Current favourites in the land of Fi!

This week’s smiley happy things are…

Grande skinny iced hazelnut latte – Even if I sound like a silly strange coffee drinking person when I order it, this drink is quickly becoming a firm favourite for me and a necessity in my life. It’s getting so bad that I’m not sure how I’ll cope when the weather’s arctic again as I need it in my life.

Flamingo Lampshade By Jorja Wilkinson DesignMy flamingo lamp – My new lamp, mentioned here and available here, is still keeping me smiling when I look at it. It’s just so lovely – the colours are so cheerful and make me super happy, no matter how little sleep I’ve had!

Four week holiday countdown – yes that right I’m off on holiday again and in just four weeks and one day. Hooray, I can’t wait! I’m already feeling the need for another week off as after just a few days back at work I’m absolutely knackered!

Scandal – I’m so glad this show is back on TV, it really is fantastic. It’s always the first thing I watch when trying to play TV catch up with our Sky box. The characters are so well written, the storylines are compelling and I’m so intrigued to think that these things probably do happen in real life – some of them are so crazy it’s almost unbelievable. I also enjoy the fact that we’re now two seasons in but you still don’t know that much about Liv’s history or what she’s doing, oh its soooo good!

The Big Bang Theory Flashdance – My little sis showed me this YouTube video a few weeks back and it’s absolutely hilarious. If you’ve not yet seen it, it’s so well done. I just love the looks of confusion at the start, then how the cast get involved and then when the song’s change brilliant. Plus I love how into it they all get and of course Sheldon is brilliant – his reaction at the end – genius! It also fills me with joy that it looks such fun to do the show, as that’s what I’ve always imagined!

So that’s what’s making me smile this week, what about you lovely people. What things are keeping you going this August week – little or big I’d love to know! xx

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