Star Shop #7 – Tiger

It’s been a while since I’ve shared one of my favourite shops with you all, so as today’s Blogtember prompt is to share your favourite shops, I thought it was a good time to talk about Tiger. Tiger is one of those shops that you go into just for a browse and no need to buy anything and you leave twenty minutes later with a whole load of stuff. The products are all really decently priced and there are lots of lovely colourful bits to cheer you up. Whether you need you’re bound to find it in there even if you didn’t know you needed it! I’ve got boxes, utensils, stationery, toys, art supplies, crockery and even food from there in the past and when Christmas comes along I’m always very pleased I have one near by. As it’s absolutely perfect for little treats or stocking stuffers.
Below are some of my current favourite products. They are so cheap that I’m pretty sure I can justify getting everything, yes?
More lovely stuff from Tiger
*Yes I know this it’s only one shop and also not an online shop at that. So I’m not strictly in line with the prompt BUT I love this shop it’s one of my favourites so I thought I’d share some of the love. Also if I hadn’t you’d have missed out on the joy that is the above set of scales. Travesty I tell you, a travesty!


March Happy Things

With this constant freezing weather it’s seemed important this month to focus on the little things that are making me smile as otherwise I’d have been severely affected by SAD and been thoroughly depressed. I mean honestly where the hell has Spring gone, will it make an appearance soon…..


So first up we have my pastel nails. Following last weeks Pretty Pastel Perfection post I was inspired to paint my nails in pastel shades. This may have looked a little odd as it was depressingly dark outside, but I was able to smile every time I caught a glance at them – look how pretty they are!

I seem to have become obsessed with three types of sweets this month. Firstly it seems to be all about the Mint Kit Kat Chunky, which I have got through about 10 of – it’s actually getting slightly out of hand if I’m honest! But having not been on the Kit Kat Chunky bandwagon in the past I’m now firmly in the Mint coloured camp! The second sweet obsession is these yummy Mini Egg Blondies, I’ve made them three times in as many weeks and just can’t get enough of them – amazing! Finally, I seem to have visited Hope and Greenwood – the lovely old-fashioned sweet shop in Covent Garden – twice in the last ten days and have consumed my body weight in shrimps, dolly mixtures, pink mushrooms and eggs. One night I ate so many that my teeth seemed to be rotting and I had to eat dry Rice Krispies to remove the hideous sweet taste in my mouth – it was worth it though!!

Last week I went out for another early morning run in Central London and absolutely loved it. Yes it was hard work, yes I was knackered, but running through the quiet streets of our capital and then around St Paul’s as the bells chimed was something very special. And something that I want to repeat more regularly.

After a brief flirtation with Special K as my go-to breakfast cereal I’ve returned to my true love: Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and boy are they good. For a while I’d forgotten about my love for them, but there really is nothing better than a mugful of crunchy nuts and ice cold milk – yummy!

20130316-180929.jpgLast weekend I ended up looking through an old photo album that my Mum had put together for me for my 18th and it was just hilarious to look back at some of the pictures. I’d forgotten about a lot of them and some of our outfits were horrendous!! I really should do it more often! It also raised a few questions about what we used to get up to! I mean take this picture for example, why on earth are my little sister and I screaming as if we’re going down a massive hill on a sledge, when in fact we’re in our back garden, our FLAT back garden. Oddness indeed!

Pretty Pastel Perfection

For a couple of days last week it finally felt like Spring had arrived, but alas this doesn’t seem to have been the case as now the rain and cold weather has returned. Damn and blast it! So to stop myself from going into a proper funk due to the depressing weather I’ve decided instead to focus on one of the key trends of this Spring – pastels! I can’t help it everywhere I look at the moment I see these glorious colours and I just have to smile. So I thought it was high time I celebrated this glorious colour palette on here as it’s certainly helping me stay happy at the moment!

This is by no means a new obsession, it started last summer with these nail varnishes from Model’s Own – in a moment of crazy I purchased all six of them on a whim! They were just so delicious and had the best name (Ice Cream Sundae Polishes!) that just I couldn’t stop myself. Also I’m sure they wouldn’t have appreciated it if I split them up, right? Yes, I’m not sure about that logic looking back, but I’m certainly not disappointed as I’ve used them loads over the last eight months or so. If you’re tempted to buy them then you must, but before you do consider the brand new version – they now do most of these colours with a fruity scent – amazing or what? Sadly, I definitely can’t justify buying them all again, even if they do smell delicious!

Anyway below are some of the pastel shades I’ve come across over the last few weeks – aren’t they just too pretty for words. I vote that the obsession with mint, rose, peach, powder blue, lilac and lemon shades stay around for a long while yet!!

cupcakes – teacups – m&m’sABC – cake slice – dotty nails – shelves – bowlsnail polish – mini meringues – the diner

Pinterest Corner #5 – Glittery Nails

Yes I know I’ve done a nail art Pinterest Corner before (see Pinterest Corner #3 – Coloured Nail Tips) but I have fallen in love with another brilliant pin that I can’t put off doing any longer, sorry! The below pin is lovely isn’t it, I love the way it looks like the tips have been dipped in superglue and glitter. Amazing!

