Pinterest Corner #25 – A new go-to outfit and a new way of thinking

It’s taken me a while but I’ve finally come to the conclusion that when it comes to outfits, things should be kept simple, clean and as uncomplicated as possible. Think Gap’s simplicity and not New Look’s fussiness. This is quite a departure for me, as in the past I’ve been a mess of colour, styles, eras, all in one outfit. But recently things have changed and I’ve become a lot more logical in my shopping choices, previously mentioned here and here, and my style has consequently changed. Now I’m far more likely to settle on jeans, a coloured t shirt, a striking necklace and a cardi than anything else. I like this new look me and it’s meant that packing for a weekend has become far easier plus I’m not so inclined to spend a small fortune on mismatched clothes at a weekend, well at least so far…

Part of the inspiration for this change has been perusing the wonderful world of Pinterest where I have pinned loads of brilliantly inspiring outfits. One of the outfits I’ve been wearing a lot recently is inspired my the below image, which I actually pinned from m&s months ago and even blogged about here. I wore a very similar outfit to this last week (twice) and it’s definitely one of my new go-to outfits. It consists of a bright turquoise blazer, a black and white stripy 3/4 length sleeve top, skinny jeans and a bright gold and turquoise necklace and it’s just lovely. Not only was it perfect for a day at work, it also worked absolutely perfectly for a day of full on sightseeing. I will definitely be wearing this a lot in the future, plus I also have my eye on a brand new blazer – this one – which I think will work perfectly!

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