They know me so well!

Happy Thursday you lovely bunch and how the devil are you all? I’m fairly exhausted to be honest, who knew finishing everything up at work before I leave would be so exhausting, I honestly have no idea if I’m coming or going at the moment! Thankfully I had the morning off of work today so I have been able to slowly pull myself together this morning rather than the usual craziness. I had planned to do a ridiculous numbers of jobs with my morning (gym, post office, cobblers, supermarket, sort out the flat) but instead I seem to have found myself at Starbucks with a coffee and catching up on 115 blogs. Yes I’ve been neglecting my fellow bloggers recently too, oopsy.

Anyway back to today’s post, sorry if the title of this one has you humming or singing one particular song (or is that just me?). I had to name this post in this way as when my sisters spoilt me recently it made me realise how well they know me. I could not have bought myself anything better than the gifts they surprised me with!
When they gave me a bag of delights to celebrate my new job I was absolutely flabbergasted, bless them. They really are little people of amazingness. Like I even needed any such thing (although I’m totes not taking any of it back)! So what did they get me I hear you cry? Well the below shows you all the wonders I received!

Aren’t my gifts just lovely? I’d definitely be hard pressed to share a favourite as they’re all just so me. I adore the notebook, even though I do feel a panic to fill it with brilliance, everyone needs a badger mug (cuteness doesn’t even come close in descriptive terms) I love the pens pink and purple pens and I’m most impressed that they got me an edible card from Biscuiteers it is one of my favourite companies after all! All in all these guys did an awesome job in choosing presents that made me smile and that I would have chosen for myself. I heart them to the moon and back for being as awesome as they have been for giving me this lovely haul. Now I’m all set for my first day, less than two weeks to go. Eek!

What about you what’s the best present you’ve ever been given? Have a tremendous Thursday everyone. xxx

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  1. Gorgeous and thoughtful gifts, lady! Sisters are the best. Mine is 16 and shes off to NYC, Philadelphia and DC with her school today…I don’t remember such lush trips when I was in school! I miss her already, sisters bonds are the best. Have a great weekend, E xx

    • Hey Emma! I 100% agree with all your points, sisters are awesome and I’m very lucky to have two of the best! Your lucky sister though, wish I got to go there on my school trips, but sadly all I ever did was the Isle of Wight and Germany – not exactly NYC! Have a good Friday! xx

  1. A new job, more brownies and another 10k done! | fisdailyponderings

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