Glitter french tips

So having seen this ages ago on the wonder that is Pinterest I finally gave it a go this weekend and below is my finished look, thoughts?

Yes I know it’s not a bright colour and silver glitter but I really fancied going slightly goth with this look as it’s too dark and depressing outside for bright orange nail varnish, (really it’s just an excuse for me to try this pin again in the summer with a bright turquoise or pink nails isn’t it?!) So not only did I go for black over orange I also switched the silver glitter for gold, as the silver I have didn’t work because it’s far too clear and the glitter flecks weren’t big enough. So it all ended up looking a little weird. But overall I think the gold flecks and black work really well, and the nails have certainly cheered me up today every time they catch the light – so pretty!!


Creating a capsule wardrobe (part 2) AKA sale shopping in a big way!

I thought it was about time I updated you on my capsule wardrobe project as I feel like I’ve actually made some progress, hooray! This has been helped considerably by my total lack of willpower and the really good sales that have been on recently. I always forget how much I adore the January sales and so every year I’m pleasantly surprised by the wonders I find that are so reasonably priced. This year has been no different. If you’ll remember after my first post on creating a capsule wardrobe I was left with a fairly long list of items that I needed to acquire before I could complete my project. So how have I fared since, I hear you cry? Well thanks to all my shopping I now own the following items:

2 plain tops – the lovely stripy shoulder padded number from Oasis below and a navy and lace item from Dorothy Perkins. At £12 and £7 respectively I couldn’t not buy them could I!! In fact I’ve already worn both items twice in ten days. So definitely money well spent!

2 shirts – The below gorgeous checked item, with brilliant gold studs on the collar (£20 in the Oasis sale) as well as a raspberry pink gold studded collar number from Dorothy Perkins. Yes that’s right, apparently I have a thing for shirts with gold studs on!!


camisoles/vests – Some black and white classics from h&m

A black dress – Okay so it’s not plain black but it’s a dress and it’s mostly black! It’s not quite the same as the one above, mine has a blue and orange flower pattern and was only £10, but it is the exact same style as this. As soon as I saw the sleeves I knew the dress had to be mine!

A jacket – in a gorgeous turquoise colour

A bag – I did it, I gave in and I purchased the gorgeous bag I’ve been coveting from Mozzypop and I’m so excited about it arriving – I can barely wait to see it in all it’s navy glory.

So as I think you’ll agree some fairly succesful trips – go me! – has meant that I’ve managed to compile the basis of my capsule wardrobe, yippee!. Yes there are still a few items to buy – 2 pairs of trousers (not jeans), 1 sweater and a trench coat – but overall I think I’m there with it. And as I already own a stupid number of coloured cardigans, jumpers and tops I don’t need to spend anything on adding colour to it as I’ll easily be able to mix things up now that the basis of it is there. So there we have it, how I created my capsule wardrobe – now let’s see if it works and makes my morning search for clothes far calmer!!

Creating a capsule wardrobe

Over the much needed Christmas break I went through my wardrobe and had a BIG clear out of all the items that I no longer wear, that no longer fit or that have seen better days. Two afternoons of serious work and 6 bin bags later I’d done it, I’d sorted out the horrendous, hideous mess that was my wardrobe – gold star to me!

But I wasn’t done there, there was a second step to sorting out my wardrobe; I decided that I wanted to create a capsule wardrobe. Now this is a very foreign concept to me as previously there’s been no logic or thought that goes in to the clothes. If I liked an item of clothing I’d buy it – it was as simple as that. I didn’t stop and think what the item would go with, do I have somewhere I’ll wear this or do I really need it. I simply bought it. Hence the reason why I have no cardigan that goes with my new turquoise jeans and why I own three pairs of brown boots. So as you can see the thought of actually thinking before I buy was a wholly unusual concept but I think it could be revolutionary for me!

The first step in the creation of a capsule wardrobe was to find a list of the ‘basics’ that a capsule wardrobe should contain and work out what I was missing. I found a capsule wardrobe list here and went through that. Apparently a capsule wardrobe should contain the below basics in neutral colours and then you can add a smattering of colour with accessories and other pieces.

1 pair of jeans
2 skirts
2 pairs of trousers
1 sweater
1 cardigan
2 plain tops/t shirts
2 shirts/blouses
2 camisoles/vests
2 dresses – 1 should be black
1 trenchcoat
2 jackets
2 scarves
2 belts
2 bags
4 pairs of shoes – 2 pairs of flats, 2 pairs of heels
1 pair of boots
2 pairs of tights – black and neutral
underwear – flesh and black coloured

After going through this list I realised I didn’t have half of these basics, and that the items I do have that I would consider to be basic aren’t as they’re bright in colour! Oh dear, so I was left with a bit bit of a shopping list of things to buy to create my capsule wardrobe.

