Boring walls: a problem and a solution!

Happy Sunday one and all, how are you all? I’m away this weekend in the stunningly beautiful Peak District with the family so hopefully I’m having a whale of a time. I will obviously update you all as soon as possible upon my return to London – you lucky lucky things! Anyway back to today’s post, let’s talk about art. For a while now I’ve been wanting to do something more interesting with my bedroom walls as they feel a little bit unloved. Don’t get me wrong they’re not bare, I do have stuff on them, lovely stuff in fact – but it’s all a bit higgledy-piggledy and things have been put up without thought. So this needs work.

I just wasn’t sure what to do until I saw a recent post by Will at Bright Bazaar’s recent, which got me all excited. As a gallery wall is most definitely the answer to my boring bedroom wall problem. The only problem is that I only have a couple of pictures in my room  – this one and a landscape picture of the wonderful Moreaki Boulders in New Zealand. So what I need are a few more frames to work with, so of course that means I’m on the lookout for some gorgeous works of art! Current faves are below and weirdly I seem to have headed towards brilliant quotes (let’s be honest we knew there’d be a Potter one in there somewhere didn’t we) and skylines/maps. Not sure what that’s all about but I must find both things fairly inspiring, which to be fair isn’t the worst idea for my bedroom wall. Surely waking up to lovely inspirational quotes is a good plan – won’t it just mean I’m taking the inspiring words to heart and doing more? Who knows! But maybe I should buy all of the below and see!

Wall inspiration

Dr Seuss quote / Albus Dumbledore quote / Bookshelf picture / Edinburgh Skyline / Always Remember / Life is too short / Hope quote / World Map / London Skyline

What’s your favourite quote and would you ever pop it on your wall? Any suggestions about what I should be adding to my wall, all ideas/suggestions/thoughts welcome. I’m clearly in dire need of help!


Star Shop #6 – Lisa Jones Studio

When you go to the home page of Lisa Jones Studio, you’re greeted by the below super-cute image.


Before even going any further into the site, I knew I’d be a fan of everything on it. I mean how could I not be, there’s a gorgeous illustration of a lion, monkey, toucan and a caterpillar that look like they’re having an awesome time in a black and white forest. Basically this site could only ever be awesome!  If you needed any further proof, just check out all the lovely cards, aren’t they cute?! I honestly could buy every one on the site as they are all so sweet and totally different to the sorts of cards you find in Paperchase or high street shops. I heart them all – although if pushed to choose a favourite I’d have to go for the little forlorn sandwich eating bear. Adorable.

But this site isn’t just about the super-cute cards, it’s also got some brilliant other items – case in point the below bits and bobs. I love that they don’t have a huge number of products, but the products that they do sell are all absolutely lovely. The fact that it’s a few days until payday is the only reason why I’ve not bought all of the items below, but perhaps once pay-day arrives I can justifiably treat myself to the print at the very least….

Monkey Mug – Crocodile Print – Peacock Cushion Cover – Cat Whisker Clock

Beautiful Art

I’m not a big fan of art as I often don’t ‘get’ what everyone else is talking about. Don’t get me wrong I love gorgeous pictures, beautiful vistas and colourful images, but I don’t like the pretentiousness of the art world, where a particular colour or line proves that the artist was thinking so and so. Art to me is a personal thing and is something that looks lovely and evokes feelings in you and you alone. So to have someone else tell you what you should feel when you see something isn’t something I’m a fan of. With that in mind I thought I’d share some of the images, artists and illustrators that I’m obsessed with at the moment, purely because I love looking at their work not for any other preachy/pretensious reason! It would be interesting to know your thoughts and how they differ or agree with my opinions!

First up are the wonderful designs of the Yukari Sweeney Design Company. I own their London bedding and I absolutely adore it’s childlishness, humour and mix of colours. Plus it goes perfectly in  bedroom which is simple blue and white. I’ve been perusing their site a lot recently as I’m contemplating redecorating my bedroom in the new year and whilst there I’ve spotted a lot of amazing products and beautiful designs, like the below brilliant wallpaper which I think would make a beautiful print for the wall or even stylish thank you cards. I really could find numerous ways to use this artwork in my life!

While some people would argue that photography isn’t art I’d 100% disagree as what some people can do with a camera is amazing, sadly I’m not one of them but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate what others can do. Andrew Scriven’s photos of Iceland and Antarctica are absolutely stunning and I hope one day I’ll get my hands on one of his prints. But which would I chose one of a penguin or the gorgeous erupting geyser? I’m not sure I’d be able to choose to be honest!

I’m a bit of a fiend when it comes to buying cards, I can’t seem to buy just one at a time, it’s usually a pile of 5 or 10 at a time! It seems I just can’t say no to nice cards! The designs below are some of my recent favourites which also happen to be some of my favourite illustrations. They are by Fuff and are simply lovely. I love the bright colours, simple patterns and beautiful drawings of trees and birds. I seem to have gathered quite a stash so if you know me and it’s your birthday soon, be warned you might see one of these cards very soon!
Tree on Orange Card  Fuff Hearts on Grey Card  Pigeon on Pink Card

When I visited Greenwich Market in the summer I came across Rowan Finch’s wonderful artwork which I absolutely love! His illustrations of London buildings and skylines are absolutely wonderful and they capture the historic buildings and areas perfectly. My favourites are the ones that are just using one of two colours, like the one of The London Eye, the Thames and Parliament and the one of the Tube.

Oliver Jeffers is the final artist that I wanted to mention as I love everything that he does, that’s not even a little bit of an exaggeration, I honestly LOVE it all. I love his style and that you can tell it’s his work whether or not you know it’s him. He does of course create beautiful picture books with enchanting imagery, but I’ve recently discovered his coffee ring project, which is so brilliant! This epitomises what I love about artists their ability to take something random and obscure and turn it in to art, to have that much creativity would be so phenomenal, I’m supremely jealous!
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