An ode to running – well a list really.

I’ve been meaning to talk about my running adventures for ages but I’ve just not gotten round to it, so when I spotted the running link up happening over here I knew it was about time I did. So ta-da here is my long-planned running post, feast your eyes.


You might remember that at the beginning of June I came up with the frankly ridiculous idea of running 30 miles in a month. The logic behind this was that it would keep me focused on running when I don’t have a race to work towards, as from past experience I know that this is needed. Well, it won’t surprise you (considering I’ve not mentioned this challenge for weeks), that I failed said challenge. In fact I only managed to make it to 13.6 miles. So yes less than ideal and not my best attempt. Oops. But I’ve decided not to beat myself up for this and instead I’m giving myself a rather awkward pat on the back. As on the bright side I managed to run a half marathon (yeah I know it was spread over in a month), but in my opinion this isn’t something that should ever be sniffed at. This is far superior than a lot of people’s attempts and is far better than in almost every other month of my life.

I’m sure you’ll remember that I’m fairly new to this running malarkey but it is now a big part of my life. Two years ago I would have thought you were deranged if you’d said I would ever enjoy such an act, as it’s such a big change to what I used to be like. But running (along with willpower and sense) changed my life for the better and for that I’ll always be grateful – more about that here. Now that I consider myself a runner I’m one of those annoying people that’s trying to convince others to give it a go, I honestly think that you’ll love it once you get going and really anyone can do it. For me running is brilliant for so many reasons and I genuinely do enjoy it. Read on for a seven reasons why I think running is just awesome!

Reaching goals and achieving things I would never have imagined. Just some of my achievements include running in 28 degree heat, completing a 10k, running non-stop for 5k, beating previous run times, running that first mile and not dying, getting into a rhythm where the second mile is easier that the first.
Uncover new places and spaces. Since taking up running I know the area I live in far, far better than I used to. I’ve found hidden alleyways, short-cuts and gorgeous tree-lined parks. Something I’d never have done via bus.
Nattering time. One of my favourite things about running is catching up and chattering away to my running partner – usually Lau. I love how time flies when you’re catching up and how you properly listen and pay attention away from the distractions of TV, iPhones, etc.
No ties. When not running with someone else it allows me the freedom to clear my head and focus on anything or nothing. It’s nice to have time to think about things you’re ignoring or to just daydream about all sorts.
Immediate happiness. When I return from a run, I’m immediately absolutely exhausted, but also immediately thrilled. Thrilled to think that I haven’t spent the last 15/30/40 minutes sat on the sofa or still in bed and pleased that I’ve been outside in the fresh air. Yes that happiness might wane after the initial endorphin rush but it’s initially an awesome feeling!
Noticeable changes in me. My body has changed since I started running, my fitness has improved and my mind is often clearer than it used to be – all that thinking time clearly!
Guilt free. I never feel guilty after running and that’s for two reasons. One it means I can treat myself with Haribo or chocolate and not feel bad for the rest of the day, genius! It also means that I can have an enjoyable couple of hours out in the sunshine (or rain) without spending a penny.

Coffee & Macarons


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  1. Thanks for linking up! I love your running acronym! I’m glad you enjoy running. Don’t beat yourself up about not finishing your goal. 13 miles is a lot! Way more than most people 🙂

    • Thanks for setting up the link up – such a great idea! Everyone’s posts are really interesting! I’m glad you like the acronym, there were a few too many Ns for my liking to be honest. Those are exactly my thoughts too, far better than being on the sofa!

  2. Freaking Genius! :p xxxx


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