Learnings from a jam-packed week of fun

What I’ve learnt over the last week or so…

  • A work party can be fun! Our work Summer party was on Monday and it was lovely, there was lots of nattering with lovely people, beautiful views over the Thames and scrumptious canapes, although I could have done with two or three more to be honest!
  • Even a short run is good for me. I went for three runs this week, two were super tiny (just over a mile) but the other was for a full 30 minutes and I ran 4.8km. That’s the fastest I’ve ever run that distance. Whoopee to me! Even though two of the runs were super short I still felt loads better after doing them (and less guilty about eating Malteasers!).
  • A Leon sausage sandwich is still not as delicious as a Leon sausage sandwich circa. 2010. Why? I deduced it’s to do with a distinct lack of tomato sauce and the wholemeal muffin not tasting as scrumptious as it used to.
  • Free coffee is always a winner – thanks Leon for letting me fill out a tiny survey in exchange for a mocha, you made my Wednesday.
  • Sometimes only a McDonald’s will do for dinner, sorry yummy bacon and lentil soup you just weren’t going to cut it as a dinner choice. On this subject, sometimes only a bowl of cereal will work for dinner too.
  • Trying to calm a situation with an angry customer by yelling and threatening the police, will not diffuse a situation.
  • There is nothing more depressing than going for a run, ending at the supermarket with the idea of treating yourself to a certain food item for dinner and it not being there. Sadness 😦
  • China town on a Friday night is not the world’s speediest place to eat, but the food scrumptious. Is it acceptable to eat chinese for lunch on a Monday, as I’m so tempted I can almost taste the prawn crackers
  • It’s impossible to leave H&M having not purchased anything
  • Karaoke with friends and cocktails is the best way to spend a Friday night
  • I’m pretty darn good at ‘Listen’, ‘Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together’ and ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ and when it comes to karaoke – no really!
  • The Harry Potter Studio Tour is still brilliant the second time round. I saw loads of things I missed the first time round, I was still in awe of loads of it and I prefered the taste of Butterbeer this time round
  • Coffee is still the only thing that can get me through the day
  • A lazy afternoon on the sofa is my favourite thing
  • J. K. Rowling’s imagination is amazing, and it never ceases to amaze me
  • Meeting friends for a quick coffee and chat is awesome
  • Homemade pizzas are the best
  • I’m lucky that my work week wasn’t as crazy as some of my colleagues. I’m seriously worried for their sanity and health
  • Finishing two books and starting a third in one sitting is one of the best feelings, especially after the last few months of reading issues
  • Esio Trot, a Roald Dahl book about a tortoise, is actually tortoise spelt backwards. MIND BLOWN!
  • The Penguin Bookchase board game is one of my favourite board games ever
  • Even after a day of stuffing my face with picnic food I can still find space for Pringles and Peri
  • There’s always space for Malteasers and Mars mix, even at midnight when you’re full of pizza dough
  • The latest episode of Game of Thrones was heart-breaking. I’m glad I didn’t see it coming but I’m still so distraught over it. I don’t know if I can handle tonight’s episode, how can they get more shock value in the final episode of the season?!
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