Feet and floors

Over the last week I seemed to have had a thing about feet and floors! Well at least according to the pictures I took prior to my Dublin trip. I think the reasoning behind this is that pretty much all the shoes I wore last week were brand new! Yeh, I’m not sure how that happened either!

Anyway apart from wearing new shoes I also: ran 2.5 miles in my fastest time yet, walked in to work three times, went to Dublin (more on that soon I promise), read some brilliant books, drank copious amounts of coffee, changed my name to a place in Scotland – at least according to the people at Starbucks, went a bit crazy on airport exclusive books (what can I say I’m a sucker for a James Patterson book), bought very patterned trousers that I’m still not sure about, fell in love with some excellent lines in Paper Towns (see below) and watched Murray win at Wimbledon. Not a bad week if I’m honest! How were your last seven days?

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