2 pairs of trousers – how is it possible that I don’t own a single pair of trousers that aren’t jeans. Madness!
1 sweater – I have loads of sweaters, just none that are neutral in colour and actually fit
2 plain tops – I have lots of tops, yet again none of them are neutral in colour
1 shirt – I have one shirt that’s purple, but I’m in need of another that’s a more basic colour. As purple isn’t going to go with everything I own is it!
camisoles/vests – none of my current vests fit, so I need to go shopping for these basics asap!
A black dress – yes really I don’t own one, craziness!
A trenchcoat, athough I ‘m not fussed about this as it’s so cold at the moment.
A jacket – I only have one which is stripey one.
A bag. Yes I have loads of bags but none of them are neutral in any which way, so I need to get something that’s black, navy or grey asap.

So I’m now armed with a (LONG) list of things I need to buy to create my capsule wardrobe and that’s before I even consider the more colourful pieces – although to be honest I shouldn’t need to get anything else as my wardrobe is awash with colourful stuff! The more I think about this capsule wardrobe idea the more logical it sounds and I think it makes total sense – I can’t wait until it’s ‘built’ and I don’t have to have the usual morning panic about what to wear. I’ll update you in a few days about how the capsule wardrobe build is going as I’ve got my eye on a few pieces (and some I’ve purchased already!) that I’ve seen in the sales to help complete it. But in the meantime has anyone else got a capsule wardrobe and gone through this process. How did you find it and how is it now that you’re living with a capsule wardrobe? I’d love to hear your experiences and thoughts, so please do let me know.

Pinterest Corner #3 – Coloured Nail Tips

I’m a bit of a fan of painting my nails and it’s definitely all about the colour for me; the brighter the colour or the sparklier the glitter the better! On the run up to Christmas I tried a few different colour combinations, which you can see below but I think the turquoise and gold combo was my favourite design.

As I’m a nail decoration fan I have of course created quite an eclectic mix of ideas on my Fantastically Painted Nails Pinterest board and I’m keen to try some of the ideas I’ve pinned in 2013. So this weekend I gave one of the ideas a go, so here’s the very first nail varnish related Pinterest Corner, Coloured Nail Tips. Be warned I’m sure it’ll be the first of many!

Pinned Image

The original pin was this example of nude/neon nails, which I love! What I love most is how simple the concept looks (and presumably is to do) but also that it’s unusual compared to normal nails. I mean I’ve not seen many nails that are plain with a coloured tip, have you? So when copying this pin I made a few amends, as per usual! First off I don’t own neon nail varnish, so I stuck to just one colour, secondly I don’t own a nude nail varnish either so I just kept the rest of the nail clear. Below are the finished nails, what do you think?

20130106-193300.jpgTo be honest they could definitely be neater, I think I need to work on steadier hands this year! But apart from that I love this design, and so does everyone else – I’ve got some lovely comments about them so far. My only slight bugbear is that a couple of them are already a little chipped and it’s only been 36 hours or so, which is slightly annoying. I suppose it’s to be expected as its always the tips of the nails that chip first but still argh!

Pinterest Corner #1 – A Cloche Christmas Decoration

So I recently shared my intentions to post one thing a week in Pinterest Corner… and at last I’ve written my first post. Woohoo, three cheers to me hey!

Of course the very first post HAD to be Christmas related(!) and it’s based on this brilliant cloche and baulbles decoration I saw on the I heart organizing blog and pinned to my Christmas Pinterest board.
I love the simplicity of this decoration and the fact that it instantly adds a splash of colour to any room. It would also be really easy to adapt it each year with new colourful decorations and a different colour or design of cake stand – so there’s no way it would get boring.
Also one of the annoying things about Christmas decorations, which is not the case for this, is that you spend loads of money on them and then they’re only up for a few weeks. With the cloche and cake stand combo though you could display cakes or candles throughout the year so it’s not such a waste, win! If I owned this I’d definitely switch the baulbles for candles in the new year, maybe a selection of ten candles all different thickness’ and heights, that would look absolutely lovely I think.

Sadly for my version of this lovely decoration I had to amend it as I don’t own a cloche. I did browse some online but the cheapest one I could find was only 16cm in diameter and over £40! So I soon reconsidered my plan and instead used a big glass jar that my Mum has and filled that up with all the spare ornaments and beads I could find.
Whilst I would have preferred to copy the I heart Organizing one exactly I think my attempt is quite good and lovely in it’s own way and it’s certainly added some extra colour to our decorations! Plus it was really simple to make as we had all the bits and pieces already in the house, as I’m sure most people do!

So there we go my first Pinterest Corner post, let me know what you think and if I’ve inspired you to start looking at your own Pinterest boards and giving some of the pins a whirl!

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