Clothes, glorious clothes!

So here we are, I’m in my second month of budget blogging and if you look at the below you’ll see that I’ve managed to buy a ridiculous number of items. It’s plain to see that I’ve really not been that great at having willpower this month, but I am very pleased with everything that I’ve got to show for July’s shopping trips. So I shouldn’t feel too bad about this! If you look at my final total for the month (£193.91) you’ll see that I did go over my proposed budget this month by £62.41 BUT it’s not all bad. After all I did make some savings in July when I returned my gorgeous Oliver Bonas dress (£65) having decided that it was far too thick for a July wedding, plus I sold a number of things on eBay. So when you take those into account I actually only spent £79.91 on clothes in July – whoopee to me! I do love eBay sales, they make me feel far less guilty about crazy amounts of July purchasing! So what did I actually buy?


As you can see from the picture above I bought quite a few accessories this month. One thing I’ve learnt: I can never say no to jewelry or shoes!

1 – Mint sandals, Forever 21 – £7.40. I’m a little in love with the colour mint at the moment so I had to buy these as soon as I saw them. I’ve worn them non-stop and they are super comfy.

2 – Pink stripey shoes, Primark – £4. Grey and pink is a great colour combination and these pumps are perfect for the summer with jeans and skirts, plus they’ll go well with tights in the winter too. They are definitely the perfect multi-purpose shoe in my humble opinion (and they are super cute to look at too)!

3 – Grey and Neon die-cut bag, Primark – £5. When I saw this bag I fell in love with the neon and scalloped detailing. As I don’t own an envelope style bag I decided in needed purchasing, which I think is a great idea as this colour way will go with outfits of any colour, so hopefully I’ll get a lot of wear out of this in the future.

4 – Silver bead necklace, H&M – £4.00. I love multi chain necklaces and oddly enough I don’t own any, craziness! This necklace will be perfect for jazzing up a plain top or dress anytime of the year – it’ll instantly make any outfit more interesting in one easy step – hooray!

5 – Gold wishbone necklace, Forever 21 – £3.15. I have a thing for necklaces (hence the 20 odd hanging on one hook in my room), and this one was an essential buy as it’s a lovely length for all my summery dresses. My one regret, I wish I’d purchased it in silver too…

6 – Mint cuff bracelet, Forever 21 – £3.90. I told you I had a thing for mint, so of course this had to be purchased. I know I’ll get a load of wear out of it and for less than four pounds, it would have been crazy not to buy it!

Some other accessories that I bought in July, but just don’t have pictures of:
Silver heart necklace, Forever 21 – £2.50. Another essential as it will go with any outfit and it is just super cute thanks to the two entwined hearts – gorgeous!
Zara cream sandals – £24.99. As soon as I saw these in the Zara sale there was no question I wouldn’t be buying these. They’re lovely and only hurt slightly when I wear them – although I’m sure this will change once I’ve worn them in more. They are cream and neon so they’ll pretty much go with everything – exactly what you’re looking for in a summer sandal if you ask me. They are amazingness shoe-ified (yes that’s a word I’ve just made up. Awesome right?!) and I’m so grateful that my size was the only size remaining in the shop!


7 – Black and white striped dress, H&M – £7.99. This was a last-minute holiday purchase and I’m so glad I picked it up. I love the elasticated waist, which makes it so easy to wear and ensures there’s a bit of shape to the otherwise simple dress. It was absolutely perfect when we headed to the zoo and paired with my neon cardi and I think it would be perfectly suited for a plane trip, day at the beach or during a day in the city. I honestly think I’ll get so much wear out of this and for only £7.99! I only wish they had it in more colours.

8 – Floral Patterned Trousers, Gap – £8.50 (originally £34.95). When I was in Dublin I saw these in the sale, and even though I wasn’t sure I would wear them due to the pattern, I had to buy them as they were so cheap and fitted perfectly. Thankfully I did do this as I have literally not stopped wearing them since! They are the comfiest pair of jeans I’ve ever owned and they aren’t as bright or bold as I originally thought. I adore these trousers so much.

