Six memories of one brilliant person

Six years ago today my Grandma died. She was a wonderful woman, a big part of my life and I still miss her all the time. It’s funny that you never truly appreciate someone until they’re no longer with you. When I think back about my Grandma I often focus on the final few hours of her life, where she wasn’t well and wasn’t herself and that saddens me as I want to remember her as my Grandma and the person who was full of energy and laughter. So with that in mind I wanted to share some memories of her.


You were never too busy to spend time with us, in fact you relished time spent on the floor playing with tea-sets, time spent in make-shift forts and the hours we’d spend drawing and colouring in together.


Some of my favourite memories of growing up are spent at the house in Dorset that you and Grandpa lived, where we would share all sorts of adventures; from early mornings spent snuggled up under the covers reading The Little Girl who Lived in the Freezer and The Bedspread  and searching for shells on the beach to walks along the river before sharing a Kitkat at the WI and Sunday lunches at The Willett Arms.
I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to attribute part of my book obsession to you as you were always reading something and loved to encourage my love of books with frequent trips to the library and WH Smith book vouchers every Christmas. I’ll never forget the hours we could spend chattering about stories we’d read and it makes me so sad that you never got to finish the Deathly Hallows as I know you’ll always wonder what happened and I miss that we never got to discuss our favourite characters in their final tale. [But don’t worry you’d be happy – we were right about so much and your favourite character was indeed a hero].


The first Christmas without you was hard. It wasn’t Christmas, there was something missing. It wasn’t just  your unique fondant icing cake decorations, your special Boxing Day potato salad, the absence of your hysterical laughter during the mammoth board game sessions or the yummy Dorset ham that we missed. We missed your amazing enthusiasm for all things festive and appreciation for every gift, no matter its size.


We must have spent so long frolicking in the garden with you, I love that you never grew out of searching for fairies and that your gardening knowledge was second to none. I especially love that you were always up for a game of French cricket!


You were a special person, you had a way of lighting up a room and making everyone feel happy. That’s something that not many people have and that’s a true gift. You also had a unique way of looking at things and I was often surprised that you would have the opinions of someone a generation or so younger, you really were young at heart and a complete treasure to know.


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