What did I buy in June?

So June has been the first month that I’ve tried to stick to a budget (like the budgeting bloggers) and I have to be honest I’ve quite enjoyed it! It’s been good to properly consider what I am buying and if I actually need each item that goes in my basket. So just a reminder that I’ve tasked myself with spending just £130 a month on clothes. So what did I get and did I stick to my budget during my first month?

Paradise print dress, Oliver Bonas – £65.00. A new dress was an essential this month as in July I’m headed to a family friends’ wedding and I currently have nothing to wear, even after my attempts mentioned here. Okay that’s a lie I have a dress but it’s the same dress that I have worn to a wedding and a conference in the last eight months. So not really an option. I had no idea what I fancied for the wedding, I just knew it would be colourful – as after all it’s (supposed to be) a Summer wedding! When I saw this dress in Oliver Bonas it was love at first sight and I knew there was no way that I would not be buying it. It’ll be absolutely perfect for the wedding, not only is it super comfy, it’s also incredibly flattering plus it’s unlikely anyone else will have it. After all Oliver Bonas isn’t the most prevalent shop in the UK. What’s more I have shoes and a belt to wear it with already, so no need to spend more money this month – result!

Black and white stripy top, H & M – £9.99. This top has already become a wardrobe staple as I’ve worn it ALL the time. It goes with pretty much every item I own, is super comfy and really easy to wear. I also love the pocket detailing and the fact that the sleeves are three quarter-length and plain black rather than stripy. I think it makes the top a bit more interesting.

Purple vest top, H&M – £12.99. I really love this top as whilst it is simple it has some interesting detailing that seems like a necklace. It’s another easy to wear item too and perfect once the Summer arrives, which had better be soon!

Dotty Keds, Asos – £37.50. I’ve been searching for some trainers for a while now as I want a pair of shoes that I can wear whatever the weather and with tights, skirts, dresses, jeans or shorts. No mean feat I know! When I saw these on Asos I was really happy as not only are they super cute, they aren’t that expensive and they are turning out to be quite comfy. The real proof will be my upcoming sightseeing trip to Dublin, but so far they are working well!

Basic items that don’t need explaining, you know those items that you NEED in your life to complete most outfits but aren’t that fun or interesting.

  • White vest top, H&M – £3.99
  • White and aubergine lace strap vests, H&M – £3.99 each
  • Calf-length and long black leggings, Topshop – £12 each

So what’s the damage I hear you ask? As to be fair this is quite a lot of stuff. Well in total I spent £161.45. Oops, that’s over £30 more than I was meant to spend. In my defence (*clutches at straws*) if I hadn’t included my basic essentials on the list I wouldn’t have been over and it’s just annoying that all of them were needed this month. I did consider leaving them off as they really are all essentials BUT I figured the whole point of this budgeting malarkey is to be transparent and to make myself aware of what I spend. So it would be wrong to leave off things that are essential to my wardrobe, especially as I know I’ll wear all of these items so much. So yes, I might not have been completely on budget on my first month of trying, not really ideal but I’ve decided I’m not going to beat myself up about it as it’s only month one and I didn’t go completely crazy on loads of stuff – just some Summer essentials. It’s at least a start on the road to proper budgeting!

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