Four reasons to keep smiling!

There are four things tickling my fancy this week, check them out below and please do share your smiley happy things with me.

  • Did you see the amazing opening to the 2013 Tony Awards? Sadly the YouTube video I watched of this has now disappeared, but if you can find it it’s an amazing eight minute long set piece featuring Neil Patrick Harris and tonnes of others, it was immense! I mean how amazing is he?! How does he have the stamina to be so hilarious for so long at the same time as being in tune AND dancing so amazingly. Kudos to him.
  • Check out my amazing new look bedroom shelves, aren’t they aces? I know it’s super sad but I reorganised these over the weekend and the newly decorated shelves are really filling me with joy. I especially love having all my cloth bound Penguin Classics (some of which are brand new) and Puffins, along with my Harry’s up on display, plus I have finally been able to get my Rob Ryan plate out of its box. Hooray!


  • An upcoming four-day weekend, whoopdedoo to me. I can’t wait to switch off from work for a while and do the tourist thing in a BIG way in both London Town and Bath. Bring it!
  • Digestive biscuits – Lau bought a pack of these the other day and I have remembered how delicious they are. Is there anything better than dunking some in a mocha or spreading them with nutella, I would argue no, nothing comes close!
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