Three Plays. Three Reviews.

So as I mentioned here I went to three plays in just one week, yes three. Even I can appreciate that this is slightly excessive. I mean honestly I spent more time in a theatre than I spent awake in my flat. That’s just obscene. In my defence it certainly wasn’t planned like that – it just happened. We booked tickets for The Cripple of Inishmann about six months ago as soon as tickets were available because it starred Daniel Radcliffe – it would have been rude not to. That was on Wednesday night. Then we wanted to take our Dad to see The Hot House with Simon Russel Beale and John Simm for Father’s Day as he’s a massive fan of SRB and the only free night that we could get tickets for was the Monday (as we left it soooo late, oops – must plan better). The final theatre trip was on the Friday to see The Ladykillers and this was very last-minute (tickets were only confirmed on Friday morning) and these were free through work – one of the few and far between perks of my job! So yes a pretty fantastic week of theatre! Below are my mini reviews on each – you definitely have to see every single one of them as they are all absolutely fantastic. All very different but all awesome.

The Hot House – The staging of this play was awesome – they’d split it in to two, and would darken half of it when it wasn’t in use (with the actors still on there). The play itself was random to say the least, but beautifully acted and actually heart-breaking and too realistic at times. As per usual Simon Russell Beale was on fire and the rest of the cast were a revelation too. Well worth a watch.

The Cripple of Inishmann – it was really refreshing to see a play that I couldn’t guess the ending of or one where I didn’t know what was coming next. This unexpectedness was made better by the hilariousness of the play and the absolutely amazing performances by everyone. Daniel Radcliffe was absolutely out-of-this-world and amazing. You actually believed he was an Irish cripple, he was that good. The rest of the cast was just as good and there were some brilliant moments with eggs!

The Ladykillers – The best thing about this was the set, which was completely amazing and contained all sorts of extras that you weren’t aware were there until they used them. The cast was absolutely brilliant and really made the farce aspect of this play work without it being too silly. As for the little old lady in this play she was sensational. She was on stage pretty much the entire time and was just unbelievably good.

I have to say going to the theatre is one if my favourite things about London. I’m so lucky to be near such lovely stuff. Have you seen anything particularly good lately? Any recommendations?

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