I want all the Oasis bags in the world

Have you seen the awesome bags that are in Oasis at the moment? They are all ridiculously gorgeous don’t you think? I was on the site just the other day having a nosey round and I was amazed at all the lovely bags I found. It’s days like that when I really wish I had could win the lottery as I would buy and happily wear to death all of these bags – I mean just look at them. Totally bag envy is definitely something I’m feeling at the moment. Also they aren’t ridiculously expensive, which is great considering they’ll be of a very good quality like all Oasis products are.

Oasis bag love
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So the big question is, can I justify buying myself a new bag at this very moment in time, or is that absolutely ridiculous? Come on guys convince me, please!

My autumn wishlist of gorgeous things

I’m loving that wherever I look at the moment Isee brand new shiny clothes, and pretty bags and lovely autumny things to buy! So far I’ve been very restrained, go me. But I do fear it’s only a matter of time, especially with all the online window shopping I’ve been doing… Maybe now I’ve gathered everything in one place I’ll be more restrained, yes? Hm and then of course hamsters will take over the world and fluffy tailed unicorns will start prancing round the countryside…
So here’s what I’ve fallen in love with – don’t you just love it all? Do you think I can convince myself that they are all essentials in my life…
wishlist 1
What about you, what are you lusting over right now, anymore lovely clothing items you want to share. Who knows I might then add them to my ever growing list…
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