Last week of June shenanigans

I fear that every time I start a post that discusses the start of a new month I say something along the lines of: ‘How is it [insert any month name here] already? This year is going so fast!’. So for a change today I’m not going to say that, I’ve instead settled on: ‘Hooray July is here. Let the summer begin!’. Before I can fully welcome July though I need to take a moment and digest whatIi got up to during the final week of June. I’m feeling lazy again today so we’ll go for bullets and pictures (for a change!).

  • More than one morning walk to work – it’s almost becoming a habit!
  • A failed gym trip – definitely a new habit!
  • Baking: freezer cookies and a two tier version of these peanut butter and chocolate chip cupcakes. One word: EPIC!
  • Lunchtime trips to Leon. The new meatball lunchbox is lovely FYI.
  • A picnic on the Southbank on one of the colourful concrete blocks.
  • Othello at The National Theatre starring Adrian Lester and Rory Kinnear. It was phenomenal. I’d never read this play and I’m glad because that just makes the performances and staging all the more impressive as I had no prior expectations.
  • A mad dash to Oxford Street on a lunchtime, horrific.
  • Leaving laughs and tears for a departing colleague – not to mention scrumptious cake!
  • Lovely works drinks before a family trip to Westfield.
  • Spending too much money in the Zara sale.
  • Finding a dead fly in my half eaten bowl of salad from Tossed. That’ll teach me to be healthy and ignore the Chinese outlet!
  • The Nashville finale. OMG. I can’t even. I need more time to work through my thoughts and deal properly.
  • Brunch with the lovely work girls at The Cellarium at Westminster Anbey. This place is amazing and a must visit. It’s in the old crypt of the abbey and everything is yummy – the apple juice, the mochas and the scrambled eggs. Yum.
  • Friday afternoon off. Cue sofa time and cereal for dinner. Rock and roll.
  • Oxford street and Forever 21 meant I spent far too much again!
  • Park time with an iced latte, a Dublin guide-book, good music and the sis.
  • A very short run – I blame the heat.
  • A How I Met Your Mother marathon, I may have watched the entirety of series seven in a weekend.
  • A morning spent in Starbucks catching up on life admin and work stuff.
  • A DVD night featuring 10 Things I Hate About You accompanied by Pringles and mochas. A winning combo.
  • Wanders around Clapham Common.
  • Burning my hand whilst making popcorn. Sad face.
  • Not tidying my room for yet another week.
  • An epic pile of books to get through.
  • Buying new baby and new big sister gifts for my god-daughter and her new sister. So cute!
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