Chocolate, Tesco and books for company – this weeks marketing loves

Today I thought I’d share some more marketing stuff that I’ve seen bandying around the interweb thingamajig and also out on the streets of London. I really enjoy collating this stuff and find it super useful for work purposes to have it all saved in one place – so I hope you all do too!

I can’t really remember if I’ve mentioned my lack of enthusiasm for the royal baby furore on this blog or not, but I really wasn’t as fussed as most other people seem to have been about it all. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against the birth of a baby, I just don’t understand how it was the centre of the world for a good couple of weeks, craziness! There were a lot of dreadful adverts around at this time, but I absolutely adored this Carling video, which they released to celebrate the birth of Prince George. I love the humour in it and that it sticks to there usually messaging of Refreshingly Perfect (or not as the case may be). Brilliant!

Have you noticed the new Tesco adverts? Aren’t they just so NOT Tesco? I got almost to the end of the TV version of the advert before I realised that it was actually Tesco, when normally I don’t like any Tesco ads! But these ones are different and really good – I like the colours, the syle and the sentiment behind them all and I think it’s a great way for them to try and steal some of the customers from Sainsbury’s and even Waitrose. Very clever.

I’m super excited that Cadbury’s will be focusing on Christmas for a big marketing campaign – I agree with their marketing guy who says that it’s ‘sinful’ that they’ve not done more to celebrate this time of year, especially considering how much effort they put into Easter and also how much Cadbury’s chocolate is consumed at this time of year in the form of Roses and Selection boxes. Also how awesome is the design – I love the knitting/fairisle concept. Also, why am I surprised they’ve not used real people in their ads in the past – weird!


Being in book marketing means I’m always on the look out for awesome book ads, and these ones are brilliant! I love the concept so much (mainly because it’s how I feel about books!). Make sure you check out the link as there are some other great images of Sherlock Holmes and Gandalf, it’s actually quite tricky to choose a favourite if you ask me!

What about you, what awesome ads and brilliant marketing gubbins have you noticed recently – I’d love to see some more brilliant suggestions!

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