Pinterest Corner #24 – My love for HP knows no bounds

At the weekend I went to the Harry Potter Studio tour for the second time and was yet again blown away by the immense imagination J. K. Rowling has and the utter skill that everyone who worked on the films demonstrated. It’s really quite mind-blowing when you see all the props, costumes, sets, etc in one place. Especially for a Harry Potter geek like me, I’m one of those extremely lucky people who grew up reading the stories and eagerly waited for each one to be released and at the same time got obsessed with the films to a ridiculously geeky degree. Harry Potter and the cast of amazing characters in these seven epic tales were a huge part of my childhood and it makes me sad that kids experiencing Harry Potter now won’t have the same experience that I had, those poor kids!

After returning from the tour I started  reminiscing about my favourite parts from both the books and the films: when the truth of Snape is revealed, the subtle hints to Remus and Tonks’ relationship, Dumbledore’s love of socks, Hermione attacking Ron with birds after he starts dating Lavender, Dobby, the complexities of the world J. K. created and how she dropped clues in book one that only meant something in the Deathly Hallows, the genius of Ron, the brilliance of this trio of friends, finding out what everyone’s Patronus is, knowing that Hermione loved Ron before she did, the list could (and does) go on and on. But the one thing that stands out for me from these books is the messages and morals that Rowling weaves into each tale. Below are some of my favourite messages that I take from them, plus a Pinterest image that I pinned an age ago that shares a few more. Always worth remembering these points I think (and of course never forget the genius of J.K. herself).

  • The fact that people aren’t quite what they seem, they don’t all wear their beliefs and persona on their sleeves.
  • Our family is not necessarily the family that we are born in to or who we are blood related to.
  • That focusing on just one of trait is a mistake, we’re more than just one thing – take Snape. He’s put in Slytherin, so we’re meant to thing he’s sneaky, clever, resourceful, cunning and ambitious, we don’t even consider the fact that he’s loyal, courageous, trusting and above all amazingly selfless.
  • One person can make a huge difference.
  • Family and friends are the most important things in the world.
  • Love and friendships is far more powerful than hatred and nastiness.
  • Sometimes standing up for what it right, isn’t easy and isn’t obvious, especially if you’re standing up to friends and not enemies.
  • Case in point: Neville Longbottom, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.
  • The authorities aren’t always eright and they don’t always do what’s right. So it’s okay to question them.
  • We are not good or evil, we have elements of both inside of us, and the part that we choose to act on determines who we become.
  • See the true measure of a man by looking at how he treats those inferior to him and not his equals.

Harry Potter harry-potter

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  1. I love Harry Potter as well my favourite bit is all those farther-son moments with Harry and Sirius, even though they Sirius is not Harry’s dad, he still treats him like a son.x

    • I do love the Harry/Sirius relationship, but the friendship ‘The Golden Trio’ have is probably my favourite. Oh there’s just so much to love about these books’

  2. Its a series filled with so many lessons.. theres always something new to discover.

    • 100% agree, it’s absolutely fascinating and something I’ll never grow bored of. I love all of the books.


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