Randomosity (AKA brain dump)

Another month has passed without me sharing the inner workings of my brain with you. I’m sure you’ve missed this immensely (not), so what thoughts have been racing through my brain recently? ps. do you like the new word I made up just for this post?!

Well first up I am in awe of Wendy Davis and her brilliant filibuster action last week. How awesome was she!? To stand up (literally) for a cause you really believe in is so impressive. I am amazed that she managed to stay on topic for so long, let alone stay standing up and not need to go to the loo for such a long time – seriously impressive. Also did you also hear about the ridiculous surge in sales that there have been on the trainers she wore too? How crazy is that!?! Read about that here. Also I love the fact that someone has done a Filibuster. Ever since hearing about it in The West Wing with the Stackhouse one I’ve been wanting to hear about one. It’s such an obscure law that allows politicians in the US to do this and it’s great to see democracy in action in such a way.



Most excitingly I’m off to Dublin in a few days so I’ve been busy trying to work up an itinerary for us. I’m sure my friends are super excited about this! So far I’ve decided we are definitely going to be doing the touristy thing on one of those hop-on hop-off bus tours as well as Trinity College (have you seen that library!?), The River Liffey (above), Temple Bar, the Guinness Factory and the Quay. But I’m not sure what else is a definite yet, I’m still researching. Having read Belinda’s post on Found Love Now What? about her whirlwind trip to Dublin I’m super-excited to get there as it looks like such a brilliant city. Also did you see her scrumptious breakfast – I’ll definitely need to be eating that!

In other less awe-inspiring news, really more ridiculous inducing news, I managed to look like a snake that was shedding it’s skin over the weekend. Not my finest moment to be honest. Basically, what happened was that I shaved my legs in the shower, then left the house (post dressing obvs) without moisturising, oops! Of course I only noticed that my legs were incredibly flakey and resembling some hideous form of skin condition once I was in Central London. What an idiot I am. It reminded me that I need to start treating my legs a little bit kinder now that the sun has made an appearance – clearly it needs to be all about the moisturising. I also might try out the Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan stuff that Emerald Street flagged up last week. It looks and sounds easy to use and if it has instant, but not over-the-top results it could be good. Although it does sound a bit too good to be true as you apparently get ‘an instant splash proof sun-kissed glow’.

In other news I want to make these rocky roads asap, they look so delicious and I can’t believe I’ve not yet made them. Thanks @Stylist for mentioning them on Twitter and introducing them to me. What’s even more ridiculous is that I have the cook book that they are from and have never noticed them – what an idiot. I’m also very excited to make this scrumptious looking banana cake with an almond and sugar topping and these Fudge Brownie and Coconut Ice Cream Cupcakes.

Finally some depressing news. We’re flat hunting and it appears we can’t afford anything that is better than what we have, even with an extra pot of money from when we last looked. Frustration! I did find a lovely looking three bed flat (with a garden!!) not far from where we currently are but sadly it’s £100k over budget, oops! We’ll keep looking I think but it’s still super-depressing that the perfect place didn’t just jump out and say BUY ME! But if I do win the lottery, I’ll totes be buying thebelow house, it’s only £5.6 million after all – utter madness you say!


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  1. There’s loads to do in Temple Bar..€5 cocktails in the Hard Rock, pizza slice places, cool shops. The Porterhouse is up there too, a place with chocolate and oyster beers. Up around Dawson street is very nice too, plenty of touristy places all in one spot as well as where our (idiot) Taioseach (Prime Minister lives) if you’re going for coffee, try go to places like 3FE or Bald Barista, the rest of the coffee served in places is like water and about 2.90 a cup! Enjoy and I hope the weather is great for you Fi! X

    • Amazing, thank you! Tips about good coffee and food are my favourite kind! I plan to spend a lot of time in Temple Bar to, so I’ll let you know if I visit any of theses suggestions! Apparently it’s meant to be lovely and warm, hooray! xx


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