A Mundane Wednesday

So I’ve been enjoying the Mundane Midweek link up that Charlotte started recently so I thought I’d give it a whirl this week. So here goes.

Wednesday really was the most mundane of days. (As well as stressful, knackering, etc – but then all work days seem to be that at the moment, so no change there!). It started off okay as I actually slept until my alarm went off at seven, miracle of freaking miracles!!! After rifling through my wardrobe I settled on the fourth outfit option – long navy skirt and stripy top – nothing fancy (actually potentially massively mundane as well) and decided against walking to work. I blame the non-existent rain for this.

Amazingly the bus arrived quickly and was fairly empty, so you could imagine that Wednesday was turning out to be a good day. Alas you’d be wrong it was hellish. The work gremlins were out in full force. The highlight of the day: a big tidy up in the department. Yes really! We did have cake for a friend’s birthday mid-afternoon which was a nice change. But that did mean that I spent my lunch hour rushing around Covent Garden in a panic on the warmest day of the year so far. Typical.

My evening saw me collapsed on the sofa finishing a book, eating toast and watching Long Lost Family. Totally too emotional for me, tissues and tears were involved for me. Oh yes and there was Milka – LIFE SAVING!


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