Marketing campaigns I’m loving right now

I’m rather lucky that I get to do something I love day in and day out – marketing books through a number of different mediums. Recently I’ve been noticing some brilliant examples of great campaigns and thought it would be an interesting thing to add to this here blog. They are all very different but hopefully you’ll love them too. Are there any that I’ve totally bypassed and should have mentioned? If you think so let me know below.

Literacy campaign poster: This was a french literacy campaign that has now been translated into English and I love it because it plays on the similarity of ad designs for certain types of marketing. So below we have the look and feel of a fantasy film, which when you look closer you realise it advertising something completely different to what you assume. There are also versions for make up, clothes, cars and holidays which get the point across perfectly if you ask me.


Monsters University: Everything Disney Pixar have done to promote this film has been exemplary. From their awesome teaser trailers  and tagline (More hairy than scary) to the website and activity on the Disney Pixar Facebook page I’ve loved it all. I can hardly wait to see the film now after such a masterclass in marketing.


A lot of people have mentioned the Dove Real Beauty Sketches as being brilliant and I’d have to agree. Again it’s such a clever concept of showing how humans can be their own worst enemy and that what we focus on isn’t always what others see.

Below is one of three images that Penguin India created for an audio book campaign, isn’t it ingenious? I love it!

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