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So as per usual I still have ten days until pay-day and already I can’t afford to buy ANYTHING! Yes this might be mainly due to my upcoming Dublin Trip (zero sleeps peeps!) but still I’m allowed to complain right? Actually scratch that I can complain this is my blog after all. So there! Anyway I’m in a bit of a eurgh mood, wondering why publishing doesn’t pay more, or ‘wondering why I don’t want to work in a better paying profession. This occured, as is often the case as soon as the ‘No more credit card purchases for you this month’ bugle sounded as I immediately found heaps of stuff that I just have to get my hands on. (I mean yes I was seeking them out online, it’s not as though they just jumped in front of me.) But it’s still so frustrating! and after yet another bout of online window shopping I’ve discovered I need all of the below in my life. You’ll just have to watch this space to see if I end up getting any of the following.

Chirpy Espresso Set | Woodland Hedgehog Card | Stag Towel | Caramel Wrapper Cushion | Photoframe Wall Sticker | Fairy Tale Bookends | Blue candlesticks | Purple and Silver Armchair | Seagull Cushion

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  1. Those wall stickers – I need those in my life.



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