When did life admin become a thing?

I’ve been pondering this question a lot recently as I’ve suddenly got a list as long as my arm that involve dullsville things like ‘pay credit card bill’ and ‘file paperwork’. When did that become my life?! How did I suddenly become all adulty with an adult list of things to get done – I don’t want to have to block out time in my life of reading, blogging and eating to do life admin. Seriously, this is something that my parents do. How am I now doing these things, shouldn’t I be just sat on the sofa eating m&m’s without a care in the world?! That would be nice wouldn’t it! But no it appears I am now a fully fledged adult and a grown up who has to divide her time between work, cooking, shopping, reading and life admin. Oh joy to the world!

I think I’ll seriously have to start allotting a time to these life admin tasks, maybe early Sunday morning is a good time or maybe I’ll block out a lunchtime each week. I can’t help thinking that all these organised people are right – you need to have a plan of action, as otherwise things just get far far too overwhelming. Maybe I need pretty folders to keep my paperwork organised like on the I Heart Organizing blog or I should get a proper system for dealing with paperwork á la  A Thrifty Mrs. Hm decision decisions. One things for sure that my trusty Rob Ryan notebook is getting a good work out at the moment. I seem to be scribbling a new list every day!


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