This week I’ve….

  • Enjoyed a lovely family dinner at Carluccio’s. Not only did I eat a ridiculous amount of food – chicken liver pate, gnocchi and lemon and almond loaf cake – but I also drank the most amazingly chocolatey mocha. It was such a thick drink that I almost felt like I was drinking melted chocolate. It was incredibly naughty yet totally blissful too!
  • Been treated to some delicious TimTam’s – thanks lovely cousins. Who knew there were vanilla cream ones now – they are amazing!
  • Enjoyed spending a small fortune on books from eBay.
  • Rediscovered The Big Bang Theory and as a result I’ve been laughing all weekend!
  • Enjoyed some marvelous books – Vampire Academy and some brilliant James Patterson books – sometimes you just need to treat yourself to some guilty pleasures and easy reads.
  • Stressing about the amount I have on my credit card and yet buying things left, right and centre too. Like these shoes – perfect for my Dublin trip in a couple of weeks – and this DVD.
  • Munching on Milka, bought back by the parentals from Portugal – thanks very much!
  • Baking Lorraine Pascal’s Lemon, Lime and Poppy-seed cake – totally delicious FYI.
  • Been at the gym at 7am – yes I am a freak. But it was actually a really good way to start the day and I managed to complete another couple of miles running and even some weights – although my arms have been suffering ever since!
  • Having a brilliant time with friends at our ‘Guilty Pleasures’ night. This involved classic films like Jerry Maguire and Step Up, delicious food – Eton Mess, Pesto Pinwheels, the aforementioned cake, Dutch Apple Cake, a Charcuterie board, party rings, Scotch Eggs, Sausage Rolls and a quiz. Fun times indeed!
  • Run along the river for four miles – whoop to me!
  • Watched Man of Steel. As for my thoughts on this, well I did enjoy it and it wasn’t as bad as everyone said BUT it did seem to be missing an emotional heart and good characterisation. I mean it was so focused on the fights and the CGI and it really would have benefited from more time spent developing the characters a little bit. Plus with all the toing and froing to his childhood it got a little bit annoying. But it did entertain me and it was enjoyable. Just not to my super-high expectations.I really shouldn’t have expected another Batman Begins should I.
  • Fallen in love with a star t-shirt from Gap, if I don’t wear it with my star jeans it’s okay to buy it right? Also have you seen these gorgeous Gap shoes – I need them in my life!
  • Finally visited Del’ Aziz in Clapham Old Town. It totally lived up to my expectations and the food was scrumptious. I must go back again soon to try all the other items on the menu, as if they taste even half as good as my portobello scrambled eggs did I will be very happy!
  • Treated myself to multiple Starbucks mochas. Although I failed to do so on Friday and the day was dreadful – what was I thinking, have I not learned anything in my life!
  • Celebrated friends birthdays with Ben’s Cookies, lovely pressies and M&S treats – did you know they now do Lemon Meringue cookies. Um wow, they are delicious!
  • Been traumatised by the most recent episode of Nashville and the trailer for next week’s – OMG. I don’t know how I’ll be able to handle it. Somebody help me!
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  1. Lovely pics Fi! Enjoy my hometown 😉 I hope the weathers nice for you there, hasn’t been too bad in a while! Xx


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