My Debenhams dream bedroom

So I love a good competition and I love a bit of window shopping, so when I stumbled across the Debenhams dream bedroom competition I was obviously going to give it a whirl, right?! So over the weekend I spent a couple of hours snuggled up under my cover on the sofa with a cup of mint hot chocolate and my laptop and went window shopping for my dream bedroom. The below are my top picks, as you can see it’s all about the vintage and shabby chic with a lot of emphasis on the snuggling up. We’re heading into the winter so that seemed logical to me plus I just couldn’t say no to the animal printed cushions, clearly that’s my achilles heel!
My Debenhams Dream Bedroom

So let me take you through my choices. First up we have a gorgeous white metal bed frame (1), I love this so much. It would look absolutely perfect with a stupid number of multi-coloured fairy lights wound around the metal bars and then with my many colourful scarves hanging off the bottom of it. So it would have multiple purposes and also look pretty, I’m a genius I know! On the bed I’d have to have beautiful flowery bedding (3) as it looks totally snuggley. I can imagine lots of lovely days spent snuggled up in that cover over the winter. As soon as I saw the above gorgeous chest of drawers (6) I knew it would go in my dream room as it’s just beautiful, not only the colour but the shape – talk about adoring a piece of furniture. Plus it matches perfectly with my chosen bed linen.

So that’s the big bits of furniture out-of-the-way and now it’s all about the accessories – my favourite bit. The glass jar would sit with another three on top of the chest of drawers to hold all my bits and bobs, everything from jewelery, hair bits, sunglasses, cotton wool et al. Who knows maybe they’d make me more organised? I love a cushion or five, so couldn’t ignore that part of the room – so the pillows above (5 & 8) would be artfully arranged *read thrown haphazardly* on the bed and whilst I know they don’t ‘go’ perfectly with the rest of the ‘look’ I’d have no choice as they just cheer me up so have to be part of the room! I mean hello glittery moose and cute dog! As for the wall I love these wire birds (9) so they are a must and I love pictures of my family and friends around me so the aged wooden frame is perfect (2). Finally I would need hooks for all my necklaces and coats, so stag head hooks are the final thing that I’d add. So I’d throw in four or five of the ones above (4) and then I think I’m there with my perfect room.
Oh how I wish I could own this room I feel so relaxed just looking at it – let alone being allowed to life in it. Who knows one day! Anyway what would be in your ideal room and what feel would it have, glossy and glamorous or something more vintagey? I’d love to know.
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  1. Very nice – love the animals and bird touches too. The more I look at that fox cushion the more I think I should buy it!
    Really lovely soft colours – just right for a bedroom.

    Thanks for entering and good luck x


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