9 – Black dress, ASOS – £14. A perfect dress for the summer, which I’ve already jazzed up with loads of different accessories for both work and evening things – plus it’s jersey fabric so I’d be able to throw it on at the beach too. A snip at just £14, bargain indeed.

10 – Khaki trousers, Gap – £14.99 (originally £34.99). Comfy summer trousers were an essential purchase prior to my trip to Dublin as I knew we’d be walking around a lot and skirts and dresses would just not do. I’d been scouring loads of shops for the perfect sightseeing trouser, so when I saw these in Gap I had to get them – they were certainly a steal at their sale price which made it that bit sweeter!

11 – Green bandeau dress, ASOS – £14. Another ASOS purchase when I had my holiday wardrobe in mind. I love the forest green colour and it was great over the last week for getting rid of strap marks!!


12 – Turquoise skater dress, Primark – £13. As I mentioned at the top of this post I returned a dress that I’d bought last month as I deemed it too thick for the wedding I attended last week – it was meant to be scorching and three days before the wedding I realised my chosen dress just wasn’t going to work! So after a panicked search on ASOS and the high street I popped to Primark and spotted this dress. It’s such a brilliant texture, fit and colour and was absolutely perfect for the wedding. And it was so much cheaper than the original dress, so lots of money was saved – hooray!

13 – Belted printed strapless dress, Primark – £13. I was in dire need of a dress that was good for beach to evening wear, and this box ticked that need perfectly. The patterns unusual and I love the brightness of it, plus when you add a cognac belt to the waist to give it a bit of shape and throw on some gold sandals it’s perfect!

14 – Vest tops in mint and grey, Forever 21 – £2 each. Wardrobe essentials that I have been needing for a while – I do love a Forever 21 bargain!

15 – Black and white cardigans, Tesco – £0 (£8 each, but free for me). The Mothership bought these for me during a recent food shop as she knew I’d been looking for new basic cardis for a while. Considering how cheap these were they fit absolutely perfectly, which is a change to all the other ones I’d seen on the high street. Why is this always the case?!?

16 – Blue dress, Primark – £8. You’d think I’d have had enough of beachy dresses this month – but for some reason I couldn’t say no to this one. I love the cobalt blue colour and it stops at the calf, so is perfect in my opinion. Also, I’m not a fan of jersey dresses that cling too much, so when this one didn’t I know it was a winner!

There are another couple of items of clothing – yes really – that I’ve not yet mentioned as I don’t have pictures of them, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them both. First up I got a dotty blazer from Zara for £39.99. I’ve had a blazer on my ‘must purchase soon’ list for a while as I wanted one that was plain (my only other blazer is turquoise) and that had 3/4 length sleeves. When I saw the dotty blazer in the sale that fit both criteria there was no question this was being left behind in the shop. It fits absolutely perfectly and looks great with everything – plus I’ve received loads of compliments when I’ve worn it. So whilst it might have been a bit too much for one item, almost forty pounds, I think it was totally justified! The other item was a navy pocket t-shirt from Primark for just £1.50, which I’ve worn so much as it goes absolutely perfectly with the patterned Gap jeans. That outfit is fast becoming my favourite one of the summer!

Phew – what a lot of things I now own. July was an epic shopping month, let’s hope August is calmer. I think considering I now have all my holiday essentials (apart from a swimming costume and shorts) I should be much better this month…famous last words!

I am of course linking up with Franish for the August edition of Budgeting Bloggers.

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  1. nataliejo210

     /  August 3, 2013

    I adore this article! Just started a blog and it would mean so much if you could check it out! Followed btw xx love the collage

    • Thanks for checking out my post – I’ll have a proper look around your blog now. But on first look – I love the header! xx

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