Star Shop #6 – Lisa Jones Studio

When you go to the home page of Lisa Jones Studio, you’re greeted by the below super-cute image.


Before even going any further into the site, I knew I’d be a fan of everything on it. I mean how could I not be, there’s a gorgeous illustration of a lion, monkey, toucan and a caterpillar that look like they’re having an awesome time in a black and white forest. Basically this site could only ever be awesome!  If you needed any further proof, just check out all the lovely cards, aren’t they cute?! I honestly could buy every one on the site as they are all so sweet and totally different to the sorts of cards you find in Paperchase or high street shops. I heart them all – although if pushed to choose a favourite I’d have to go for the little forlorn sandwich eating bear. Adorable.

But this site isn’t just about the super-cute cards, it’s also got some brilliant other items – case in point the below bits and bobs. I love that they don’t have a huge number of products, but the products that they do sell are all absolutely lovely. The fact that it’s a few days until payday is the only reason why I’ve not bought all of the items below, but perhaps once pay-day arrives I can justifiably treat myself to the print at the very least….

Monkey Mug – Crocodile Print – Peacock Cushion Cover – Cat Whisker Clock

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