeman was superb, the dwarfs were hilarious, Richard Armitage was gorgeous, moody and excellent and it ended brilliantly – I can barely wait for the next one, roll on December 2013!

Thursday involved schlepping (what a brilliant word) around town searching for a new bed for Lau, sadly we didn’t find anything but we did at least narrow things down for her – hooray! After a stressful morning we watched movies all afternoon – Brave is just so brilliant – followed by an entire evening, yes an entire evening of board games. To be fair you can’t go wrong with board games they are the best things ever!!!

Friday saw us driving home to our lovely flat and having a massive moment of organisation – we managed to fill 8 bags of charity shop stuff, amazing! The flat is nowhere near done but it’s starting to look better and better already AND I’ve almost put all my presents away, hooray to me! After our mammoth clear out there was shopping to do and a cinema trip was in order. The shopping trip was massively successful – new turquoise jacket, new pink cardi, new vest tops, new breton stripey top, new dress and new silver star jeans – hooray to me and my new wardrobe! And Pitch Perfect was a brilliantly hilarious film, I highly recommend it to one and all. It’s a little disgusting at times but I defy people not to leave the cinema smiling and humming along to the soundtrack. It will certainly make every smile through the January blues!

Saturday saw us heading to St Albans (with grande Starbucks drinks for the journey!) for a belated family gathering, which was full of scrumptious food (yes I did eat four honey and mustard sausages and yes there are three puddings on that plate, I hope you’re not judging?!), an epic quiz, which my team scored full points in one of the rounds, yeah!, and good old nattering which was all topped off by our car headlights breaking so we had to get the train home – joyful!! Thankfully we finally got home and were able to enjoy Return of the King and Love Actually and eat Christmas chocolate to round off a lovely day! p.s these mint chocolate twigs from m&s are my new favourite snacks, they are delicious

On Sunday everything started well, I had a massive lie-in, read loads of my book, and sorted my room. However at about 1pm we found out we had a leak that was eeking it’s way through to the flat downstairs and it cost us £150 (!) to fix, fun times! To top it all off we then found a humongous spider in our bathroom with the hairiest legs I’ve EVER seen – I’ve got the collywobbles just thinking about it – eurgh!! So not the best end to the weekend, although a Private Practice marathon accompanied by Christmas cake and peanut m&m’s has certainly helped the evening improve!

So there we have it, that’s how I spent my last week of 2012, not such a bad way to end the year I don’t think!

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