Pinterest Corner #32 – Marshmallow Brownies

For this month’s Pinterest Corner I knew straightaway that I wanted to bake something rather than craft something, as it’s been a while since a recipe made an appearance on here and baking is a BIG part of my life. Despite all this, it seemed to take me forever to settle on what that baked item should be – possibly that’s due to the fact that I have over 500 recipes saved on my Sweet Eats board, yes what can I say I have a VERY sweet tooth! Anyway finally over the weekend I hit on the perfect recipe, which just happens to have been pinned to my Sweet Eats board twice, yes really twice. And now I think about it was a logical choice. I mean my obsession with brownies is really quite well documented on Cook Bake and Eat (my foodie blog) as over there I’ve shared Oreo, sweet potato and mint brownies in the past, so these fantastically chocolatey Marsmallow Brownies seemed like a great recipe to try next. As surely marshmallows (one of my favourite things) would make the perfect addition, when I think of the pairing of chocolate and marshmallow gooeyness, I can’t even form words. Just wow – talk about match made in heaven! Also don’t they just look divine?

As for the ingredients, this was another plus point as I have all the required ingredients in my cupboards already – they are staples after all. So limited preparations – perfect! The recipe suggests that you make them for Halloween, which is quite ingenious, but I honestly could not handle waiting until then, I needed to make these brownies asap!

So here’s the recipe:



1 – Mix together the flour, cocoa and sugar


2 – Beat the eggs together


3 – Melt the chocolate and butter together
4 – Stir all the ingredients together


5 – Fold in the marshmallows


6 – Pour into a lined tin (30cm squared)


7 – Bake on 190oC for twenty minutes until set on top but still gooey in the middle

So easy right? And can I just say, totally delicious, full of gooeyness and crunch as well as caramelised bites of marshmallow. Divine.

I should flag that I baked these brownies for twenty minutes at the temperature specified and the top burnt whilst the middle was a tad (okay a lot) too squishy. So definitely cook these for longer and on a lower temperature if you’re not prepared to dig in with a spoon!

So what do you think do you fancy giving these a whirl? And any other brownie flavours I just have to try?

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  1. Amazingly delicious gooey marshmallow brownies | cook bake and eat

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