Who made me, me?

Howdy, little blog readers, how are you this fine SEPTEMBER (when did that happen?!) day? This month I’ve decided to take part in another one of Jenni’s blog challenges, after all ‘Blog every day in May’ was a blast so I thought why not?! I love all the different topics she comes up with for these tasks and it’s a good excuse to test my writing abilities and push my sharing boundaries. If you missed my posts for the May challenge you can see a few of my favourite ones here, here, here, here and here.

For the first day of Blogtember Jenni’s suggested we talk about where or what you come from. I like this topic – what a nice one to start with, hey. I come from these two lovely beings and in this post I want to talk about the amazingness that are these two.


I come from a pretty awesome family and my childhood was fairly idyllic. We lived (and my parents still do) on the edge of the suburbs and countryside, I didn’t want for anything (apart from the odd new toy or book, like all children do), we had nice holidays and I got on really well with my family. We were fortunate not to be tested too much when I was growing up – we didn’t have money troubles, my parents didn’t fight and I wasn’t really touched by the death of a loved one until I was in my late teens. I will always be fortunate that this was the case (and don’t worry I know just how lucky I am). Despite all the good things I had in my life growing up, the absolute lynch-pin to all of this was my parents. My parents, which I’m sure I’ve said before, are like best friends. I can talk to them about anything, I love spending time with them and just think they were the best parents ever. They weren’t overly strict unless they needed to be, they somehow taught me the true value of things and how to handle money, whilst never making me feel like I was missing out and I grew up knowing that I couldn’t ever do anything that would properly upset them – not that I’d ever want to. I was always encouraged to try new things and they enabled me to have amazing experiences, whether through brilliant holidays or just fun days in the garden. At the dinner table my opinion was always valued the same as anyone else’s no matter their age or stature and I always knew I could go to them with any problem, without judgement.

For this I’ll forever be grateful, my parents really are that awesome. Don’t get me wrong there were days when I screamed at them, slammed doors or thought they hated me, but in reality I was brought up by two amazing individuals and they are the reason that I am who I am. I can’t even fathom how I would have turned out if I’d been born to someone else, after all it takes a pretty special set of parents to raise twin girls without once comparing them to one another, dressing them the same or allowing others to get away with treating them like interchangeable people. I could have had a serious complex from this, or from the arrival of a little sister at the age of eight, I’m sure a lot of people have done. But not me, and that’s thanks to The Mothership and Fatherbear Evans. Love you guys. xx

What about you, what makes you, you? Why not join in with Blogtember and let your readers know? You don’t have to write a post every day, just choose the ones you like. I’ve already picked out the ones I want to join in with, as I don’t want to overload the bloglet with posts and I already have lots of posts threatening to spew out of my brain this month, it’s great that there’s no pressure at all!

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  1. My parents were just like that for me, they still are. My mother is like a friend to me, even if she says she shouldn’t be because she is my mother. I can tell her almost everything and not feel judged. Ofcourse she has her opinions, but what I love about my mother is that she would much rather we be honest with eachother than keep secrets and judge when we find out. That is probably why I am sometimes a little too honest, lying doesn’t get you anywhere 🙂
    I am very grateful for having the parents I have, they are my rocks when times get hard. They always have and always will be


    • I agree, I’m very grateful for them. It just makes such a difference I think as you know you won’t be judger or let down at all. We’re both very lucky I think. xx


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