Ponderings on perception

I’ve been thinking a lot about perception recently, either your perception of someone/thing but also how we perceive ourselves or think others perceive us. It amazes me how often we get the wrong idea or realise that our perception has been distorted for whatever reason. Perception really is a fascinating subject, I mean how does it even work and how does our perception of the world differ to that of the rest of the world? Imagine if in actual fact we are all see things totally differently. Maybe the way I perceive colours or shapes is totally different to everyone else, who knows! Whilst pondering perception I came across the below quote by Louise C. K., which I 100% agree with.

Such a good point that perception changes all the time. There are a number of reasons why this topic sprung into my head, so I’ll share two such reasons with you. The first one stems from a picture my sister found of the two of us from a couple of years ago before the much written about (at least by me on this here bloglet) lose of three stone of me (and of her too). Now I remember exactly when the photo was taken and I can honestly say that I would have sworn black and blue that I looked nothing like this at the time. Even when I looked at that picture back then it did not look like it now does to me. I look like a totally different person to how I imagined I did. In fact if asked to I would have drawn you a picture of a much thinner person, which clearly was not the reality. How is it that at that time I didn’t see myself as I really was and what is it that has since changed the perception I have of myself? As now I can clearly see what I was like then but I wasn’t able to before.  Also do I now imagine I look totally different now to how I actually do? Talk about mind-boggling. How do I ensure I am really seeing what I actually look like, do I simply trust that what I’m now seeing is correct or do I just always assume that my perception of myself still screwy?

Now to the second thing that got me thinking about perception; It was realising that the perception I have of two people was right for one of them and not for the other one. I won’t go into too many details as who knows if those people read this blog but it got me to thinking why our perception can be so wrong, especially when it comes to others. Is it something in us that sees their actions in an odd way or is this due to something that the individual does to make us look at them incorrectly? Do my feelings towards people (liking them or not) impact on how I see what they do? Do I give more compassion and understanding to those that I like and do the opposite, see the negative, with the people I don’t like? And if I do allow my feelings towards people to impact on my perceptions of them and their actions how do I ensure that I stop doing this or is it too heavily ingrained in our personalities that we can’t amend it?

I don’t really have any answers, in fact writing my jumbled thoughts has raised more questions than I had already about perception. But it is certainly one of those fascinating subjects, what about you have you similar thoughts on perception or similar stories as to when your perceptions were proven wrong or confused? I’d love to hear them!

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