Today’s jumper

I had to share today’s jumper. It’s not Christmas themed I know, but it’s so brilliant I needed to share. To put it simply this jumper just makes me smile!



The Snowman ⛄

The perfect Christmas film and the ideal preparation for the premiere of The Snowman and The Snowdog tomorrow!

Tucking in to Halloween biscuits

Yum yum!

Les Miserables

Wow, what an unbelievably brilliant production!


We live in a block of flats which has a lot of families in so I made sure we had plenty of sweets in stock for trick or treaters, as there’s nothing worse than running out. But for some unknown reason we only got one set of trick or treaters, what’s that about?! Now I suppose I’ll have to eat all these leftovers myself, h&m which first a Chewitt or a Flake?

London at night

Walking home from work along the river never gets old. It’s fantastic to have a route that takes me passed so many amazing landmarks – the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, MI6 and Lambeth Palace to name a few. But it’s on nights like tonight when the city’s lit up so beautifully that I enjoy my walk the most – spectacular.

A Monday night gig

Watching Tyler Hilton (of One Tree Hill fame) at a gig in Kings Cross.

American football and Train

Watching Train sing ‘Drops of Jupiter’ at Wembley Stadium as part of the NFL pre-show.

Cute jewellery

I went shopping today and bought some lovely warm clothes, yes I broke my self-imposed shopping embargo, oops!! Anyway I’ll share my fantabulous purchases another day as today I want to share two things I didn’t allow myself to buy. This gorgeous owl bracelet and bird necklace, how cute are they?! and so cheap too, I was surprised as I don’t usually like stuff from River Island, but these appear to be the exception! My reasoning for not buying them was that they won’t keep me warm which seems to be the important thing at the moment! But they’re definitely top of my list for the next time I fancy treating myself. Which knowing me won’t be far off!

Train Station Fun

This used to be my daily view, waiting for the boards to show which platform my wonderful train home would be on. For two years I persevered with this 50 minute train journey back to my family home whilst saving up for my flat and it was the worst thing about my day. Don’t get me wrong I love my family and enjoyed all the comforts of living at home – home cooked meals, no bills to pay, etc – so it wasn’t impending doom about going home it was the train journey itself.

That awful manic rush from work, always having to bear the timetable in mind whatever you were planning, the hideous scrum to get to the platform first and then once on the train being squashed and without a seat for most of the journey, not a joy at all. I’d rather my current walk/bus route any day if the week. That’s far less stressful and I feel like I have some control!

However, tonight the journey home was far less horrendous, but that’s probably to do with the novelty of doing the journey for the first time in ages and also why I was heading home. I was off home for fish pie and apple crumble with my lovely Aunt and Uncle from Australia as well as other family. The train journey was bearable as I knew the fun that lay in store once I was off the tin can on wheels!

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