My August budget – dresses, tops and shoes galore!

How on earth am I doing another budgeting bloggers post already? I swear it’s only August 10th, there’s no way it can be the end of the month. How on earth has August gone by so quickly?! Anyway, I really should spend less time freaking out about the speed that this month has gone past in and more time talking about what I actually bought, hooray! Well I’ve bought lots of lovely things and most excitingly I’ve been gifted lots of lovely things too. Aren’t friends just the best?! So I had been doing really well this month and up until a week ago I had only spent half of my budget and then the bank holiday weekend happened and I went a little bit crazy, oops. But I purchased lots of things on my list this month, so I shouldn’t be too upset with the amount I’ve bought.


1) Floral top, Dorothy Perkins, £26 – Top of my current list at the moment are tops that are smarter than my usual array of T-shirts as I want to make my work wardrobe a little smarter. I think if I have a number of smarter tops that I can pair with jeans it’ll make the usual early morning panic a lot less stressful. So when I saw this floral top I couldn’t say no. It fits perfectly, although I might have to remove the big bow, I’m not sure it’s quite necessary and is a tad fussy for my liking.

2) Burgundy leather pocket top, Primark, £4 – I love this top, not only is the colour gorgeous (and great for the autumn) but it’s also got lovely (fake) leather detail on the pocket which makes it a bit more interesting. So far I’ve worn this with my jeans – see above – but I think it’ll work just as well with a black tube skirt for work.

3) Black Camisole, Dorothy Perkins, £14 – I’ve been searching for a simple black vest for a while now as I have a couple of really clingy skirts that really need one to make them more work appropriate. Plus I’ve got my eye on this skirt…! I also like the idea of pairing this with a bright necklace, cardi and skinny jeans – the perfect outfit for a meal or evening out I think.

4) Brown bag, Zara, £19.99 – I’ve been searching for a brown leather-esque bag for quite a while now and I’ve not had any luck, that is until I came across this one in Zara. It’s perfect! It’s big enough for all my random crap, has two strap options (I’ve gone for the short ones) and goes with anything and everything. Plus it was so cheap and I know that it’s good quality as it’s from Zara. I’m so excited about this item.

5) Dotty Pumps, ASDA, £8 – I’m a sucker for cheap pumps and when i spotted the pattern, price and rounded toe on these I had to buy them. There was really no question about this!

6) Neon Pink Pumps, Gap, £15 – I first see these about two months ago but I couldn’t justify for £30 for a pair of shoes. BUT when I saw these in the sale I had to get them, it was clearly meant to be! Sadly though they absolutely kill so I had to stop wearing them after just an hour, but hopefully if I eBay these I should get back some of the money that I spent on them. They are gorgeous after all.


7) Navy striped dress and 9) Pink and white chiffon dress – My lovely friend was clearing out her wardrobe when I was staying with her and she ended up giving them to me – how lucky am I! They both fit perfectly and are absolutely ideal for work so they are definitely great additions to my wardrobe. Thanks lovely Mara.

8) Black and white striped dress, Dorothy Perkins, £15 – I know I bought a striped dress last month, but I maintain that this dress serves a totally different purpose (sort of). Either way I fell in love with it when I saw it and it was in the sale, so it had to be done. To be honest anything that has sleeves like that is certainly a must!


10) Navy Blazer –  This is another item that my friend gave to me during her cupboard sort out and it fills  another hole in my wardrobe, as clearly a navy blazer is one of the great wardrobe essentials! I’ve not worn it yet but it’ll be perfect for those days at work when I need to be a little smarter, plus it’ll be the perfect jacket as we head into Autumn.

11) Bikini, ASDA, £10 – I’m off to Portugal in just over a week and really want to sort out the hideous strap marks I currently have so a bikini seemed like an essential. I’ve not owned one since I was about eight, so this is a big departure for me, but at only £10 it doesn’t matter if I only wear it a couple of times and who knows I might get over my total phobia of bikinis!

12) Green skirt, Primark, £8 – I love this skirt as it’s got a really lovely flowery pattern and is a nice fabric. I’ve not work it yet, but as soon as the weather is perfect for black tights this will become a wardrobe staple.

So there we have it, lots of lovely things, lucky me! In total I’ve spent £119.99 this month, which is actually £10.01 under budget. I’m really surprised about this if I’m honest. I was definitely expecting to be over this month as I got so much! Although I do fear that the September budget might be in a bit of trouble as there are a lot of autumnal items that are coming into the shops that  just look so warm and cosy. There’s no way I’ll be able to stop myself from buying at least some of the things I’ve seen…

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