Pinterest Corner #31 – Wool Letters

Hi lovely blog readers, how are you this fine Wednesday? I hope you’re as excited as me that it’s that time again; it’s Pinterest Corner day, hooray!  This month’s Pinterest Corner is one that I’m so super excited to share with you. I’m just so pleased with how it’s turned out and it makes me smile to look at the finished items. Also it’s a project that I’ve been meaning to get around to for almost a year, which makes it even more brilliant that I’ve now done it! [Yes I am a bit of  a star when it comes to procrastination].

Anyway back to what I’ve actually crafted! Ages ago I saw this image on Pinterest and I absolutely fell in love with the idea of wool wrapped letters. Not only do the woolly letters look really beautiful – see the original pinners version below – I thought they also looked really easy to do. I also loved that you could choose any words or wool colour you wanted and it would still look really cool.



Once I’d pinned the image, I promptly forgot about this crafty project until I just happened to be in the world’s most amazing shop AKA Hobbycraft last September. As I was ambling around with nothing specific to buy I happened upon a number of cardboard letters and I knew they’d be perfect for this project – so much better than making the letters from scratch, especially for a lazy bones like me. Can you imagine when I’d be writing this post if I hadn’t found these letters? Probably sometime in 2015! I also found the lilac and purple wool in the sale on the same day for just 99p a ball, which is my sort of craft item: colourful and cheap! Here are the six items before I got started on the project:


So now we need to fast forward about eight or nine months to May time when I started the wrapping of the wool. I decided to start with the ‘H’ as I thought that would be the easiest letter, and I think it was. I think if I’d started with the ‘M’ I’d have never finished this project – it was that bad! It was a very simple technique, after using masking tape to secure the end of the wool I got wrapping and wrapping and wrapping. I was really surprised about how long it took to finish just one letter. It felt like I was wool wrapping for about a year on just the ‘H’, talk about repetitive! To be fair I don’t think I had the best technique at the start and I probably should have checked out the tutorial on the original pin as I only noticed that they’d put smaller bits of wool on each end after the ‘H’ – that would most certainly have helped! Anyway I like how the ‘H’ turned out even if it does have about three different layers of wool going on!

Last month I finally picked up the rest of the wool and the other letters and made a start on them. This time I focused on the ends of the ‘M’ and ‘E’ first, before going up and along both letters. I feel like I finally reached a rhythm after the second letter and started to find it all rather therapeutic. It is also a great craft project for sitting in front of the TV as you don’t have to look at the wool or letters all the time. The’O’ was actually the easiest letter of all as there are no ends, all you had to deal with was the small hole in the middle. But that was fixed by working with smaller balls of wool, simple. So after about five hours of wrapping I’m now left with these four lovely letters – what do you think? Do you like them?


Yes they might not be absolutely perfect, but I quite like that as it shows that they are handmade and lovingly so.  I’m still toying with where they should now live, but I quite like the idea of propping them on my headboard – I think they look rather nice. What do you think?

20130826-155115.jpgSo what do you think about wool letters? Are you inclined to give them a try yourself and if so, what word would you go for?


Pinterest Corner #30 – a shiny glittery dish

So here we are, at the beginning of the first of my new-look Pinterest Corner posts. Anyone else excited, or is that just me…!

For my first improved crafty Pinterest Corner post I’ve chosen something I’ve been meaning to make for ages, ever since I saw the original blog post about it on A Beautiful Mess back in February! I saw it, pinned it to Pinterest and then promptly forgot about it! However, when I was perusing my Pinterest boards a few weeks ago I saw the original pin and it made me smile thanks to all it’s lovely glittery goldness and I knew that would be the first thing I made. I didn’t just choose it because it looked nice, but also because I really need a place to keep my jewelrey every night. At the moment it sits on my chest of drawers and I’m always losing bits when I knock them on the floor. So this sparkly dish would be awesome.

