Pinterest Corner #26 – Friends Forever Awesome

Last night I was stumbling around my Pinterest boards looking for inspiration to strike for this week’s Pinterest Corner when I happened upon the below image from Friends and preceded to laugh for the next five minutes. No exaggeration. It just cracks me up every time.



Once I’d stopped laughing and wiped the tears from my eyes I knew I’d hit upon my post for today. The wonders of Friends. I was a bit of a latecomer to this show and only become addicted to it when they were on the series where a few episodes are London-based. I’m not sure how it passed me by for quite so long but as soon as I discovered it I was all over it. I must have watched every episode about twenty times as sometimes most of the time there’s nothing better – it really is just the perfect remedy. I love all the characters and could never be forced to choose a favourite – they each have their own brilliant quirks and often suit the mood that I’m in. The other day I was watching the episode where Rachel has an eye infection and I wouldn’t let anyone change the channel until the very end as I knew the best bit (where they attack Rachel with the eye drops) was right at the end of the show – absolutely genius!! I love it!

So anyway I’m glad I came across this image as it reminded me about my absolute love for this show. And below are a few other classic moments from genius that was Friends. Number five is possibly one of my all time favourite moments – Ross is hilarious! As for image three this episode is one of my all-time favourites. I just love the fact that Phoebe ends up with a massive Christmas ornament as a brooch, the bit when Joey is doing lunges without underwear on whilst wearing ALL of Chandler’s clothes and Monica with the answer phone message is just epic!  I had to choose two Chandler images as the kissing scene is amazing and I just love his amazing sarcastic moments. In fact I just love him! The only image I couldn’t find that I love was an image of Ross as the Holiday Armadillo – it makes me smile every time!

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