Holiday love

This week I’m in Wales and (hopefully) having a ball just relaxing, reading and eating. I cannot wait! As I’m fairly certain wifi will be almost nonexistent for most of my trip (I’m actually ridiculously excited about this) I thought I’d prep some posts to keep you entertained whilst I’m gone. So here’s one such post! As I’ve been excited for this week off for ages I thought I’d share sone thoughts on why I’m so happy about being on my holibobs. Obviously there are loads of reasons why we love a holiday and here are mine:

No clocks (alarm or otherwise)– this will be complete and utter bliss. I hate that moment just before I go to sleep when I have to decide on a time to get up. Not fun at all!
New experiences – one of the best things about holidays and visiting somewhere new is all the new things you end up doing. From the small to the big. Like watching the sunset over the sea, trekking Snowden or horse riding in the welsh countryside. I can’t wait!
Food – food is a massive part of my life and therefore it’s a mahoosive part of any holiday. Throw in the rest of my family and the obsession reaches epic proportions. I predict we’ll have home baked cakes, fresh fish, ice creams and sausage rolls, not to mention dinner out fairly regularly. Also it’s possible that we’ll plan meals at least 24 hours in advance…
Recharge of the batteries – I’m in dire need of this. I need to sleep, rest and recharge in preparation for the rest of the year. Relaxation is most definitely heading my way. Big time.
Fresh air – living in London you forget what fresh air is actually like! It’s only once you step back into the countryside that you’re reminded how great the smell of clean air is. This is something that my lungs need ASAP!

So yes just a few of the things I love about holidays, what are your favourites?

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