I obviously didn’t create this idea from scratch, I totally followed the method from the original blog post here, so  I can’t take any of the credit for this genius idea. But I’m so glad that they came up with this idea, as it’s such a simple and easy way of updating something that’s really plain. And I’m glad I’ve given it a go, it looks so so pretty! So look below for my pictorial (is that a word?!?!) step-by-step guide to creating this crafty gold dish.


1 – I found this awesome pink plastic soap dish in the B&Q sale

2 - I got some PVA glue and gold glitter, courtesy of Hobbycraft

2 – I got some PVA glue and gold glitter, courtesy of Hobbycraft

3 - Spread the dish with PVA glue and sprinkle on the gold glitter. Leave to dry.

3 – Spread the dish with PVA glue and sprinkle on the gold glitter. Leave to dry.

4 - Repeat the glue/glitter combo until the pink is fully covered.

4 – Repeat the glue/glitter combo until the pink is fully covered.

5 - Spray with hairspray and get using it!

5 – Spray with hairspray and get using it!

A tale of DIY, Wembley and food!!

This week has been all about the food! It started off with me being very conscientious and taking in a fleet of snacks to last me all day. As Monday is always a very heavy snack day for me as after the weekend I find it hard to get back into my normal food routine, plus when I get bored I tend to reach for the sugar based snacks – is that the case for anyone else? Then on Monday night I went out to dinner with work peeps to The Yard in Shoreditch, which is an old converted fire station. Man is that place amazing or what!? We ended up sharing a yard of pizza with four different toppings, each topping seemed to be better than the first. I honestly can’t recommend this place enough for food goodness! Wednesday was another night of good food as I was at Wembley for the England match and we had burgers beforehand in the stadium. I opted for the halloumi and mushroom one which was delicious – the addition of a smidge of pesto to the burger made such a difference and was a lovely change to sweet chilli.

Saturday saw me back at the parentals so of course we had to go out for dinner, duh! We went to The Seahorse, which I’ve mentioned before, see here. The food is lovely and the atmosphere is always so relaxed too. Plus I love the decor – please can I have the table below next time? I’d love to eat in my own little wooden area whilst sat on a sofa – so cute!  As for the food it was scrumptious, of course! Lau and I shared camembert and focaccia to start with, then I had the cheese burger and mushroom with brilliantly skinny chips followed by the sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream – ah-maze-ing. I honestly can’t recommend that place enough. I love it and I think it might become our go=to restaurant when we’re back at home.

As for other things I’ve been up to, well I decided to start the week with a two-mile run at 6am on Monday morning, the logic being I wouldn’t feel guilty about the pizza – it totally worked! Although I’m not sure I’ll be doing the same every week (this week definitely not). I then was rubbish with exercise until Sunday when I went for a 4.3 mile run in the countryside. Painful and hard but rewarding! There was also a trip to Primark, where I was meant to return stuff and actually ended up buying more…oops! Then there was the trip to Wembley where thankfully England beat Scotland, let’s be honest it was seeming like we wouldn’t for a while there. Whilst the England team weren’t the most convincing it was an amazing atmosphere, possibly the best atmosphere I’ve ever experienced at Wembley.

Friday was a bit of a write off as I felt really ill – I had the headache of all headaches from about 5pm on Thursday until mid Friday – painful and knackering. I hate how rubbish I am when I get no sleep or have a headache – I just can’t handle anything. As for the weekend Lau and I had such a productive time, we did lots of crafty stuff (frosting jars and vases as well as something involving glitter and glue) – I’ll share that with you for Pinterest Corner on Wednesday and finally decided on a colour scheme and some DIY projects for our new look living room. I’m so excited about it I can barely wait to get started! I also managed to find lots of bits and bobs to pop in my Christmas gift  box (there’s nothing wrong with being prepared) AND super excitingly I managed to find my new blog planner which I’ve been needing/wanting/searching for for ages – hooray to me. This blog planner has already worked wonders, not only am I super organised I’ve also been having loads of ideas, hooray!

