Three months to do whatever I want

I often ponder the question of what I would do with my life if I didn’t have to work for a long stretch of time or, if say, I won the lottery. I can come up with so many amazing ideas that I inevitably force myself to stop day-dreaming as otherwise I’d just quit my job there and then without a second thought as to how I can make these dreams a reality! So when I saw today’s topic on the Blogtember challenge I thought I had to share some of my dreams with you, so below are my current three favourites. I know sadly that they are unlikely to happen (at least anytime soon) so I will instead satisfy myself by dreaming from the comfort of my desk.

*crosses fingers that the winning lottery ticket currently resides in my purse*

Picture 487

The absolutely stunning Lake Wanaka

Top three ideas if I were to win the lottery tomorrow:

  1. Travel to New Zealand. I was lucky enough to spend five weeks in New Zealand during in my gap year (hence this stunning picture) and I loved every single second, it really is a stunningly beautiful country. Every corner you turn shows you a new unbelievably spectacular vista and you soon run out of adjectives to describe what you’re seeing in Rotorua, Dunedin, in Wellington, Christchurch, Nelson, at Lake Wanaka and everywhere else in between. I often had to pinch myself as I couldn’t always believe my eyes! Even though I’ve been before I’d love to return to do it all again, at a far slower pace, with no time pressure thanks to a pre-booked flight and also to discover many more beautiful places. It would also be wonderful to go round in a camper van so I could just wake up to the Mount Cook view or a step or two from the beach.
  2. Open my own bookshop/ tea rooms/library/gift shop. This would be a mix of all my favourite things in one place and I would love it. From being able to concoct and share new recipes to introducing people to new voices and places through a simple story – that would be bliss. Not to forget all the coffee I could ever want, beautiful things for me to keep for myself instead of selling and interesting people to talk too. A girl can dream.
  3. Travel the length and breath of the UK. I’ve mentioned in the past that I’ve been to loads of places, lucky me!, but I still feel like there are parts of the UK that I don’t know well enough. So I would love the opportunity to walk along Hadrian’s Wall or visit John O’Groats and maybe fulfill my dream of visiting Loch Ness or getting lost in the countryside of central Wales. It would be so much fun just to pack up the car, set off for a few months and see where I fancy stopping.

What about you what would you choose to do if you weren’t at work for a three-month period?


Pinterest Corner #29 – Come Alive



This quote is of interest to me this week because I’ve realised just quite how true it is. This reality came to light when I was doing the most mind numbing job at work last week – literally the most painful thing ever!  and I realised that the easiest things in the world to do well are those things that you love. I love blogging, so I find it simple to sit down and knock out a blog post about food or travels or my weekly shenanigans and it’s not half bad. It makes me feel alive and happy to complete something that I’m proud of – be it a blog post, a cake or a marketing campaign.  But put me in front of a document that needs far less words but is related to something dullsville – like admin at work or the plight of the grey grasshopper (who knows if that’s a thing) and well I’ll struggle for hours to get any work done and it won’t be fun at all. I’d be depresed and stroppy and generally not good company for a while too. If only we could do more interesting things with our days – I want to be the sort of person who can do 95% of the things they love with their life and who clearly loves it and is a pleasure to be around, but sadly that’s not to be at the moment.

But someone who has done that is my lovely cousin Cathy, she’s just packed in her job and set up her own business (the lovely site Old Farm Interiors) selling lovely looking products. [on a side note I need this otter cushion in my life]. When we caught up with her the other day she said something that really made me think (and which ties into the idea in the quote above) and that’s this: she’s never worked so hard in her life or such long hours but she’s loving every second of it. And you could see it in her face, she was absolutely buzzing and so happy.  All I could think at that time is that I was supremely jealous – how amazing must that be?  To be able to work on something you absolutely love and to be so happy about it must be awesome. To be honest I’m lucky as I love my job about 80% of the time, but I wouldn’t mind being in the situation where I love everything about my job and to be one of those people that others can just tell when they look at you. That would be rather nice I think.

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