Holiday Humour

I’ve just got back (well last week) from a week away with my family and we had a total ball – you can read about our week over here. Whilst I was away I realised just how important these people are to me. They are the best people I know and I consider myself supremely lucky that I get to call them family.  There’s a phrase I’ve read: ‘Family by chance, friends by choice’ and this could not be truer of my family. They are all my best friends and I have a blast being around them.  Whenever we’re together we are constantly laughing and having a good time. There are of course always a few arguments and grumblings thrown in – like when Lau (my sister) told my Mum to get out the car at the Welsh border if she wasn’t going to stop complaining – oops! But those are always quickly forgotten.

Whilst in Wales we inevitably spent a lot of time laughing at silly things, which I feel the need to share with you. These stories probably won’t be that funny to anyone other than those of us who were there, but isn’t that what makes them even more hilarious and those people all the more important? Even if you don’t find these tales funny I do think it gives you a little insight into the random world of my family of crazies!

Whilst playing ‘Chain Reaction’ (an epic board game all about naming things on a certain topic) we had a LOT of funny moments, including the following.

  • Mum, Becca and I had the category chinese takeaway main meals, a great category if you ask me. However, we were all a little thrown when my Mum piped up very seriously with her first item: chicken vindaloo. She couldn’t quite comprehend why the rest of us fell about laughing and why Becca and I couldn’t continue for a while. Amazing!
  • The other team (Lau, Greg and Dad) were given the category excuses for being late. It was only after they’d finished their fast-paced round that we stopped and queried Dad’s use of: ‘I’m taking my chicken to the vet’. He honestly couldn’t see what all the fuss was about, so I might use that excuse next time I’m late to meet him and see what he says. [FYI if you have pet chickens and think that is acceptable, I’d just like to point out that my Dad does not own a chicken and has not been near a live one for many years].
  • Lau’s shining moment during this game was when she decided that in answer to the category famous wars, she was going to choose ‘The Falcon War’. Bless her.

There were two other comedy moments that happened during the week. The first one was featuring my Mum and happened after she’d drunk 3/4 of a bottle of wine at the pub. We were discussing someone’s job (mergers and acquisitions) and after a moment of silence where she had a very puzzled face, she piped up with: ‘Murders! Who does he work for, how does that work?’ She honestly thought this guys job was murders, as if he is some sort of assassin/government spy. Amazing. It’s actually rather concerning that I share her genes, what will I be like in a few years time, I can only imagine?!

But perhaps the funniest moment of the week and the one that had us in stitches most of the week was due to my younger sister and in reference to all the sheep that exist on the wonderful rolling hills and steep mountain sides of Wales. Early on in the week she observed that the sheep that were often standing precariously on the steep hill face and that should they sneeze they would most likely end up dead having fallen down the hill. She wasn’t even slightly joking. We all of course thought she was a little loopy and took great joy in teasing her all week. Perhaps the best moment was when she herself sneezed whilst standing up, which received this response: If you were a sheep you’d now be dead.

Ah the joys of family holidays. I love that all these things were hilarious at the time, but really wouldn’t be that funny for anyone reading this or potentially for us in a different setting. What about you, what in-jokes, family stories or comedy things have happened on your recent holidays?

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