A Pinterest Promise from me to you.

For those of you who are regular readers of this blog (hopefully there’s one or two of you out there listening to my incessant waffle) you’re probably familiar with my Pinterest Corner posts, which are in theory a weekly occurrence. When I originally started these posts around Christmas the logic behind them was to make me be more creative and to complete some of the crafty projects that I’d seen and coveted on Pinterest. By sharing one such project/recipe/item with you each week the idea was that I’d get some of them done as there’d be some sort of accountability. Sadly that hasn’t worked out quite to plan. The last few posts have been more about my thoughts on life, fitness and good quotes, rather than actually using my deeply hidden craft abilities. For some reason I’ve just not had the motivation (or much-needed time) to actually get on and create anything.

I want this to change, so I’ve decided to fiddle around a little with the Pinterest Corner concept and make it a monthly occurrence. So going forward I’ll post my crafty goodness on the blog on the third Wednesday of each month. This will be far more achievable for me as I’ll have a whole month to do something – therefore being away for one weekend won’t prove a problem! And it’ll hopefully mean I’ll start to make the things I want to rather than just sharing the things that are easy. So watch out for the 21st August as you’ll spot a brand new Pinterest Corner post showcasing something super lovely. To be honest I’m not sure what yet, but possibly something inspired by one of the below ideas as I want them all in my London flat! But what about you? What lovely things do you want to create and make, it can’t be just me who wants to be more crafty!

Glitter Jewerly Tray


Buy alphabet magnets and spray paint them







Pinterest Corner #2 – An etched mason jar

So here we are at my second Pinterest Corner post, and as promised it’s only been a week since my last one. Now I don’t want to get too carried away, it’s only my second post after all, but it’s all turning out quite well isn’t it – I’m on time AND things are going smoothly!

So today’s project involves a mason jar. Anyone who spends even a little time on Pinterest will know that Pinteresters are obsessed with them. I didn’t even know what a mason jar was before I joined Pinterest but now I want some (well hundreds). To start with I need one for make up and hair crap, one for cookie cutters and one for my Christmas wrapping paraphernalia. Although that only seems to scrape the surface of what you can do with them, there seem to be a million different uses and just as many ideas for decorating them. Below are some of my favourite decoration ideas and uses for the jars from my Pinterest boards.


Clockwise from top left: Etched Mason Jars – Painted Distressed Mason JarsMason Jars covered with lace Fabric Lined Mason JarsGlass Jar Typography

One of my favourite ideas for decorating the jars is the etching idea above. So when I was last at Hobbycraft (oh how I love that shop – it’s full to the rafters with possibilities and inspiration) I picked up some electrical tape, a medium sized mason jar and the etching spray that I would need to recreate this pin. However three months went by and I hadn’t so much as opened the Hobbycraft shopping bag – oops! But having just had over a week off work for Christmas fun it seemed the perfect time to get going on it. So what did I do? Well it couldn’t be simpler to totally change and spruce up the jar/bottle/or whatever other glass item you have, just follow the simple instructions below.

1) You’ll only need four things to complete the project – a jar, electrical tape, scissors and etching spray

2) Create your etching design by using the electrical tape. I would it round the jar but you could also use stickers to do dots or flowers

3) Spray the jar with lots of even layers and leave to dry

4) Three hours later you can remove the tape/stickers and your jar is done, hooray!!


So what do you think, simple right? I honestly can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get this done. It was so easy and looks so good (well it is if you ignore the couple of areas where there are drips because I sprayed a little too much!!). I love it so much that my fingers are itching to spray other stuff, it’s a really good job that I haven’t got anymore jars or bottles laying around the house!! The only thing I think still needs to change is the lid, as it doesn’t quite go. As I’m planning on using the jar for festive wrapping paraphenalia I think I’ll get some red or green spray paint and spray the lid to finish the whole thing off, but it’ll certainly do for the time being.

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